12 January 2022

Tally Prime Quick Tips [Videos]

 Now is the time for shorts. Everyone is busy and don't have time for reading the blog. It's very difficult to catch the eyeballs for a blogger of the readers with their content. Blogging is for detailing. If you need details then read the blog which are in details otherwise time is of Instagram reels and your tube shorts. 

Keeping pace with the trend I have started to make some quick tips for my Tally users in form of YouTube shorts, who otherwise don't have time to fully understand the lengthy process of how to do the things in Tally. So the quick tip is my idea of helping out. 

I have tried to restrict myself in 30 seconds and working on making these tips.

You can find these tips on my YouTube channel also. I will be updating my Tally Tips page also on these tips where i have been sharing my tips on Tally.

Separate Buyer and Consignee details

Separate consignee and buyer details are not shown in print in Tally Prime in spite of putting separate buyer and consignee. Here is the solutions.  

Printing Bank details in Invoice

Sometimes we are not able to get our bank details printed in Tally Prime invoice. Here is a quick tip on how you can get it printed in your Tally Prime invoice.

Print invoice in Landscape Mode

Tally Prime has a very quick method to print invoice in landscape mode. It can be done very easily. Here is the tip to do it.

Print Phone Number and website address in Tally Prime Invoice.

This simple quick tip helps you to print your phone number and website address on your Tally Prime invoice. 

This is just a beginning. 

If you find these tips helpful then consider subscribing my YouTube channel so that you can get latest updates on my new tips. Also share them among your friends who are users of Tally and perhaps don't know about these quick tips. 

09 December 2021

Download Latest version of Tally Prime: Tally Prime 2.0.1 is out now

 So far Tally Prime 2.0 has proved to be a very stable release. But as the users are adopting it continuously now they are facing various issues and now reporting them also. By the way if you discover any issue then you can share that with Tally Solutions. You just have to write a mail to support at tallysolutions dot com describing the issue or you can simply call them on their toll free  18003098859 or 802563824 helpline numbers and they would note it down. After addressing the issue they would inform you also.

The usual way of Tally to update it's product is by way of issuing release updates. What ever issues are being reported they would provide a release update. This time also release 2.0.1 has been provided. You can download it from Tally Solutions download page.

But first let us see what are the major changes of Tally Prime rel. 2.0.1

Highlights of Tally Prime 2.0.1

Bottom Bar

The most apparent change is the comeback of bottom bar of Tally.ERP 9 into Tally Prime. Do you remember a little bar in Tally.ERP 9 which use to appear at the bottom in any voucher screen or report screen? It use to contain all the shortcuts available on that particular screen. It has been removed in Tally Prime. But now it is reintroduced in Tally Prime rel 2.0.1. Now you can see the shortcuts to delete a line or how to delete a voucher of  accept or cancel a voucher. Although if you are an expert and know the available shortcut keys then you can hide this bottom bar. I personally don't like it as it occupies the space at the bottom and screen looks cluttered. You are provided with an option to hide or show the bottom bar.

How do I Hide or show the bottom bar in Tally Prime Rel 2.0.1?

For that you have to go to 

F1 (Help) ==>Setting ==>Display

 and then under application heading put ==> Show Bottom Bar Yes/No (refer to screen shot below)

Tally Prime rel 2.0 highlights
Bottom Bar Hide/Show

Here you can find option to hide and unhide the bottom bar.

Other enhancements

 Notification in Tally Prime

Now the notifications and other alerts would be more timely 

Product enhancement

Some minor product enhancements are done relating to export to excel. Now bug fixing has been done in export and printing of TDS reports etc,

You can see the details at this page.

Should I update ?

You can update this version if you use to export reports in excel format of if yo want to know th shortcut keys of Tally Prime. Otherwise there is no urgent need to update.

