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How to work on Tally in the times of COVID 19 with free Tally ERP 9 License download

I am writing this post at a time when New Financial Year has just begun, people are now quit habitual with staying at home. Some hope is floating that when the lock down would end a new beginning would start.
Today I am going to share my thoughts on how you can work in Tally in these times of corona virus and the lock down we are facing in India as well as all over the world.

Tally ERP 9 Free Download 30 Days license
Tally ERP 9 Free Download License for 30 Days
First of all let's discuss why anybody would not be able to do work now on Tally. The reasons may be anyone of the followings.

1. Your Tally ERP 9 License is not with you.
2. Your Tally ERP 9 data is not with you.
3. You don't have a Tally ERP 9 license
4. You don't know Tally at all.

Let me know if any other reason is there due to which you are not able to do work in Tally.

Your Tally ERP 9 License is not with you.

I am assuming that you have backup of your Tally data with you and you are not having Tally license with you because your Tally is currently in company computer.  As an accountant probably you must be having Tally ERP 9 data backup somewhere.
This problem can be over come by reactivating your existing Tally license on your machine if your single user Tally is on company computer. The license would be shifted to current machine effortlessly.  The reactivation process is very simple, only thing you need is access to your email id on which your Tally is activated.

Further read : How to reactivate or shift your Tally license.

If you don't want to shift license then you can get free license. Yes!!!! Tally is providing one month free license.  You can now download Tally ERP 9 software  free of cost for 30 days.  Click on the link below and get you free one month Tally. Believe me this is no Tally ERP 9 crack or Tally ERP 9 educational version for you, this is original software which is free. You would get the Tally erp 9 license number as well as the key to activate it..

As I said this is not a  Tally ERP 9 download with crack or some Tally ERP 9 crack patch  or Tally ERP 9 educational version. You would be directed to Tally solutions page and just after clicking the link you would have to provide details like your Name, Mobile No and email id so that license details can be sent to you. Just remember in Select  Partner column you have to  select CyberTec Solutions as your partner so that in case of any difficulty or problem, ApniTally can help you. Screen shot is attached.
30 days free tally erp 9 license download form
30 days free Tally ERP 9 license

If your Tally license is multi user then you may not be allowed to remove it from company machine then you should download the  30 days free Tally ERP 9 license from Tally and start working in new year.
One advantage you can take in this COVID 19 era is that you can start new company as it would be beginning of new financial year and the invoices and other transactions. Later they can be transferred in existing company. So now as you were having Tally ERP 9 free license downloaded with you you can get started.

Another option is to access your Tally data via remote access feature of Tally. But if you have not started using this feature then you have to get access to your Tally license first and do some configuration on Tally server and then you can access the Tally remotely.

Further read : How to access your Tally remotely

Another good option is using Tally on your mobile. Now this thing has many advantages. As your Tally can be on another machine but if you have configured then you can use your Tally data on Mobile. Now we have features by which you can enter your Tally data like receipt entries payment entries and invoices also from your mobile itself.

Further read : How to view your Tally Data on Mobile

Your Tally ERP 9 data is not with you

In this case only two possibilities are there. One arrange backup from some where or start by making new company. If you can arrange backup then you would not get difficulty in creating masters and from new year onward you can do entries. Later these entries can be transferred.

You don't have Tally ERP 9 license at all.

In this case you have chance to get Tally ERP 9 free download. Tally's   free one month Tally ERP 9 license is you best bet. You should get the license and start working in Tally. In that way you can  start a fresh company and test if Tally suits your needs or not. Remember to choose Cybertec Solutions as your partner so that ApniTally can help you in case of any difficulty in Tally ERP 9 operations.

You don't know Tally

In this case learning is the only option and you can utilize the lock down period in learning  Tally. Although Tally is very simple to learn yet  you would not face any difficulty as there are lots of sources which can help you in learning in online. Both paid subscriptions on udemy and free courses on you tube can help you to learn Tally in real quick way.

In addition to this you can subscribe ApniTally you tube channel and my telegram channel on your mobile for simple tips and tricks on Tally. Go through these Tally Tutorials by ApniTally to get more information.

Check out this video for detailed information

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