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Tally Fever Catching On : More people coming forward for Help

In the year 2006 Tally activities on internet were limited to few yahoo groups and few tally sites where which rarely updated. Only Tally's own site was main resource for any help on tally. Some of the sites were reviewed by me but they were not providing good contents regarding help of tally user. Searching for Tally would yield about buying Tally Printer or some thing like Tally Ho etc.
Even questions in Yahoo answers regarding tally used to go unanswered. I have answered more than 100 questions about Tally but mostly have only one answer and that is by me only.
But Now things have changed quite a lot. Many sites are coming up related to Tally. Even users have see google adsense regarding utilities related to tally (see the image below)
So many Yahoo groups are there to help Tally Users. Some of the busiest groups about Tally are Tally_india, tallyusers, Tally_CA are having lot of activities.

Some blogs are have also come up to help regarding Tally. ApniTally has got the previlage of support by large number of tally users. Running for a long time with constant posts ApniTally started free help, but now few more people have joined hands.

To name a few a blog about case studies is at Tallyextreem
TDL Playground is one such groups who has started free TDL Training
Although these blogs need constant posts and it would be a great help in Tally.

Adding more fuel to Tally fever is free Tally tutorials by epathshala . This is pure masti ki pathshala for tally users cos you need nothing just click and hear tally tutorials.
Take a look at Atul Khandelwal effort by clicking the image below

We all Tally users eagerly wait for these project to mature and help users of Tally. Mean while if some body want to launch his project on Tally then he can use ApniTally as launch pad for his Tally related services. Just mail me, ApniTally can give you more than 20,000 click per month.

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Chaitanya said…
The architecture of Multi-user Tally is made in a way that all the three things (i.e. Client Computer, Server Computer, Computer Network) should be stronger enough to handle the data and request from and to the server and client machines. Which may not be necessary for other applications running on same network

Client Computer : When a user is placing a query on client machine it calculates for the amount of data to be requested on the server. When it receives the data it processes it to form the report. This needs a big amount of RAM and also bigger processing capacity

Server Computer : Server computer receives the request form all the clients and delivers the Data which needs a big amount of RAM and some processing power.

Computer Network : Lot of Data travels between Server and Client Machines which leads to a big amount of Traffic on Computer Network.

Every thing is busy. But this also means that we are using client computers for making big processing and server computers for handling data output. We should either do it in a way by which server uses more of its processing power and less of RAM and on the other hand client machines to use lesser processing power and also lesser RAM. This may also lessen Computer Network Traffic significantly.

This is possible with Thin Client : Thin Clients have every thing installed on the server. only keyboard strokes & Mouse clicks travel from client machines to server and processed screen travel from server to client machines.

Result : Client machine is free from making big processing and has only to store the processed screen data in its memory. Server is used for, what it is known for (i.e. processing), for processing data and generate screens according to needs of client machine. Network is used only by the required data which is much lesser than in the previous case.

This is how Thin Client can create an ideal environment for Multi-user Tally.

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avtarkaint said…
epathsala link not working

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