29 February 2008

Tally Tutorials : Complete Tutorials on Tally ERP 9,Tally 9, Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3 all versions

ApniTally has piled up a series of Tally Tutorial over a period of time to make you understand different features of Tally. Here is the List of Tally Tutorial available for  Tally on this site.  These Tally Tutorials are applicable on all versions of Tally right from Tally 5.4 upto Tally ERP 9 including Tally 8.1,  Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3 and Tally 5.4. 

If you want to try these Tally Tutorials and need Tally ERP 9 software then it is freely available. You can download Tally ERP 9 free from this Tally ERP 9 download page.  Install Tally on your computer and browse all the Tally tutorial and try them one by one.
The List is ever increasing and more and more links would be included on this page. User can click on each link and it would open in a separate window. The Links are arranged in chronological order.
Tally Tutorials: Ever Increasing List of Tally Tutorial on all versions of Tally including Tally ERP 9
ApniTally Tally Tutorial

Tally Tutorial

The Latest Tally Tutorial

Tally ERP 9 has new release 6.6 which has a feature to access your Tally reports in any browser. How to enable this feature is discussed here.

The Complete List of Tally Tutorial

Tally ERP 9 tutorial on how to migrate Tally data from older versions like Tally 9.0, Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2 and even Tally 6.2 and Tally 5.4

If you want to shift your Tally license from One computer to another computer or just want to reactivate on same machine.

How to Calculate Interest in Tally ERP 9
Tally ERP 9 tutorial on how to set your Tally for interest calculation. Tutorial applicable on all versions supporting interest calculation. Learn Tally interest calculation.

Tally ERP 9 tutorial on how to Book your interest. Learn Tally interest booking.

Want to put your company logo in Tally ERP 9 ? Here is the solution.

In starting a new financial year in Tally Invoice numbering needs to be restarted.

Tally 9.0  Tutorial which is applicable in Tally.ERP 9 also on how to convert your old Tally Data into newer version of Tally.

Tutorial on How to start your Tally learning. If you want to learn Tally then this is your first step and first Tally tutorial.

Tally 9.0 tutorial which tells you how to implement Value added tax (VAT) in your Tally and generate automatic VAt reports.

Old Tally 7.2 tutorial on how to convert Data from oldest Tally 4.5 version to Tally 7.2 

Tally ERP 9 tutorial applicable on almost all version including Tally 9.0 and Tally 7.2 on how to hid your data so that only you or authorized person can see it.

Tally 9.0 tutorial which lets you know how to implement Tally Payroll.

Tally tutorial on How you can work on Tally without touching mouse. Tally shortcut keys are described in this tutorial

Tally Tutorial on how to put entries from one company to another company. Applicable for all versions of Tally.

Tally tutorial on how to keep doing accounting in new financial year. Applicable on all version of Tally

Small Tally 9.0 Tutorial on How to do Point of Sale (POS) invoicing. Applicable to Tally ERP 9 also

Tally ERP 9 Tutorial on how to implement Excise accounting in Tally 

Tally Synchronization is a feature to merge data from two different locations. this Tally Tutorial describes steps for Tally Synchronization.

In Tally 9.0 feature to interact with MS Excel was introduced. This Tally 9.0 tutorial describes the steps to export data from Tally in MS Excel format.

If you are facing problems in configuring Multi user Tally then this Tally tutorial is for you.

Tutorial on how you can manage post dated cheques in Tally 9.0 and Tally ERP 9

Tally Tutorial on how to Split a company. Applicable on all versions

This tutorial tells you how to print mailing labels in Tally.

This Tally Tutorial teaches you how to use Tally via remote id. Learn Tally remote id usage

This Tally tutorial is basic step in learning Tally. Learn Tally master creation with this tutorial

    The List continues as new articles are added up

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    Unknown said...

    its really wonderful way to help for tally user..well i learned new by this blog.thank u
    as im fresh learner for tally and its useful
    thank u

    Anonymous said...

    Wish ApniTally a Great success. Excellent Job.

    Anonymous said...

    How to make Tally 7.2 work with Vista
    Can you help
    Rajesh Shah

    Anonymous said...

    URGENT: Vacancy for an accountant with knowledge in tally in a film production company based in Mumbai.
    For further details,

    Prashant Gopal - 9833902863

    Anonymous said...

    hi, how use tally for dropshipping company account with paypal and creditcards. anybody help me.

    Unknown said...

    if any one now how to import data from excell to tally & how to reconcile bank automaticle from excell to tally then tell me. please

    Anonymous said...

    I want to know how to import data from excell to tally & how to reconcile bank automaticle from excell to tally then tell me. please. Also let me know how to export date from tally to excel.

    Unknown said...

    I want to use multiple printing option in tally 9 cracked

    please help

    Anonymous said...

    I am using tally 7.2 multiuser and when opening Companies from the client machine, tally gives an Error " failed to open the company"..., can someone help me out in this.

