Tally 9 Tutorials : How to Copy Paste Entries from One company to Another

While maintaining accounts in tally we create more than one companies and put entries both companies accordingly. The most common reason for maintaining two companies is that one company has actual accounts as it happens and the another account is what we want to show for our returns etc. Another reason is when we have group company as well as single companies also. What ever is the reason for two companies we can reduce work load if there is a facility of copy paste of entries from one company to another just like what we have in MS Word or MS Excel etc.
Although simple cut and paste facility is not available in tally but this activity can be performed by few simple steps. Lets view it.

Tally has a feature of exporting data from any screen. Where ever you can see the export button just Alt+E can perform the trick. Lets assume we want to shift all sales entries for Dec 2006 from Company A to Company B. Take following steps :-

Select the entries
Select the entries you want to shift from Company A. You can do it but going to Display -> Daybook. Now filter the entries according to date by pressing Alt +F2 and giving period 1/12/2006 to 31/12/2007. Now you would get all entries for Dec month. Now filter according to sales vouchers by selecting voucher type as sales. Now all entries of sales voucher type for Dec 2006 would get selected.

Export the entries
At this moment select the Alt+E button and you would be prompted to select the file and the format of export. Select format as xml and remember the file name you have given by default it would be DayBook.xml. Press Y to accept the screen.
Export the masters/Ledgers
Next step is to export the ledgers masters. Masters which are presented in company A should be there in Company B also. For this select the multiple ledgers which are involved in dec sales transactions or all sundry debtors.
Go to Accounts Info --> Ledgers --> AlTer in multiple Ledgers --> Sundry Debtors. You would see all your Sundry Debtors.
Press F3 and select Company B. Accept the screen by pressing Ctrl+A. Your all sundry Debtors of Company A are in Company B.

Import entries

Select Company B go to Import of Data --> Vouchers and put the file name in the space provided. Accept the screen and all your sales entries are in company B.
So isn't it like copy paste?

Check the entries if all are transfered?. If not then there must be an error in shifting the masters. If tally doesn't find any ledger in target company then it halts the transfer of vouchers.

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