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Export data from Tally 9 to Excel more effectively with rel 2.0

With introduction of Tally 9 rel 2.0 one more powerful features has been added in Tally. The feature which was very much required by people who has to regularly change the data for presentation. Most of us has faced this problem in Tally, that you cannot do calculation on data exported to excel from Tally. A great deal of skills are required in excel if you have to do your calculation on tally data. But this problem has been now taken care of.

Export to Excel With new release now you would get one more options while exporting data. One added format option is Excel format. If you export in this format then file would be saved in xls format. More over if you put Excel formating option to Yes then tally would automatically format the data in presentable format. Tally would automatically bold the headlines and main fields for you and format data in a good way. Take a look at excel snapshot of balance sheet exported from Tally.

The special thing here is that you can do the calculation on any amount figure or any row or column, which was earlier not possible. The only drawback which i could find was that amount figures are not right aligned which is must for numbers for easy calculation, although you can do it by selecting the amount figures and putting them right aligned.

Faster then ever
Few more features added in rel 2.0 are faster way to convert data from tally 7.2 to Tally 9.0 and faster and more efficient rewrite feature. Reports related to VAT and other statutory would not take more time now.

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Unknown said…
Yes surely export to MSExcel is a great tool. However, after exporting, the spreadsheet should open by itself rather going to C drive and then to the Tally folder. Also, if the formula on the spreadsheet like sub total and grand totals come out automatically on the spreadsheet, that would be wonderful !
Anonymous said…
atlast, a much needed capability. And to add to what dan says above -
1) Tally default save should be my documents or there should be option to specify 'default save folder'
2) Saved files should be auto numbered - either like p&l1, p&l2 etc. or with data and time like p&l171120071915 etc. Atpresent it just overwrites the existing file, which is inconvinient
Anonymous said…
I would say let the MSExcel open automatically once the export is done. The user must have the option to save anywhere he/she likes.
Shailendra said…
The saved files are always named according to the content i.e. if you are exporting balance sheet the bsheet.xls name would be given by tally by default. More over you can also save as your own desired name.
As far as saving in a particular location is concern if you given the proper path of the existing folder then tally would save it in that particular folder e.g. instead of giving simple name as bsheet.xls , if you specify c:\try\bsheet.xls then it would be saved in c:\try folder, provided try folder should be already there.
Anonymous said…
Good,Thanks !
Anonymous said…
hi, got that. but the problem is you have to keep specifying filenames/path for each save. Suppose I've 5 group companies and I want bsheet.xls - i've to remember to go to 'tally folder' and rename the existing file or remember to name the file name while exporting.

And if I want a save somewhere else, I've to keep doing it for each save - which is a pain!

If suppose there is option to save as in my original post bsheet1, bsheet2 etc. AND specify default, it would be good.

Mahi said…
i need crack of tally 9 rel 1.3 or tally 9 rel 2.0.

I will be very thankfull
Unknown said…
i have no option in format for excel (spred sheet). then how can i add this one
Unknown said…
Anonymous said…
Hey i m using tally 9 erp
i had given password to my tally company file.
i have forgot password.......pls help me its very urgent....pls help me to recovr password
u can email me at
Anonymous said…
There should be option to export to PDF format. PDF format files are easy to share & print on any OS platform or Printer...
Shailendra said…
Export to pdf format is also available in tally.erp9
You can try it.
You can send any report in pdf format including invoices
Reverse is also Possible.
i.e. Exporting Data from Excel to Tally
Check this Link
sadha said…
What is the format in Excel to convert Data from other Software to Tally.
Anonymous said…
Apparently though, the method displayed above works with MS Office installed. Is there any workaround to do that without having MS Office?
Unknown said…
Sir, i want to know that where the exported files are saved after exporting from tally. i export data from tally to excel but the files are saved nowhere. i couldnt find the file. sir please help me

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