Note : You need active TSS to upgrade to Tally Prime rel 2.0.1

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08 January 2021

Hidden shortcut keys of Tally Prime

 Tally Prime has ushered a fresh new look into the software which is very welcoming and we all would agree to it. To a new customer this change is not so difficult to adopt as these changes in interface of Tally Prime are done keeping in mind to further simplify the operation of Tally. These are making simple Tally to be more simpler.

I have experienced through my customer interaction that new users are adopting it very fast and they are welcoming it, but old die hard fans of Tally are finding it a little bit struggling to adjust to new environment. 

One reason to this struggle is to find the new shortcuts for the operation they use to do with ease in Tally. Although Tally has tried to do as little as possible changes is its shortcut commands but still things have changed. Some important short cuts of Tally ERP 9 are now changed in Tally Prime which were used very frequently by Tally users. 

Hidden Short Cut Key of Tally Prime

Although almost all the short cuts of Tally Prime are visible in Tally Prime but still there are some hidden commands which can make the work faster and easy in Tally Prime. Hidden here means you would not see them written anywhere in Tally Prime screen but if you apply they would work.

Hidden Shortcut Keys of Tally Prime

First lets see those keys which are changed in Tally Prime. 

Remove any Line in any report Ctrl +R

First Key which is changed and is hidden in Tally and which is used by most of the people in Tally was Alt+R which was used to hide any line in any report in Tally. To remove any entry from any report in Tally Alt+R was the short cut key which is now changed to Ctrl+R. If you want to export a report from Tally or just want to print a report but don't want to prime certain lines then these lines can be selected and hidden from Tally report by pressing control key and R

Unhide the lines Ctrl+U

If you want to unhide these line one by one then you can press Ctrl+U repeatedly and one by one each line would be shown again. If you want to unhide all then you can use Alt+U to un hide all hidden lines.

Retrieve the narration  Ctrl+R

Same Ctrl+R key if pressed in any voucher would retrieve the previous narration in current voucher. Earlier this was handled by Alt +R key which is now changed in Tally Prime.  

Hidden commands which work in Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9

Accept the Screen Ctrl +A

Instead of pressing enter again and again on a screen you can press Ctrl +A to accept any screen in a one go. 

Insert a voucher in any report  Alt +I

If you want to insert a voucher anywhere in a report on a particular day then you can press Alt +I and a new voucher screen would open and that voucher would be inserted on that date. I use this shortcut when I forget to enter some payment vouchers for a party while viewing his ledger. By using up and down arrow keys just reach at the location where you want to insert a voucher and press Alt +I, your voucher would be inserted voucher number would be automatically adjusted.

Duplicate a voucher Alt +2

This shortcut is my favorite. It helps  in entering repeated vouchers with fast speed. In a report go to any voucher press Alt +2 it would be duplicated. Just change the amount or any detail you want and then just press Ctrl +A to accept and its done.

See the details with Shift +Enter

You can see the details of any line in any report by pressing the Shift + Enter key 

Alter any master by Ctrl +Enter

This key is known to everybody. While entering any voucher if you want to alter any master then this shortcut key is very handy. While you are at any master may be ledger or item or unit just press Ctrl+Enter and that master would be ready to modify. 

Calculate on the go by Alt +C

Although Alt + C is used to create any master in Tally, but if you press Alt+C in any amount field such as rate filed it would bring you to calculator pan where you can do the calculations and if press enter it would be automatically reflect in the amount field. So you need not to find the calculator to give a discount or percentage calculations.

Delete operations in Tally

To delete any voucher you can press Alt +D in any report or in voucher it self. 

To delete any row like item or ledger in any voucher you can press Ctrl+D in any voucher.

Cancel with Alt+X

You can cancel any voucher by pressing Alt +X in Tally Prime. 

Hidden Keys with Space bar and Shift Key

Space bar is used in Tally to select and deselect rows in any report in Tally. You can use with Shift key also. With Ctrl + Space bar you can select all lines in any report. You can use Ctrl + Shift + Home key to select or dis select all lines up to top and Ctrl + Shift + End key to select up to the bottom. To navigate from one field to next field Tab key is used and to go back to previous field you can use Shift+Tab key. 

