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How to reactivate Tally.ERP 9 license or shift it to another machine

You have purchased a Tally single user or multi user and now successfully using it. But due to one or more reason your tally turns educational ! What would you do? What are the steps you should take to again activate the license. This article would tell you what ideally you should do.
How to reactivate or shift your Tally License

Tally licensing has evolved during all these years with every new version. Now in Tally.ERP 9 licensing has become very simple and easy. While working on Tally the license is needed to be activated again. This may be due to :-
  • License file is corrupted,
  • There is some virus in computer
  • The computer got crashed 
  • You got another system which is new and tally is to be shifted there.
What ever may be the reason to reactivate the license the process involves following steps.

Before doing any thing be sure that :-
  • You have taken the backup of data properly.
  • You should have access to your id and password or your registered email id.
  • Access to internet.

The reactivation process
If you are using the Tally on same machine and tally is already installed then you need to go to reactivate license option of Tally on the front screen and enter the Tally.Net id and password.
If nothing goes wrong then license would be activated, otherwise watch the error message carefully. If it says license already activated please surrender first then you have to follow the below mentioned process.

If you are getting the error message that license already activated please surrender first then, you have to surrender the license first. This may be due to the fact that you are either changing the machine and you have to surrendered the Tally license on the earlier machine. Or you may not having the access to old machine because it is crashed and now you are activating the license after formatting it. But as this fact is not known to Tally, it is considering that you are activating one license on two machines simultaneously. So you need to surrender the license first and then reactivate it.
So the question is how to surrender the license. Simply go to control center on the top menu bar by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl+K.

Enter the Tally.Net id and password you would be shown following screen.

Go to license management option and you would see your licensing information. At the last column you would see the status which would be active.

Now select it with mouse and press space bar you would get both options as Active and Surrender. Select surrender and press Enter. You license is surrendered.
Now get out of Control Center and again go to license menu in the starting and reactivate license. Now you would not get any error.

Update :
With the advent of licensing technology now you need to follow the process of surrendering the license and then reactivate it. Now if you reactivate license then it would show you a dialog box that your license is running on this machine (machine Name) do you want to reactivate on new machine? If you press Yes then the license would be reactivated on new machine automatically.

What if you don't know Tally.Net password ?
There is no need to worry if you don't know your Tally.Net password. The id is you email id on which you have registered the Tally and the password can be reset very easily. 
After pressing Ctrl+K  for control center or Reactivate License  option in Tally just press F5 . It is for resetting your Tally.Net password. Enter your email id which you have registered with Tally. Now press enter and Tally would send reset link to your mail address. Just open your email id and there you would get a mail from Tally.Net open the mail click on the link and type the new password two times and your password is reset.

What if you don't know your Tally.Net id ? 
This is an interesting question which can be solved by just common sense. You may be having too many email ids and you don't know which one you have used for Tally.Net. So one simplest way is to check each email id and try to search for 'Tally.Net' and if this is your email id then you must be getting mail from Tally solutions. Ant the title of the mail would be Tally.Net. If not then check the next one. 

Second trick is just enter your email ids in the Tally screen where you reset the password after pressing F5 as mentioned above. If your email id is wrong it would say please enter the correct email id. Find the correct email id. 

What more problems you can get while dealing with your license? If you are facing any problem which i have not mentioned then explain it in the comment box I would try to resolve it. 


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great post ,thanks so much

sameera said...

I am using 3 users in tally erp if one users if i surrendered will i have to reactivate other users also?

Tally Services said...

Wow! Great post! The content is very rich, and I really like it.

Shailendra said...

License is for one user or multi user. If you are suing single user licence then if you surrender then it is surrendered. More over please throw more light on your prolem.

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Thank you. Nice Post. Very helpful.

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