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4 reasons why you should update your Tally.Net subscription.

First thing first, If you have bought Tally.ERP 9 then your license is for life time. What does this mean? This mean that Tally serial No which you have purchased would remain with you for life time. Until and unless anything drastic happens to Tally (touch wood) or you cease to use Tally. But it is still with you. 
But like any other software Tally too needs constant updates. Updates related to current statutory, updates related to current laws, updates related to current technology. As technology changes so does the software. New development platforms arrive and new OS arrive and software has to be upgraded. 
Time to Update
Most of the software provide up gradation facility and they charge for this. Tally has this unique method of subscription to keep your software updated with time.That is called Tally.Net Subscription. It's an yearly subscription which is Rs.3600/- for Single user and Rs. 10800/- for multi user. 

Many users think that they have invested in software and now why they should further pay Tally? For them here are the reasons you should update your dot net subscription.

1. Technology updates
As earlier mentioned licence is for life time but as technologies change at a very fast pace so has to change the software. You cannot run windows 7 or windows 8 on your old pentium processors. You cannot use windows 98 on current machines too as they don't have support anymore.
Same is the case with Tally. You cannot expect Tally 7.2 to perform better on windows 7 or 8 you have to upgrade to newer version. 
Machines are becoming 64 bit from 32 bit so Tally has upgraded too and provides you both files so that you can perform better. 
If your Tally.Net Subscription is updated you can update to the latest version of Tally.

2. Statutory Updates
With the passage of time laws of the land keep on changing. In India within every 15 days any of the state would change its taxation laws. New rates would be introduced or new current rate would be modified or even taxes may be imposed or removed. this has to be accommodated in software.
You may wonder but after every 15 days Tally comes up with a new release or new stat version which contains all the updated information. So some thing which has been changed is applied to you then you need an update. You need Tally.Net subscription updated to get the latest updates.

3. Tally.Net Services
Tally.ERP 9 is an ERP software which comes with lots of features like remote connectivity by which you can login to your Tally machine remotely; data synchronization by which you can merge data of two locations with a single click; Online help within software like sending your queries to Tally, connecting with your Tally partner with your queries. These facilities are active only when your Tally.Net Subscription is updated.

4. Be Updated.
This is the last reason which I give to my customers. When you have bought a software then why not keep it updated. You have latest of every thing, latest mobile, latest apps, latest computer, latest OS, then why not Latest of Tally for which you have paid handsome amount? You may never know when you would get emergency and perhaps at that time you may not have the facility. 

But still it is up to you, as we Indians are very particular about spending money on things like software It would be your call. I have been providing support to many customers who are still using Tally 7.2. They say 'Jab Tak Chalta Hai Chalao' !!

If you think it's timeto update you subscription then you can do it online with your debit card or atm card, or via Net banking. Just below image
You need to update your Tally.Net subscription to operate tally remotely
Update your TallyNet subscription Online

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