Remember, these are just hidden keys that we have discussed. In addition to these there are many other short cut keys also which are available in Tally Prime. If you want to get all the shortcut keys which work in Tally Prime as well as in Tally.ERP 9 then Download from our sites free utility page.

Tel me which shortcut keys you use the most, which short cut key is your favorite in the comment section.

22 November 2020

How to Switch to Tally Prime from existing Tally ERP 9 :The best way for smooth transition [ Video]

Tally prime is catching more and more eye balls in the accounting world of MSME's and the user experience is just WOW. ApniTally has personally installed Tally Prime and found users experience  with people who have no previous experience of Tally as well as those who have a good Tally ERP 9 work experience. The users who already useing Tally.ERP 9 found Tally Prime very refreshing and yet very known. They found it quite interesting to work in Tally Prime. Excitement to try hands on Tally prime is superb.  

How to smoothly switch to Tally Prime

New users who are first timers when first introduced to Tally Prime found it easy to use and understand. When told about new features of Go to it was like Tally's search engine to them. 

But we cannot ignore the possibilities that one may get stuck some where during your working and experimentation with Tally Prime. So there must be some helping hand for you if you are a safe player. Above all of this your current working should not be hampered due to your transition.

So what should be the best way?

As I have discussed with ApniTally readers what you should know before before shifting your license from Tally ERP 9 to Tally Prime, if all condition are satisfied and met with and you are ready to jump, then what the best strategy should be like. 

For safe surfer who don't want to take risks, what else could be the best for him, if he could just test his skills on new version of Tally Prime with demo company and keep doing his business work on existing Tally.ERP 9 side by side? And when he feel trained enough then he can shift his whole work in Tally Prime.

Yes this is the best way. Initially you should install Tally Prime in a separate folder and try your hands on some demo data in Tally Prime. Later on after some practice if you feel comfortable enough then you can shift your business Tally Data in Tally Prime. That way your transition would be smooth enough. How can you use both version of Tally simultaneously, I have explained in my previous article. 

For more clarity Check out this video

 How can ApniTally help in your transition to Tally Prime ?

If you want our help then we are currently running some attractive offers for Tally Prime.

"Just type Tally Prime and send us on our whats app no. 860 710 2555 "

Or just see our bundle offers. ApniTally is ready to help you in your smooth transition from Tally.ERP 9 to Tally Prime. In case you have any queries then you can write to us in comment or you can just drop us a message on our whatsapp number. .

15 November 2020

How to work in TallyPrime as well as Tally ERP 9 simultaneously

 Tally Prime is here. It has several Meanings for a Tally user. As Tally Prime is launched on Nov 9, 2020, It mean that :-

  • Tally ERP 9 would also have end of the life very shortly
  • To a Tally user it means Tally would provide no support to this product and no updates would be available for Tally ERP 9
  • It also mean that Tally.ERP 9 rel 6.6.3 is the last release
  • It also mean that sooner or later you have to shift your Tally.ERP 9 to Tally Prime

But for many of us it may not be possible to update immediately to Tally Prime as we may be having several challenges. Their must be some TCP's which our business is using and we may not have the updates for those TCP's. There may be some more reasons also which may be differ from user to user. See my article on things you should know before updating your TallyPrime

Run Tally Prime License with Existing Tally.ERP 9 License

But still if we want to experience the all new Tally Prime or want to learn or experiment  with it and also want to keep on doing your regular existing work in Tally.ERP 9 then this is also possible. You can work in Tally Prime and Tally.ERP 9 simultaneously.

How this can be achieved?

