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Tally Licensing : How to Actvite, Update and Surrender

Tally Licensing is one of the best thing for Tally and the most unique licensing system for stopping software piracy. In fact Tally is one of those software companies who had succeeded in stopping the piracy of software by implementing innovative licensing system.
Although it has proved a boon to company but is has been a bane for the users. This licensing system has raised difficulties for its users. According to Mr Bharat Goenka , Managing Director Tally India, life of pirated user is more easier the original user. All the hardship of licensing are faced by original user.
Many of Tally users have asked me about licensing related problem from time to time.These are related to activation of license, surrender of license and the updation of license. Lets understand the licensing process to solve the problems faced.

The Process of Licensing
After Installing Tally, you have to activate the license. Activation of license actually puts the signature of your computer into Tally's server. The signature, which contains information related to version of operating system, the hardware installed, the machine name etc is stored in Tally's server against your serial no. That serial no. is blocked against any other installation preventing duplication of your license. Internet is needed to send the signature file to Tally's server. In response to the entry a file is sent to the computer which is stored in the same folder where Tally is installed. This file is stored as tally9.lic in same folder where tally is installed.
There are two ways to activate the license. Online and Offline. Computer with direct internet connection can activate the license by online process. Those computers which has no direct internet have to follow offline process.

Activation of License

The License is to be activated to avail full features of Tally. If the license is not activated Educational would be shown on the top right corner. And Multi Account printing menu would be disabled.
Just after starting the tally the activation form is displayed. After connecting the internet this form has to be filled and submitted. The serial no. and the key is printed on every box which comes with Tally. You have to fill the email address which you often use because tally sends latest updates regarding product on this email address.

The offline Process.
If you don't have the direct access to internet then you have to follow the offline process of license activation. The concept is same, a file has to be generated and sent to the tally server and another file from server has to be installed in Tally machine. If the computer has no internet connection then we have to find a pc where the internet connection is available. So the file from our computer has to be generated and then copied to another system and from there it has to be uploaded and the resultant file has to be again copied in tally folder.
For this out have to escape the activation form in the starting and perform following steps.
Go to F12 -> Licensing -> Offline -> Activation.
Again the same form will be displayed and after pressing enter with all information filled a file called tallyreq.lic would be generated. This file has to be copied on any cd or pen drive and pasted in the computer where internet connection is available. (if Tally is not installed on that computer then it is to be installed there also.)
Here when you follow these steps:-
Go to F12 -> Licensing -> Offline ->SEnd External Request.
You would get tallyresp.lic file in response to file you have uploaded. Now the last and final step of offline activation is to copy the file from Tally folder and paste in the folder where Tally is to be activated. After pasting the file just run Tally and you would be greeted by a message of successful activation and a prompt for you to register your software.
Your Tally is activated.

Updation of Tally License
The Tally License has to be updated frequently. This is usually done to prevent license being expired. After 30 to 45 days you would start watching a message in your lower right corner that your license is going expire, please update/renew your license. This message is usually 5 days
prior to the expiry of license. During this period what you have to do is just connect to Internet and start Tally. The License is automatically updated. Otherwise you can choose
F12-> Licensing->Online-> Update

Surrender of License
Tally has made provisions to surrender the software license in case The machine you are currently using is going to be formatted. If the change is inevitable then one should surrender the license so that the information written in Tally server can be erased. Only after successful surrender of your license it can be installed on another machine.
F12 -> Licensing -> Online -> Surrender
Here it is noteworthy that while surrendering the license we should update the license first just to check that if internet is working properly or not. Otherwise it may happen that due to unavailability of connection or poor connectivity the license get surrendered on machine but information on internet server is not correctly updated. So only after successful message of updation you should surrender the license.

So from the above discussion it is clear that:-
1. We activate license to make it origional.
2. We update license when it is going to expire and
3. We surrender the license just to reactivate it somewhere else.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing with us this post. Piracy is a huge financial problem for most web developers not only facing attempts of reverse engineering bu dealing with people cracking license numbers.

Tally Licensing seems the right option to protect both software and personal finances effectively.
Arun said…
Vista users please note - If you see "Insufficient Permissions" on start of Tally 9, you will have the option "SEnd External Request" disabled. Close tally. Right click on "tally 9" Icon and click "Run as administrator". Now the option will be enabled and you will no more see the message "Insufficient Permissions" on start of Tally.
Hi, Thanks a lot for the information Is there any way we can surrender offline then activate the it to the same machine after reinstalling the operating system. One of the machine where tally is installed currently no way of accessing the internet. Once surrender offline how do I activate it again? Will you please explain it. Thanks in advance.
Shailendra said…
Umapathy, you can surrender the Tally offline also.
Go to F12-> Licensing->Surrender
Note that tally sould be activated. Once you surrender a message would come stating Offline file Tally req.slk made.
Now follow the same process of offline activation i.e. copy the file , paste it to another system with internet, send external request.
A message would be shown stating License surrender successfully.
You can activate the tally after installing new OS.

That's the way to do it.
Hope you would get what you want.
Anonymous said…
Tally opens in eductional mode. How can I surrender it? the situation is due to formatting disc without surrender it
Unknown said…
hi thanx for the information. tally 7.2 lic. ver. formating direct not a tally surrender & next time tally lic not a activate plz help or Tally customer care mobile numbre thax.
APN Technology
bhosari pune 39
mob no 9975197095
Unknown said…
please send us your bestest Quotation for installation of Tally 9 erp for multi user as well as single user at our organisation in pune
waiting for your favoarable reply at the earliest
Thanking you
For MIT Schoole of Distance Education - Kothrud,PUNE
Chiragh Junior School, Meerut cantt said…
Read the info about surrendering the license. It says licensing->online->surrender.

I cannot find the surrender option. The version is 9.2.
Rattan said…
I want to re-activate my tally. It says surrender and then activate again. I dont find any surrender option in online screen. The only option is to activate. Please advise how to surrender in this case.
Sanjay kiradoo said…
I want to re-activate my tally9. It says surrender and then activate again. I dont find any surrender option in online screen. The only option is to activate. Please advise how to surrender in this case.
Joy Sebastian said…
I have a tally 9 ERP installed on my machine. My machine got crashed and I couldnt surrender the Tally before formatting the machine.
Now How can I activate the Tally on the same machine after reinstalling everything
Rahul Goyal said…
Hi, When I try to surrender the license it tells me "that process requires administrator rights! Please login as Administrator or user having administrative rights" I have logged in as the owner, but still am not able to surrender the license

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