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Six Ways of Getting Free Help on Tally from Tally Solutions

Every Tally user sometime stuck somewhere doing his work on Tally and he needs help. Help can be from many quarters but it depends on how the user likes to take help. If you are using original Tally then you have official channels to get help and perhaps these are the best help you can take. There are always ways to pick your phone and call Tally about your problem or call you friend or teacher for help. But I am talking about free Help!! The help in which you need not to spend a single penny. Not even on your phone. 

Here are these channels

Six ways of Getting free Help on Tally from Tally solutions

1. Tally Inbuilt Help
This is the first and most easily available tool with you when you stuck some where while doing your work on Tally. Tally has inbuilt help which can be accessed by pressing Alt+H. For this you need to install latest .chm file which provide the context sensitive help. If you have downloaded the 30 mb lite installer pack to install your Tally software then it is not there. Either you need to download full installer pack to get help or you need to download the help file separately. Now what you can do is simply download the chm files which is around 80 mb in size and copy paste it in Tally installation folder. Find the chm file in download section of Tally site under Document section by the name of Tally reference manual.
The context sensitive help provides you help on the very point where you are in Tally.  For example if your are making a sales bill entry, or making an excise bill entry and have opened sales voucher, then if you press Alt+H then help related to sales voucher would be shown to you. 
If you are on Day Book and want to know about the features available in Day Book then you just press Alt+H and help related to Day Book would be available to you.

2. Tally Support Center
This is the second channel available for help in Tally. This is basically to provide you with conceptual help. If you are having problem in understanding How to do a particular task, what are the steps to be taken  then Just write a mail about your problem and send it. You can send your problem to your Tally Partner. You can access Tally Support Center by pressing Ctrl +H. You can search nearest Tally partner or your preferred Tally Partner and send him a mail mentioning your problem. Tally would given you the written reply  Download the detailed presentation on Tally Support Center 

Support center is in built support system where you can just write your Queries to directly Tally about some product features which you need or can ask how a particular task can be done. You can also contact your Tally Partner via in build mailing system of Tally.

3. Dial a Tally Expert
Dial a Tally Expert: Free Tally Help and call back serviceThis is a third method which is free of cost. You are unable to solve the problem, tried many channels but could not succeed? Just avail the call back service of Tally. This help is going to take some efforts. You need to go to Tally's website and then click on Dial a Tally Expert button, which is on the lower right hand side of Tally solutions website . Here you have to provide with your name and your mobile or your land line number on which you are available to receive help. Click the button and it's done !! You would get a call after a few second from Tally. No a single paisa expense occurred. Note: During rush hours you may have to wait a little bit longer to receive a call from Tally, But you should wait. If nothing happens then you can again submit a request to call back. But mostly it takes few seconds only.

4. Tally Chat
Tally Chat Support: Another help channel which is free of costYou have to be online first and then login into chat page of Tally. Here you have to choose Tally Sales or Tally Support department to get help. The best advantage of this help channel is that you would get the transcript of whole chat on your mail. If something has been explained to you then written document is prepared for a particular problem which you can refer in future. 

5. Tally Care
This is an App for smart Phone users. If you are having a smart phone then download this App via Google Play or App Store. After Downloading you have to register your phone. Once registered you can get call from Tally by just one tap on your mobile.

Tally Care : Get call back from Tally to help you out via smart Phone

6. Toll Free
This is Tally's toll free number 1800-200-8859. If you feel nothing is working, as you have submitted a call back request and due to congestion you are not getting a call, Then this help would be most effective.  You would get help about Tally without any cost.

In additions to these methods you can send a mail to Tally which is also free of cost help channel. You can also dial Tally's support numbers which are not free of cost but are useful. These numbers are 080 39582559, 080 25638240 which are Bangalore office's land line numbers.

Can you imagine any other form of Help which Tally can provide or we are just missing here?  I am pretty sure of anyone suggests any form of help using latest technologies Tally would definitely provide you.  
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shreya said…
I strongly believe that Tally is a major part in today's world that everybody should know for job purpose. I just started a course on Tally 10 days back and in between such an informative article is going to help me a lot. I have downloaded the entire blog and will apply according to your instructions. Thank u for the post...
Shailendra said…
I really appreciate that . thanks

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