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How to print mailing labels through Tally

In the previous post I have described the free utility UDI Magic free edition. With the help of this tool data can be exported to Excel from Tally with the fields we need. Simple Select command of SQL styles has to be given and the data is shown in the way we want. One useful thing that I have tried is printing mailing lables of my sundry debtors and sundry creditors. As we know data can be filtered through this utility and it can be saved in excel file. Lets see how this can be achieved.

The prerequisites of Mailing Lables

In printing mailing labels through word few prerequisites has to be taken care of. The first one is that all the addresses of ledgers would be properly filled in Tally with full details like contact person, pincode, state and ofcorse full mailing address. If some thing is missing then it has to be completed before hand.
Second thing is that one should have full knowldge of the whole process of mail merge or printing mailing labels. I would provide a brief outline of the whole process but this has been explained here, Here and Here. These three sources would give you detailed idea about printing labels.
The main steps involved are :-
1. Selecting the main document.
2. Selecting the data source.
3. Merging the data with the main document to form labels.
Here second step of selecting the data source has to be done by selecting the excel file we would make now from Tally its self.
Start Tally, Open the company you want the labels to be printed. Be sure the ODBC Server is written on Tally panel. Now minimize the Tally and start UDI Magic. In Tally to Excel section give following command.

Select $LedgerContact, $MailingName, $_address1, $_address2, $_address3, $_address4, $_address5, $PinCode, $StateName from Ledger where $$IsChildOf:$$GroupSundryDebtors

Press the button View in Excel and this data extracted would be added to an excel file. Save this file and pick this file while performing the step 2 of Selecting the data source. Fix the size of the labels and print and fix the fields in a good order. All your sundry debtors would get a label. Following command can be given to print the lit of all Sundry creditors.

Select $LedgerContact, $MailingName, $_address1, $_address2, $_address3, $_address4, $_address5, $PinCode, $StateName from Ledger where $$IsChildOf:$$Creditors

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