Is your Tally origional? How to check it !!!

ApniTally Reader Ankur Jain faced a very strange problem. His tally is showing serial number on the top right corner but not accepting dates other then 1 and 2 or every month. As it is very well known fact that if Tally turns educational then you cannot change date of any voucher other then 1st and 2nd of every month. But if Ankur is to be believed then this can be a case of getting pirated tally even after paying the legitimate price. So what can be the possible solutions to this problem?
I would suggest following steps to undertake to check if your Tally is original and authentic.

First thing first, check up your source of purchase. Here is the list of DCP's and Resellers of tally from where you can buy original Tally. TallyAcademies can also give you Tally.

When you purchase tally you would get one box which would contain a small booklet having serial number and key printed on front with one cd which would have rel one of that software. You can get latest version of the software from Tally's site of tally or at ApniTally.
If you are upgrading from 6.3 to 9 then your serial nos. would change but one thing would never change is the sum of all digits of serial no. The sum would be the multiple of 9

Just after buying don't forget to register the software. By this way you would be know to Tally. Tally would provide you the required help when you are in need only if your serial no. is registered with them.

So here is my checklist for Ankur :-
  • Check the serial no. the sum of all digits should be multiple of 9
  • Check your registration details on Tally Site.
  • Install the latest release and then check the functioning.
  • If all things mentioned above are correct then contact tally or the vendor.
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3 responses:

Anonymous said...

How it can be possible.
becoz.activation process is connected with internet.
user gets evaluation/educational version and it can be activated using internet only!!


t said...

hi ankur
check your proxy setting if it is enable disable it

your problem will solved

Murtaza said...

this happens if you are on the client side, and using the internet via a proxy server

check your proxy settings in your Internet Explorer->Tools->Internet Options->Connections->LAN Settings

Just make sure that the Bypass Proxy server for local addresses is Checked ON. Further you can make yourself double sure by clicking on the Advanced button where you typein the IP address of your Tally Server in the Exceptions box.

Don't worry you Tally is genuine


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