    Thanks in Advance

    Anonymous said...

    Hello, I am Tally 9 user, I want Profit & Loss Appropriation Account in Profit & Loss Account, I mean what we do in Manual Accounting while maintaining Accounts of Partnership Firm, It is very urgent for us please anybody contact me on 9890472924 or email me on vikrantrubber@, dataone.in, jayeshkumarjadav@rediffmail.com

    Anonymous said...


    Wanted Senior Accountant for an export firm well knowledge of Tally & DVAT.

    Salary No Bar.

    For further details,
    Parmod Kumar - 9971843275.

    avtarkaint said...

    well i m new to tally please tell me how to use tally bcoz i dont have commerce knowledge & i have opened a shop so i have to use tally & i dont have vat knowledge

    Anonymous said...

    while i was entering my manual acconting data in to tally 9, i couuld not put the profit and loss opening blance . co the balnace shhe and trial balance shoed only difference of opening balnace. I wnat to learn how to input the opening blance of profit and loss a/c

    Anonymous said...

    dear friends
    in my bussiness Raw material converted to 6 other products.my bussiness is rock crushser.we purchase raw material called sakkai and it coverted to various variety of jalli.eg. 1" jalli, 3/4" jalli etc.eg.when we crush 1 unit sakkai it gives 30% of 1", 49% of 3/4" others dust.
    the problem is, first time when we enter stock journal we used the % method it converts stock.but after 2nd purchase it is not updating the stock.
    pls help me

    mayad said...

    I receive error message while making payment/receipt entry that no cash/bank account is credited/debited. Pls. help

    Anonymous said...

    Hello all experts,

    i want to make bill in tally54 or 9 can anybode do help me.

    and pls also let me know how to design bill formate....

    thanks for all the tips

    Anonymous said...

    Hi All,

    Please let me know how we can print confirmation letter from tally.


    Anonymous said...

    Can anybody help me how to print the Ledger with Inventory detail in Tally 9.


    Anonymous said...

    Hello Everyone,

    Apnatally has so much to offer for tally users, Apnatally is doning a great job by providing very useful tips and advice for tally users.
    I wish all the success to apnatally.

    We are having vacany in our company for post of accountant. we are using tally erp 9. Intersted condidates please contact.

    Mr. Mihir Panchal
    0987911578 mihir@sudarshan.co.in

    Vinod Kumar said...

    Really you have spirit to your work and profession . I have read many of your tutorial that are very useful for accountants and students .

    Anonymous said...

    ApniTally is doing a great job

    thanks ;)

    Vikas Madaan
    Zones Web Solution

    Unknown said...

    if any one now how to import data from excell to tally & how to reconcile bank automaticle from excell to tally then tell me. please

    ajay bali said...

    hi, can any one provide me the ebook for tally 9 gold... plz mail me at ajaybali@live.com or scor30aug@gmail.com

    Zignor said...

    How do I select which account I want TDS to be deducted? As in, from a list of Sundry Creditors, there are a few clients whose TDS should be accounted for at every entry, how should that be done?

    Anonymous said...

    i m ask u i m deducted of our client of tds as on date of entry but disply in compution not shown actul amount of dectucted the tally r shown r more tds anount of of shown in compution so plz help me why r i m manage its?

    santhosh said...

    I am using Tally7.2 gold hardlock

    using tally in node and while changing voucher type from payment to sales or purchase then tally taking more times (in new company (no vouchers) also , pls help me

    P#R@A!K&A*S=H said...

    hello friends
    i use tally 7.2. how creat my last year p&l a/c in 7.2. please help me. my email address - psuthar1987@yahoo.co.in


    Mahendra Varma said...


    nilesh said...

    is tally good choice for maintaining an individual personal accounting files (i.e non company file) where main objective is keeping track of person's investments in stocks, bond ,mutual fund etc . can tally maintain a nice inventory for this investments and calculate profit/loss on sale/purchase in this assets

    nilesh said...

    can you put tutorial on this

    Unknown said...


    i want to now how can we change rates of tds manually in tally9

    vikas said...


    can we use tally 9 or tally erp 9 only for inventory
    if yes how it can be possible


    Unknown said...

    can sum1 tell me how do i store my inventory wid the sellin price...
    all i want is when i make a sales entry and rite the item i want its sellin price to show up...
    how do i do tht?
    can sum1 pls help...urgent
    thnk u

    Unknown said...

    Hello....I m running a Credit Society which collects the daily, monthly and fixed deposits from customers and pay the commission to the agents for their collections. and then after 3 months of deposit the customers are eligible to take the loan from the society. and the society charges interest on that loan.. could i manage all these data and entries in tally 7.2.. help me...plz....

    Unknown said...

    Hiiii frnd....i want to learn Tally,if u can then plz send me a Basic Tutorial of Tally 9.0.