Follow these steps :

  • Take a backup of Your Data. This is a precautionary step. Just take it. 
  • Surrender your exist Tally.ERP 9 license. You can refer to my post on how to activate surrender your Tally License for reference. This step is optional but you should do it.
  • Go to Download page of Tally Prime and download it.
  • Install Tally Prime on a different folder. (Don't overwrite the existing folder which is c:\Program Files\Tally\Tally.ERP 9). You can make a small change. Install Tally Prime on c:\Program Files\Tally\TallyPrime see the series of pics to know how to do it.
Change path of Tally Prime Installation
Press More actions to change the path

Change path of Tally Prime installation folder
Enter on Install New

Configure the new path of Tally Prime
Click Configure to configure the new path

You can define your own path if you want. otherwise Tally's New path is C:\Program Files\TallyPrime. I have changed it to c:\Program Files\Tally\TallyPrime It would create the new path 

Define new Path for Tally Prime Folder
Press enter to change the new path of the application

Make a new folder for Installing Tally Prime
Enter your own path for Tally Prime

Tally Prime is installed on New folder

  • - Reactivate your TallyPrime license.Your same email id and is valid for the upgrade. Please make sure your TSS is not expired, because you would not be able to activate license on TallyPrime if your TSS is expired.  
Reactivate your Tally License
Reactivate your Existing Tally License

  • - Now go to Tally.ERP 9 you may find License Compromise message in license no window. Just press F12,--> License and use Configure existing license. Press F2 and see if any license appears there? Accept it and your Tally.ERP 9 is also. working. 

A word of Caution

Remember to separate your Data folders also. It should be different for TallyPrime, because if you open an existing company in TallyPrime then data would be changed according to TallyPrime which would not be usable in Tally.ERP 9. 

"It is advisable to  make a new data directory for TallyPrime if you are using TallyPrime and Tally.ERP 9 both. It can be D:\TallyPrimeData" See pics on how to change your data folder in Tally Prime.

Change Data folder in Tally Prime
Click on Top Menu Data option

Click data path menu option in Tall Prime
Click Data Path

Press enter to change the existing path
Press enter to change the existing path

Define your own Data path
You can define your own path

This video explains both the processes. Update your existing license or add as new license.

Do you want ApniTally to help you upgrade to Tally Prime ?

ApniTally can help you in upgrade to Tally Prime. With constant flow of article on this blog you can get information which is vital for your Tally work. In addition to that we are providing combo offers for our readers. If your TSS is expired and you want to renew it then you can do it with ApniTally. You would get One year remote support with your TSS Subscription update. We have some superb combo offers.

You can still avail our TallyPrime support offer if you your subscription updated. We provide remote assistance to our customers and support on whatsapp and phone also. This can be useful as in TallyPrime users need to know how to use certain features or where certain feature has moved to. This support would prove handy.
Check our our combo offers.

08 November 2020

Tally Prime is here, Should I upgrade: Things to know before upgrading your Tally.ERP 9 to TallyPrime

 Tally Prime the latest version of Tally is being launched on Nov 9, 2020 at 12:30. Tally planned an online event all over the nation via facebook live . The download file for the new Tally Prime would be available from Tally solutions site 

TallyPrime Tally Prime Launched, Things you should know before updating to Tally Prime

It is stated by the Tally to be extraordinarily simple, delightfully flexible and incredibly insightful. There is no doubt about it also. The product has many well thought upon features as well as new look and feel which is very refreshing.  So what should an existing Tally customer do regarding Tally Prime? Should he download and upgrade it immediately?  

Apnitally is trying to answer few very important questions regarding Tally Prime. 

Requirements for Tally Prime

Although TallyPrime is a free upgrade for Existing users, but few things has to be kept in mind. You can go ahead for upgrade if

  • Your Tally Software subscription is updated and it is not expired.
  • Your have good knowledge of working on Tally and you can easily do work in Tally Prime and in case you stuck some where then your work is not hampered.
  • You have windows 7 or higher version and your Operating system is 64 bit.
  • There is no TDL running on your license of Tally.ERP 9.

Let me explain a little bit. 

Your TSS

If your TSS is expired then your Tally.ERP 9 would stop working if you upgrade to Tally Prime, you have to upgrade your TSS first. How would you know if your TSS is expired or not ? Just look below your Tally license no. There would be a date. If it is in red letters then your TSS is expired. You have to renew it.

