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How to enable web access in Tally.ERP 9 rel 6.6

Tally has released its latest release of Tally.ERP 9.i.e. release 6.6. The main feature of this release is the web access. This feature helps you to access your Tally reports on any web browser. Please refer to my previous article on the New release announcement.

Let us see how to enable this feature and use it.
The whole process has two parts. First is Tally Part and second part is Web Part. Let's start with Tally part.

Tally Part
First of all you have to enable users in Tally. If you directly access your company data without user name and password then you have to create a user in you company only then you can access this feature. If you already have a user then you can skip this step.

Creating a new user
While on Gateway of Tally press Alt+F3 (Company Info) Alter the company and enable user security control by putting it to Yes. Create main admin account by providing user name and password. You have to put password two times.
Creating a user in Tally

Do it carefully, if you forget the password then data may be inaccessible to you.So remember the user name and password provided.

Enable security control
Now go to Security Control -- User and password and add a user under Tally.Net Owner or Tally.Net user or Tally.Net Auditor. Look at the screen shot for reference.
You have to mention the email id and it should be a Tally.Net id. It is better if you use your email id on which you tally is registered as this is the best way. In single user Tally allows only one user to have web access. Whereas in multi user multiple users are allowed to have web access.
Adding a new users with web access in Tally.ERP 9 rel 6.6
Adding a New user and allowing him web access
So if you are having single user license then you should add your default Tally.Net id on which your Tally is registered.

Connect the Company
In Gateway of Tally you would see a Connect button would be highlighted with a Shortcut key as F4. Press F4 and connect the company. In the calculator pan you would see the success message and you would see a (c) is written between the name of the company and the date of last voucher entered. It means company is successfully connected.

The web part
Opening the user
Now we have connected the company and created the user who have web access. Now we have to see the reports. To do this you have to visit tally's site i.e. Here you would see a login button on top right corner. Just click it and enter your Tally.Net user id and its password. You would see following screen.

Web access of Tally reports in Tally.ERP 9 rel 6.6
Select the company you want to see for web access
View Reports
Now you would have view of all the reports which are available in Tally.ERP 9. click on the report and see it. you can download a particular report if you want. It would be download into pdf format. You can even download the invoices also. You can filter the reports based on the date.
web access of Tally reports in Tally.ERP 9 rel 6.6
Tally web access reports

Extra Setting
Tally has a setting by which it is easier for us to use web access. In F11 and then TSS features F4, you can do a setting by which whenever you open a company to work on it would automatically be connected and you can access the data. Take a look at the screens shot to know details
Get the company connected every time it is logged in
Auto connect setting

Error handling
I am soon going to post another article on how to handle errors if you are not able to connect and see the reports. Please stay tuned for that article.

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