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How to manage your business remotely with Tally ERP 9

Since How long you are using Tally? Yes this is a simple question and try to decide since how long you are working on Tally? You would find that most of us are having years of Tally experience. But Have you tried to use Tally remotely?
Let me explain. Have you tried to use your Tally from a remote location, or location other then your system where licence is configured? It may be your home, while you are travelling in train, or may be while you are in other city.

What???? Can I do this? I haven't think of this yet. How this thing is possible? 

If you are having a question like this then you have to think again how much of Tally do you know.

How to manage your business remotely with Tally ERP 9
How to Manage your Business remotely with Tally ERP 9
The amazing part in this question is that you need not to spend a single penny to have this facility. Yes, you can access your Tally in your office while you are away on tour or at home or having meeting with your clients. Just few steps and it's done.
And If I add one more fact to this, that you can access your Tally data even if you don't have computer with you then it would perhaps amaze you even more. But it is true!! You can access your Tally data via your simple mobile.

How to Manage remotely with Tally.ERP 9

View your business remotely
View and edit our reports in Tally remotely
View your reports remotely
The first thing which you can do is view your business remotely. View reports while you are away. You can edit these reports and can take decisions based on these reports. For example you are on a buying spree for your business and want to know what is the current stock of raw material at present so that you can order accordingly, then you can just login in your Tally remotely and see the current stock position.

Here is an example which I usually face. I am a service provider. While I am with my client I cannot  decide how much work I have to do at client end or how much time I have to spend with him. If the time is much higher then expected then I have to bill him accordingly. If I am at client end then I have to go back and prepare the bill and again visit or have to send it to the customer after that he would make payments. But with remote access of my Tally I can generate bill using client's machine and Tally and get a print out also using his printer. It would save me lots of efforts and time. It would also make payments quicker.

Give live updates to staff
With remote access you can create multiple ids for your staff. If they are marketing person then they can get live access to finished products present in company godowns and accordingly book the orders. If multiple people are roaming in the market then multiple orders can be filled or reserved on the spot. 
They can check the outstanding with the customer and ask for the payments if any on the spot.

Manage your remote locations effectively
Multiple locations of same organisations can be managed with remote access in Tally ERP 9
Manage remote locations
With remote access you can manage different locations of company more effectively. Transactions can be entered remotely or they can be edited also. Head office can see the information about warehouses at different locations and decide accordingly. 

Audit your books remotely
In Tally ERP 9 you can remotely get your books audited
Remote Audit
The greatest advantage of remote login is that you need not to call your auditor at your location to audit the books of accounts.  Now he can audit the books online with the help of remote access. More over you can get expert guidance on a click of a button in case of how to handle some transaction. For this all you need to create an account for your auditor also. Lots of effort and time is saved both of the auditor as well as your and audit is done quickly. 

What is required?
What is needed at your end is just an internet connection and a valid Tally.Net subscription. If your subscription is expired then you can renew it online too. Click on the image below to renew your Tally.Net subscription. 
You need to update your Tally.Net subscription to operate tally remotely
Update your TallyNet subscription Online
See : 4 reasons why you should update your Tally.Net subscription.

Friends Let me know what  has been your experience in using Tally remotely. In case you face any difficulty let me know comments. I would try to resolve your them.

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