Your Experience

If you are well aware of functionality of Tally.ERP 9 then working with Tally Prime would be even more easy and fun. But chances are there that you can stuck somewhere. You work should not be hampered due to this obstacle. So you should better watch some video regarding Tally Prime or should consult your Preferred Tally partner about this. But believe me if you work in Tally.ERP 9 on regular basis then Tally Prime is going to be cake walk for you.

Your System

Tally Prime works only on windows 7 or higher versions and with 64 bit operating system. So if your system is 32 bit then you should first upgrade it to 64 bit, then only you should upgrade to Tally prime.

Your Customizations

Last but not the least is that your Tally license should not be running some TDL's. if you are running customized solutions in form of  TDL's then first their compatibility has to be checked. There are strong chances that these TDL's may not work. If they would not work in Tally prime then your work may get effected. 

How Can ApniTally Help you in upgrading to TallyPrime

ApniTally would be regularly updating its readers on Tally Prime. We would be posting articles on TallyPrime on various topics of interest.

In addition to it If any Tally user want ApniTally to be their preferred partner then he can upgrade his TSS with us. Please go to our special offer for ApniTally readers

TallyPrimeSupportCombo offer 

ApniTally would be providing One to one hands on Training to Tally Prime users via webinar sessions in addition to whats up support and remote desktop support for one year.  

If you wants to buy Tally Prime then you can get our special offer

Tally Prime Combo offer 

This offer would provides you not only the software , but the much needed support and useful customizations.

ApniTally readers can just click to get Help On Tally Prime

Help On Tally Prime

02 November 2020

The most awaited update for Tally , TallyPrime is coming soon.

Finally a good development is on the cards for Tally users after a long time. The much awaited new version of Tally is coming soon. It may be note worthy that Tally has launched its last version as Tally.ERP 9 way back in March 2009. Since then Tally solutions has been constantly upgrading it. From release 1 it has reached to its release 6.6.3 which would be its last release.

 As per the sources Tally's new version is named as Tally Prime. This new version is expected to be available to the customers from Nov 9, 2020. According the company sources this new release would be launched online and available to existing customers as well as new customers.  

As it has been observed in Tally policies, the existing users would of offered free transition from its existing version to new version, Whereas the new users has to buy it on the price declared by Tally. 

The existing users who want to upgrade would need active TSS. If your Tally software subscription is updated then you would be getting the new version.

Should you install the new release? Or should you wait and watch for the developments? What new features would be added in Tally Prime ? 

To get the answers to these questions please stay connected. ApniTally would be providing you all the details as soon as the things would be unfolding.

13 May 2020

You tube channel for help on Tally started by Apni Tally

Apni Tally has been doing blogging on Tally since long. At present our site is having more then 200  articles on Tally. These articles have been written during the course of time keeping in mind the requirement of the Tally ERP 9 users. Recently i have increased by reach and launched the help channel for Telegram users. I post regular updates regarding Tally on this channel. You can find Tallyhelper on telegram and get connected with this channel. Check out my last post on TallyHelper Telegram Channel.

Apni Tally You tube channel
Apni Tally YouTube Channel

Since long I have faced that videos about Tally should also be there from ApniTally. Although there is a lot of stuff available on you tube regarding Tally which is very good, yet I thought handling Tally problems my way should also be there so I decided to launch my You Tube Channel. I am planning to post Tally Tips ans small tutorials on this channel. 

You can subscribe to this channel here

I have already posted some videos to this channel and Made a play list of TallyHelper. Just have a look and let me know how I am doing. Do write some comments on this videos and let me know how I can improve. 

