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Tally.ERP 9 Tutorial : How to Put your Logo in Tally Invoice

How to put Logo in Tally Invoice

Out of so many new features of Tally.ERP 9 rel 3.0 this one is my favorite. The logo printing feature in Tally. Earlier also Tally has provided a TDL to insert logo in Invoices but that process was a little bit lengthy. But now you can not only customize your invoices but you can customize every report which you share with outer world. You can get logo printed in following reports :-

  • Sales Invoice
  • Delivery Note/Challan
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Outstanding Receivables
  • Remainder Letters
  • Pay Slips
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order/Quotation
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Confirmation of Accounts
The one step method is,  in Gateway of Tally , Press F11 and then in Accounting Features enable logo printing to Yes. After that write down the location of the log file. e.g. if the file is in Tally.ERP 9 in c drive then path is c:\Tally.erp9\logo.jpg. Where logo.jpg is your file name. See the image below.

Logo in Tally :File location
File Location of Logo in Tally
Few things to keep in mind are:- 
1. Only BMP and JPG formats are allowed. Go for JPG
2. Ideal size for logo in Tally should be 96X80 pixels

How to Make Logo for Tally 
Now as we know how to put logo in Tally ERP 9, the only problem would be how to design a perfect logo. What software should one should use to design a logo. Or if we have a logo with us then how to resize it so that it can fit that logo in Tally. Most of us are not very much familiar with graphic designing or logo designing. 
I would suggest few methods by which we can easily design a logo.
The First and the easiest way is try to find some ready made logo from google images which are familiar to your company name. If you find a one then next challenge would be to fit this logo in Tally. Tally has a fixed space for logo and it's dimension is also some what fixed. If we follow these dimension then our logo would be perfect in Tally. As described earlier the best fit for logo in Tally is 96 pixel for length and  80 pixel for width. This dimension can easily achieved with the help of   paint brush. 

Second method is with the help of MS word. I personally find it very easy to work in Microsoft word. You choose the font of your choice and the design the logo easily. After making your design just print screen the logo and open it in MS paint. Here is MS paint you can crop the file and make logo easily.

The third one is to design your logo for Tally is to make it in MS paint. MS paint has limited functionality but one can draw decent logo and save it as jpg file and put that logo in Tally.
The fourth and the best way to design your logo for Tally is to design in Canva. Canva has many tools and good collection of fonts to design a logo, which you can use in Tally. If you have some skills the you can design it in Canva the online tool to design logos, posters, graphics for social media etc.
Here is small presentation on how to print logo on Tally reports.

While inserting logo one should always keep in mind that logo should be small in size.

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Anonymous said…
what should be the size of the get the best logo print on invoice
Quirino said…
Hi Anonymous, I suggest taking a screenshot of your tally screen and paste it into photoshop or even MS Paint should do the trick. Then see what dimensions you can crop it to to fit the logo area. Am about to do this myself... All the best!
Anonymous said…
96 pixels x 80 pixels
Great information shared for tally users , will benefit a lot.
rksahu said…
good article.Will be very helpful where invoices are printed from tally . details steps will be appreciated.
Unknown said…
whether there is any specified path is there for company logo because i try to fix logo in my bills but the system says invalid path. please reply me
Shailendra said…
Simply put it in tally folder and just type the correct name of the file with extension. e.g. logo.jpg

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