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Need Older Versions of Tally : Here is the list of previous old versions of Tally

Few ApniTally readers have requested for old versions of Tally. They are either stuck to a particular release and cannot upgrade due to some technical problems or perhaps they don't know about the free upgrade facility of Tally. Some times there are several other reason also which I would discuss later. What ever may be the reason I have tried to answer this problem. For them I have made download section in my site. You can see it on the right hand pane of the site.

The speed of Tally providing updates is fast and there are many updates available. In almost 15 days new release of Tally is available on the site with some new features. So its not possible to keep track of all updates on my blog but major release are present there.

Why we got stuck at a release?
I have seen in my customers and ApniTally readers also that once they have bought Tally they seldom upgrade it. They only upgrade when they are either stuck by some problem which have been addressed by Tally in higher version or got their computer format and they don't have the last installer with them. In that case they just go to the web and download the latest version available. Every user tries to play safe and don't want to change its Tally unless and until it is necessary to do or done by someone else.

But the question of particular release is still there. Sometimes TDL doesn't allow upgraded versions, as it gets stuck with changes in release. Some time statutory version requirements doesn't allow to change to new releases. Some times upgraded versions are not that much stable then earlier versions( It happened in case of Tally9). And last but not the least some times fear of paying extra cost or reluctance to pay extra money on new features lets users bind to one release. If you don't renew your TSS then you don't get new versions. so you have to stuck at old version of Tally only.
But whatever may be the reason lets download major releases and version of your choice.

Download Old version Tally.ERP 9

Download old version Tally9

Download old version Tally 7.2

I hope no major release is left. For older stat versions check download Tally section on right hand side.
You can also check out the download section of Tally site where look for previous version and you would get previous versions of Tally. ERP 9

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