09 May 2020

Download Tally ERP 9 latest release 6.6.1 : Now Available

Tally has come up with latest release of its software Tally.ERP 9. This release is rel 6.6.1, just launched on 5th of May. This release caters latest needs of the business fraternity. Major highlights of this release are as follows.
Download Tally ERP 9 latest release 6.6.1
Tally ERP 9 latest release available

Highlights of Tally ERP 9 release 6.6.1
One of the most exciting feature of this release is adding cost center reports in web browser access. As you would be aware that rel 6.6 onward Tally has provided concept of Tally reports on web browser where you can access your reports anywhere on your browser. Now Cost center reports like cost center breakup and ledger cost center breakup reports are available on web browser. More over you can find Movement analysis reports also in web browser. 

Updates as per financial bill
As per financial bill of 2020-21, Tally has provided some more reports related to TDS on payments, TDS on salary for new regime as well as old regime.

Updates regarding GSTR 3B
Tally GSTR 3B reports are now compatible with New Excel utility GSTR3B_Excel_Utility_V4.3.xlsm . The corresponding updates are available for json format also. 

File validation utility (FVU) 6.6 Supported
Now File validation utility 6.6 is also supported by Tally. All the new provisions are incorporated in Tally. Now you can generate the txt files from Tally ERP 9 as per latest file validation utility 6.6 for forms 24Q, 26Q, 27Q and 27EQ

Product Improvements
Some minor products improvements are also done. This include some correction in printing, voucher advance configuration , item alias and sales order outstanding reports.

You can check out the details of new release 6.6.1

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02 May 2020

Download Tally ERP 9 free to work in lockdown : For extended Lockdown

As the lock down in India is extended to another 14 days till May 17, 2020, there seems no end to this lock down in near future in absence of any vaccine. The SME segment is bearing the brunt like many other industries. In this time of crises everyone is offering what ever they can and what ever services they are into.
Tally has earlier offered the business community free 30 days license to help them achieve their finance management goals which our blog has reported in its previous article on How to work in Tally in the times of COVID 19.
Download Tally ERP 9 free license for 30 days
Download Tally ERP 9 free license for 30 days

Now as the lock down is extended Tally has also extended its scheme for the benefit of the people. This offer  to download Tally ERP 9 free license is extended for another 15 days and is now upto May 15th 2020.
So if you need a Tally ERP 9 license  then you can get. it  for free. As I have mentioned earlier also in my previous article, that this is no Tally ERP 9 crack or Tally ERP 9 patch and is original license available from Tally site, so it has to be registered under your email id and with your details which you need to fulfill.
So in the form on which you land after clicking 30 days Tally ERP 9 free License you need to provide correct information.
And as I mentioned in earlier post also if you want ApniTally to help you you can choose Cybertec Solutions, Rewari as your partner. It will help us to know your problems and solve it in better way.
Check out the screen shot for the sample form which you would get once you click on

Choose CyberTec Solutions,Rewari the 3 star certified partner to download Tally ERP 9 free license for 30 days
Choose CyberTec Solutions,Rewari the 3 star certified partner to download Tally ERP 9 free license for 30 days

22 April 2020

New Tally help channel on Telegram

People all over India are helping each other in the era of COVID 19 crises. Every business is offering services free of cost at least for some time in what ever services they are into.

Tally help channel on Telegram
Tally help channel on Telegram

Tally has introduced a 30 days free license to help it's new users to try Tally in these testing times of COVID 19 and also for those Tally users who are now not able to use their current license. 
Tally has also extended the Tally Subscription Service (TSS) by another one month to help existing user to use Tally.Net services. Users whose subscription expired during this lock-down period has been extended for another month. 

We at Apni Tally are also in the business of helping Tally user. Keeping in mind these crises we have started a Telegram channel to help Tally users. 
Search for @tallyhelper in telegram and you would find it, or just click on the link below if you are viewing this article via mobile.

We would be posting Apni Tally articles, Tally tips, Tally tutorials and Tally videos on this channel. 
Tally users would greatly benefited by this.

Comment below to let us know how this channel has helped you.

18 April 2020

How to work on Tally in the times of COVID 19 with free Tally ERP 9 License download

I am writing this post at a time when New Financial Year has just begun, people are now quit habitual with staying at home. Some hope is floating that when the lock down would end a new beginning would start.
Today I am going to share my thoughts on how you can work in Tally in these times of corona virus and the lock down we are facing in India as well as all over the world.

