How to hide/protect your company data in Tally

While working on Tally a need to protect your data is felt. There are several ways to protect your data from unwanted people. The technique you put in hiding or protecting your data depends on from whom you want to protect your data.
Every body who works on your computer or share your computer should not have access to your sensitive data. A causal users who sits on your computer would get access to your financial information if it is not protected or hidden from general view.

Protection from Layman

To protect your data from layman or causal user you can put password in company you are working. While creating company put Use security control to Yes and enter the administrator's name and its password.This would offer you first Level of security in Tally.

Protect from people within

Some times you have to protect your company information from people who are into accounts but you want to restrict their access. For example the financial data should not be given to stores or production department, despite the fact all departments are using the same software. For this situation tally has a feature of granting user level access. Specified users can go to specific level only and not beyond that limit. Pres Alt+ F3 in Gateway of Tally and select Security Control. Then you can define the users and their passwords and their level of controls.

Protection from outsiders
Third and the most important people are the outsiders from whom you want to protect your data. These outsiders can be sales tax people or Income tax people or any govt. agency who want to access your data and you want to protect it. These type of people are very hard to avoid. For those tally has provided a facility with stealth security i.e. tally vault password. This facility would hide your company name from screen and data would be encrypted. This data cannot be opened without password. Even if the owner forgets his password then itself no data can be recovered.While in company creation screen just enter TallyVault password. The name of the company would be hidden in company selection screen.

Other Common Sense Tricks
Other then this few common sense techniques can be used to hide company data. These can be:-
  1. Don't save your data in computer, instead use USB pen drive. When computer would not have data then who would get access to it.
  2. Hide directories and files by giving them hidden attribute.
  3. Saving the files to any drive or directory other then Tally's own data directory would not show the company in company selection menu at default location.
  4. Some advance hiding techniques like hiding info in JPG formats etc. can be used.
Another 4 simples ways of protecting your data.

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