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Moving to New Financial Year : How to restart new invoice numbering

Come New Financial Year every Tally user has to restart his new invoice numbering. This becomes  
One of the biggest problem a Tally user faces i.e. changing invoice numbering and restart it from new financial year. ApniTally has received many calls related to this , so here is a quick post on how to restart your invoice numbering while moving to New Financial Year.

As you may be aware that in Tally every transaction is done via some voucher. Invoices are made by Sales voucher so you have to alter this voucher type and configure it according to your need.

Here remember that Sales voucher is the voucher in which you enter your sales. If you have made some other voucher type like GST Sales etc. or you have multiple voucher types and running multiple invoice numbering then you have to alter all those vouchers.

Sales voucher
Altering Method of Invoice Numbering Advance configuration
Altering Method of voucher Numbering advance configuration

The numbering of any voucher is decided from voucher types. So if you want to change the numbering of sales voucher then you have to go to sales voucher type and Alter it.
So go to Accounts Info and then Voucher type and then Alter and select Sales Voucher.
Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Voucher Types  > Alter
Now go to Advance configuration just below voucher numbering. Set it to yes and you would get new screen. (See the picture above)

Now in restart numbering column just give the first date of the financial year from when we want to change or restart invoice numbering e.g. 1-4-2018 and starting number is 1.
That's all you have to do. Your numbering would start from one.

One more smart thing can be done is adding something before numbering or something after bill numbering.

 For example instead of having plain bill numbers like 1, 2 ,3 etc you can have 18-19/1 or AT/18-19/1. If you want this then you go to prefix column and add date as 1-4-18 and add 18-19/ or AT/18-19/ in this column.
Altering Sales voucher for restarting Invoice number in New financial Year
Alter Sales voucher for Invoice numbering

Your new style of numbering is ready.
If you want your numbering as 0001 instead of just 1 then mention the width of numeric part as 4 and Prefill with zero as yes. This style would also be added.

Hope this small tip would help you in restarting your invoice numbering in your New Financial Year.

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If still you have doubts then check out this video for details

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