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Most of my users who are either using tally for the first time or who are using licensed version of tally have faced some common problems. They often complaint that when we were using pirated version of Tally then life was easy. After getting with newer version of Tally or registered version of Tally it has become more difficult, while life was supposed to be easy after buying the Tally license. 
I would say that current Indian mindset is to be blamed here. Giving money for just a software doesn't fit into the consciences of Indian mindset. When ever we purchase computer then software is supposed to be the part of free bees.
Problem gets worst when we face problem after giving the money for software. Few tips while getting started with tally can save us a lot of problems.
Getting Started
Some prior preparation is needed before installing Tally. Tally license is activated and updated from Internet, so we need internet connection. Although it is not used as frequently but if the machine which is running tally is having permanent internet connections then license can be updated or reactivated swiftly other wise this can be a major problem for Tally users. Mostly who are first time user of licensed software. The reasons of Tally getting educational has been discussed in my previous post on why tally turns educational.

Second most common problem occurs when working on tally suddenly system shuts down due to power failure or any other reason. To avoid this user must take proper and regular backup of tally data. The user must make it a habit to take backup on daily basis. The proper method of taking tally backup and how to recover the data has been explained in my post on Recover your data in Tally.

Third and major problem come with versions and stat files of tally. Normally when we buy tally then release 1 comes with box. Most of the users install tally from CD in the box and activate it. Real problem comes when the features which were heard are not available or cannot be used. The most widely used feature of VAT is not available in release 1 of Tally 7.2 which comes with CD. Again latest stat version is needed from latest VAT modifications and Service Tax modifications etc. You can get latest Stat info in my post on stat release 46 . The solution to this problem is to get latest release of tally and stat. You can get latest Tally 7.2 and Tally 8.1

P.S. : Latest version can be downloaded from Tally Solutions 

Fourth problem which come is when user gets stuck with advanced options of tally which were not there in older versions and now no help is in sight. At this juncture tally help file can be of great help. Just press help button on top right corner. This would work only when tallyref.chm file is present in your tally directory. It should also be updated for latest features. You can download the latest file from the site and copy it in tally directory for proper functioning. Check Out the 6 ways to get Free help form Tally Solutions.

More help articles on Tally are Here
If you have Downloaded and want a licensed version Purchase it online and get all help from Us 

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