Why Tally Turns Educational ? - Some Solutions

It is a common problem seen in tally that it turns educational just after some time. Ever since Tally has been converted from 6.3 hardlock to softlock this problem is there. As the new process of licensing has come up it has brought new problems with it. Lets take an insight of the problem.

Why Tally Turns Educational ?
To find the answer to this question we have to first understand the process of licensing. In hardlock version Tally use to find its licensing file in the hardlock itself which was there at printer port. In softlock version these files are downloaded and stored in your computer somewhere. Now when we get our Tally activated following process happens
  • Tally checks internet connectivity
  • Tally generates a files which consists of information regarding your computer hardware and configuration.
  • Tally uploads this file to tally server on internet and stores this file against your serial no.
  • In response it gives one more file which is stored in your computer somewhere. This file is your license file.
  • Every time you run tally it checks for license file info with your computer hardware and configuration.
  • If it matches then your tally starts in licensing mode.
Most of the times what goes wrong is change in your computer configuration after the license file has been downloaded. Earlier for security purpose tally made it mandatory to update file after every 30 days in tally 6.3 version and early 7.2 releases. But now keeping view the practical problems associated with it you can download the license file and use it for as long as you want.
Most common change which can cause problem can be
  • Disabling or change of your LAN/Ethernet card.
  • Change in configuration after installing new software or drivers.
  • Change in windows configuration like computer name user name etc.
The Solutions
To prevent Tally from being educational you can do following:-
  • You can make a system restore point while installing Tally. But before restoring the same point you should remember that you data can be lost in this process so take an external backup of your data on CD etc.
  • You can go in back dates by changing system date and see if Tally is working or not (Some times it works !!).
  • You can insure that your system name, lan cards etc. Doesn't change.
  • If you know that a trouble is coming ahead e.g. you may need to upgrade system or format the system then best solutions is that you first surrender the tally before formatting.
  • If you are in deep trouble an and cannot connect internet the surrender the tally in offline mode and keep that file in a pen drive or CD along with your data backup.
  • If you are in much deeper trouble and finds out in the morning that you computer doesn't start windows and last option is to format it again, then try to start windows in DOS mode and recover that data files by copying whole Tally folder in to another drive. Then you can write mail to support@tallysolutions.com stating your Sr..No and contact person name to reset your licensing info. Wait for the response and then activate the Tally.

With this steps and concepts in mind I think you would get minimum trouble.
If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know so that they can help other users also.

Shailendra Yadav

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