Tally 9 Tutorial : How to Handle post dated cheques in Tally 9, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3

ApniTally reader Pawan from Royal Star Fashion put a query about handling post dated cheques in Tally. To put his problem he says,
"We both receive and issue post dated cheques so if we want to maintain PDC status then how it can be managed in Tally."
When we issue post dated cheques then we have to maintain the dates on which it is likely to be presented in bank. Regular post dated cheques can be easily tracked e.g. cheques issued for some regular installments etc. But if the quantity of post dated cheques is large and the payment schedule is not regular then keeping track of all PDC becomes more important.

Tally can handle both PDC payments made by cheques and PDC cheques received by you. Tally has a facility to convert any voucher in post dated form. A post dated voucher is one which is going to be realized in future date. It would be reflected in books only on due date and not before this.

While entering the PDC cheque you have received just press 'Ctrl+T' in reciept voucher type and enter the voucher on that specific date.

In same way what ever post dated cheques issued by you can be entered in payment voucher by putting the voucher in post dated mode by pressing 'Ctrl+T'.

Now comes the real problem, How to see the status of these cheques? How to see which cheques is going to be cleared and which cheque is coming for payment? To do this a particular period can be specified in
Display -> Exception Reports-> Post Dated Vouchers
Here you would see all the post dated vouchers. Select voucher type as receipt or payment by pressing 'F4' to see the status on a specified period. You can change the period by 'Alt+F2'.

You can also see the total bills out standing amount with our without post dated vouchers.
If we see
Display-> Exception Reports->Overdue Receivables
then normal screen would be like this

But by pressing F12 and putting Include post dated transactions to Yes you can see the net pending amount also.
See the figure below how PDC amount can be seen. A new extra column would be added to show the net PD Amount.
The same thing can be achieved for Bills payable in
Display-Exception Report->Overdue Payables

Shailendra Yadav

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17 responses:

  1. Hello I am Ranjith from U.A.E. tally user,

    Sir, In receipts i got today one cheque that is PDC (after one month date) but i want to make receipt now, how i can make this,
    I want to make receipt now but it must be effect on both ledger and bank on particular cheque date

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I need information about tally BRS and ERP full form with full details


  3. thanks a lotttttttttt

  4. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Does the Post dated transaction automatically get converted into normal transaction on the due date?

  5. nishadcb11:18 AM

    I have got problem in post dated transaction bcz Cheqe we issued above current year i mean(01/02/2010) finasial year end at dec 2009 So tally not accepting the entry

  6. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Hai Iam Siva.
    we are using Tally 9 Multi user.
    I want to make one Payment Voucher in PDC, ie, PDC date is 28.09.10. but iam preparing voucher on today ( 28.06.10) but the voucher print only showing the pdc date , Iam also using effective date function, so hew we can understand the original voucher date in print? means i want the voucher entering date on the print.

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  8. Anonymous9:38 PM

    account payable dr

    To PDC payable

    how we will entry in tally

    after that
    PDC payable dr

    To bank

    pls help

  9. Anonymous9:38 PM

    account payable dr

    To PDC payable

    how we will entry in tally

    after that
    PDC payable dr

    To bank

    pls help

  10. Here I am doing while reciving and issuing PDC's as below.
    I have made 12 Ledger in PDC Payable Group like, PDC-January (P) to PDC-December(P).
    and 12 Ledger in PDC Recevable Group like, PDC-January(R) to PDC-December(R).
    when receiving PDC using approproate PDC leger istead of bank in payment voucher and when it is due and reverse the transaction in journal as below:
    PDC-January(P) a/c Dr.
    To Banak
    Same practice in Receipts also.

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