    Anonymous said...

    i want to free dowanload learner version tally 9 please help me how to download

    kumar said...

    i want to free dowanload learner version tally 9 please help me how to download
    ple... ple...

    Unknown said...

    how to pass works contract sales entry in tally

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Sir,

    I have Tally ERP 9 Release 1.1. I do business of computer hardware and I want to maintain my stock with my part's serial number. How to do that I don't know. Please help me immediately as I can't get my stock proper with serial number.

    Tejas Shah

    Ajay Choudhary said...

    Dear Friends

    I have just started learning TDLs, and swome time I am getting the following error message, "error T0009: duplicate description name Report- 'rptMyReport'- TDL.txt is previous description
    Please can anyone help me to sort this problemand the reasons of the error.

    Thank You


    Rp Mahich plz sent vat adjestment entery email id :- rajaarts1988@gmail.com

    Bhav said...

    We are using Tally ERP9 How can I track users. who can change, alter or delete voucher. Tally have any log file for tracking.

    Rizlan Razeek said...

    Dear friends, i want to learn tally totally so please help me by sending your notes to Rizlantech@mail.comg

    Anonymous said...

    hi,.how to put a new customer in tally?.,

    Shailendra said...

    You cannot change the rates of all the statutory like VAT, TDS,TCS, Service Taxetc manually.

    Shailendra said...

    Use it as accounts with inventory as only for inventory it is not possible. You can create separate company for accounts. or can ignore accounting entries of that company

    Shailendra said...

    use price level feature of Tally

    Shailendra said...

    just ready my previous article getting started . http://www.apnitally.com/2006/10/getting-started-with-tally.html

    Shailendra said...

    Just click download Tally link on the site. Tally download is free.

    Shailendra said...

    Rewrite the company. Just check how to recover tally data post in this blog

    Shailendra said...

    Find Tally people option in main bar would help you.

    Shailendra said...

    you can find tally people from Tally itself. you can also use our link on the top Find Tally people

    Shailendra said...

    Just create a ledger of that customer. Check out how to create masters Tutorial in the list .

    Shailendra said...

    Keep vising the blog friend, i would put more and more tutorials on it.

    Shailendra said...

    Create separate users and activate audit feature. you would get to know who entered which voucher and who edited which voucher.

    Shailendra said...

    In item master mean press F12 and use part no. you can also put part number in alias field.

    Anonymous said...

    can anyone help me to export file to excel in tally 9

    Anonymous said...

    i want tally & tally module for petrol pump work in networking can u help me

    sanjay pal said...

    Sir mistakenly I restored the data as I want to do backup. Now the data restored in back date. How to solve it. Plz help

    Tally solutions said...

    Thank you for advice about tally

    Shailendra said...

    No solutions Sajay Pal . Find your old data before restoration.

    vinay said...

    Thanks a lot apnitally.. ��

    vinay said...

    Thanks for sharing nice tutorials on tally

    Unknown said...

    i am interested m.no is 9797039565

    Unknown said...

    I m facing printing problem:
    when i print balance sheet
    loans & advances (Assets) print black tape.
    any amount in crores show black tape.
    how can i solve it. plz help.

    Unknown said...

    Dear Just feed Opening Balance of Balance Sheet. Profit & Loss A/c Balance never be carried forward, it is always for a specific year & Profit / Loss for the period transferred to Capital / Reserve & Surplus Account

    Unknown said...

    Purchase is for Item 1 xxx Qty; where as finished goods of diff 4 item i.e. 1 xx% 2 xx% 3% xx% i.e. you will consume RM 100 Unit & Produce FG of 4 variety. if i am correct.

    you have to pass mfg journals.
    Create BOM - Bill of Material
    Enter material consumed RM on left side.
    you will get automatically FG as per Defined % of BOM.

    Unknown said...

    Just verify either you have created Cash / Bank Ledger Account under Group Bank Balance /Cash Balance?

    Unknown said...

    Tally have their own bill format, Do you want to customize your billing Format?

    Unknown said...

    select Ledger Account,
    Select Period for which you want to print,
    Press CTRL+p
    Enter Back Space
    Style of Report : NORMAL LEDGER
    Select "Confirmation of A/cs" instead of NORMAL LEDGER

    Unknown said...

    Just take backup of data, Rewrite the data [CTRL+ALT+R]

    Anonymous said...


    anita said...

    if after splitting the tally data ,i want to change an entry of last year then, what is the procedure. it can be done or not.

    anita said...

    Dear Sir,
    If we split the company & we have some transactions of payment & receipt left for 31/3/xx. If we update the same in last data than is there any process to synchronize last data with new split data so that all ledgers are updated to new. Regs,
    Leave a Reply

    Shailendra said...

    It seems to be printer driver problem. Please check if there are no unnecessary printer deivers, If yes then un install all of them and reinstall the required ones only.

    Shailendra said...

    There is no way to do it automatically. This should be done before splitting the company. One way to do is that you put the entries in old company and split it again.