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Error handling in web access of Tally.ERP9 release 6.6

This article is in continuation of my previous article on latest feature of Tally.ERP 9 release 6.6 i.e. Tally reports via web browser.
See this article to understand the process of How to web access Tally reports in Tally.ERP 9 release 6.6
Error removal in browser access

The process is this simple as explained above, but you may not get success in the first go.  You can encounter many kind of problems. Just check what type of errors you are getting and resolve them patiently.
Based on my experience with customers I could figure out following possible issues in this process for which i am providing possible solutions. If you encounter any other issue you can ask in comment section i would provide the solution.

Not finding your company in the company list.
This may be due to company not being connected or you may not be having the access to any company under your user name.
1. Check for the user name properly. Check if you have added same user email id in the company users security control and accessing web through same email id.
2. Secondly check if company is properly connected? If it is connected and still you are not seeing it in your list then you try to disconnect the company first and then connect it again. Probably you would see it now.
3. Check if your user has permissions to access or is it a Tally.Net user. This can be verified in the Security Control -- Security Level menu. In security level just see the level again and see if user level is allowed the Tally.Net access. Check the image below to under stand.
web access from tally.erp 9 rel 6.6, check security level of the user
Security Level
Do not have Tally.Net id or password
If you are not having Tally.Net id or password then also you cannot get the web access.
As discussed single user Tally has only one person allowed who can have web access at one time, so it is better to use the same id on which you have registered your Tally.
If need arise and you need another id then you have to add that user to your user list. It can be done by logging into your Control Center with you existing id and create another user in User Management  option.

Give full email id and mark Tally.Net user as Yes. As soon as you add a new user id, that email id would get an email from tally solutions and id and the password would be there in the email id.  Just login with that id.

Connect Button is not Highlighted
Reason :
If your Company button is not highlighted you may not have a user at all.
Solution :
Check if you enter user name and password before logging into company. If your company opens directly then you have to create an admin user first and then a web access user.
Check if you are not using Tally vault password. Sometimes you just use tally vault password and not the user password. In the case also you cannot connect 

Company just hangs as soon as you connect
Problem :
This error is seen with those users who are having windows 10 64 bit
Solution :
By default if your system is 64 bit then Tally would automatically installed as 64 bit. But in windows 10 version Tally gets stuck when you connect the company. To resolve this issue you have to install 32 bit Tally instead.
This bug would be resolved in coming releases as it is noted with Tally.

Don't know your Tally.Net id or password.
You just forgot what is your Tally.Net id
Just open your Tally and see the middle box in the bottom. Here you would find Account id. 99% chance are that email id mentioned there is your account id. If still this is not your email id then only chance is you check your all possible mails. There try to find Tally.Net in search box. If you have activated your Tally on any of these mails then you would have probably got mail from Tally. (If you don't delete your mails from your accounts )
The password can always be reset  by pressing F5 in licensing operation screen. you would get reset link.

If you face any other issue then please let me know in comment box i would resolve it
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