Tally ERP 9 Free Download 30 Days license
Tally ERP 9 Free Download License for 30 Days
First of all let's discuss why anybody would not be able to do work now on Tally. The reasons may be anyone of the followings.

1. Your Tally ERP 9 License is not with you.
2. Your Tally ERP 9 data is not with you.
3. You don't have a Tally ERP 9 license
4. You don't know Tally at all.

Let me know if any other reason is there due to which you are not able to do work in Tally.

Your Tally ERP 9 License is not with you.

I am assuming that you have backup of your Tally data with you and you are not having Tally license with you because your Tally is currently in company computer.  As an accountant probably you must be having Tally ERP 9 data backup somewhere.
This problem can be over come by reactivating your existing Tally license on your machine if your single user Tally is on company computer. The license would be shifted to current machine effortlessly.  The reactivation process is very simple, only thing you need is access to your email id on which your Tally is activated.

Further read : How to reactivate or shift your Tally license.

If you don't want to shift license then you can get free license. Yes!!!! Tally is providing one month free license.  You can now download Tally ERP 9 software  free of cost for 30 days.  Click on the link below and get you free one month Tally. Believe me this is no Tally ERP 9 crack or Tally ERP 9 educational version for you, this is original software which is free. You would get the Tally erp 9 license number as well as the key to activate it..

As I said this is not a  Tally ERP 9 download with crack or some Tally ERP 9 crack patch  or Tally ERP 9 educational version. You would be directed to Tally solutions page and just after clicking the link you would have to provide details like your Name, Mobile No and email id so that license details can be sent to you. Just remember in Select  Partner column you have to  select CyberTec Solutions as your partner so that in case of any difficulty or problem, ApniTally can help you. Screen shot is attached.
30 days free tally erp 9 license download form
30 days free Tally ERP 9 license

If your Tally license is multi user then you may not be allowed to remove it from company machine then you should download the  30 days free Tally ERP 9 license from Tally and start working in new year.
One advantage you can take in this COVID 19 era is that you can start new company as it would be beginning of new financial year and the invoices and other transactions. Later they can be transferred in existing company. So now as you were having Tally ERP 9 free license downloaded with you you can get started.

Another option is to access your Tally data via remote access feature of Tally. But if you have not started using this feature then you have to get access to your Tally license first and do some configuration on Tally server and then you can access the Tally remotely.

Further read : How to access your Tally remotely

Another good option is using Tally on your mobile. Now this thing has many advantages. As your Tally can be on another machine but if you have configured then you can use your Tally data on Mobile. Now we have features by which you can enter your Tally data like receipt entries payment entries and invoices also from your mobile itself.

Further read : How to view your Tally Data on Mobile

Your Tally ERP 9 data is not with you

In this case only two possibilities are there. One arrange backup from some where or start by making new company. If you can arrange backup then you would not get difficulty in creating masters and from new year onward you can do entries. Later these entries can be transferred.

You don't have Tally ERP 9 license at all.

In this case you have chance to get Tally ERP 9 free download. Tally's   free one month Tally ERP 9 license is you best bet. You should get the license and start working in Tally. In that way you can  start a fresh company and test if Tally suits your needs or not. Remember to choose Cybertec Solutions as your partner so that ApniTally can help you in case of any difficulty in Tally ERP 9 operations.

You don't know Tally

In this case learning is the only option and you can utilize the lock down period in learning  Tally. Although Tally is very simple to learn yet  you would not face any difficulty as there are lots of sources which can help you in learning in online. Both paid subscriptions on udemy and free courses on you tube can help you to learn Tally in real quick way.

In addition to this you can subscribe ApniTally you tube channel and my telegram channel on your mobile for simple tips and tricks on Tally. Go through these Tally Tutorials by ApniTally to get more information.

Check out this video for detailed information