How to get Highest Compliance rating in GST and Maintain it in Easy Steps.

GST Compliance Rating, How to maintain it
What is a compliance rating in GST ? It is a rating provided by GSTN to each business on this basis of his behavior on the portal. It is based on many factors which includes your discipline in meeting the deadlines set by GSTN, furnishing minute details of invoice for credit utilized by you, payment of taxes etc and many more. To sum up which ever compliances are expected by the GSTN from you of them

how many are you fulfilling.   

The beauty of this rating is that even smallest businessman can get the highest rating as well as bigger business house may get lower rating. All depends on your dealings done on GSTN portal. 
One of the biggest reason of introduction of compliance rating in GST was to safeguard the businessmen from fraudulent practices. As your rating is visible to all the parties your are dealing with it would warn them whenever your regularity is disturbed. It would work both way. You too would get warning on reducing rating of your vendors. 

There is a fear among businessmen about maintenance of this rating. And that fear is that only business with enough resources can maintain his rating but his is not true. Everyone can maintain it. Here are some tips to maintain your rating to the highest.

Follow the Strict Discipline:

You should never miss any deadline of GSTN portal, you should be extra vigilant about it. For example the first deadline comes on every 10th of the month to upload your GSRT-1. This is most vital. After that the 15th and then the 20th of the same month. These should be never missed. 
To resolve this issue you can depute a dedicated person for this as you may not get time every time every month on these specific dates.

Proper Invoice matching:

This is another area which can reduce your rating. You should fill all details of your invoices which you have to upload in GSRT-1. The amount figure in invoice should exact match of all your invoices, All inventory details should be perfectly entered. Mismatch of invoices would decrease your rating.

Don't deal with lower rating Dealers:

Dealers who miss their deadlines would eventually decrease your rating too. As they would not file their taxes on time then your claim for input would also disrupt and it would decrease your rating. As it is clear in GST that you would get your claim only when your seller has paid tax, if he misses then your claims would also go false,  which would decrease your rating.

Use proper GST compliant software:

This could be your weakest link. GST compliant software is a must. You should opt for that software who can do matching for you, who can help you prepare error free returns for you. Even if you make errors it should be able to rectify them before final submission. It should assist you in paying your taxes too. 
GSTN portal has one more link which is of GSP, i.e. GST Suvidha Provider. Initially GSTN portal would give you a utility to validate your data but later on you would need a GSP would would filter your data before sending it to GSTN portal. So your application software (ASP) should be well harmonized with your GSP.   It should seamlessly connect with GSTN portal. 

Buy Tally Online backed by ApniTally supportTally is one such software which is fully GST compliant as well as Tally solutions are GSP. So if your application software is Tally then being GSP you can seamlessly get connected with GSTN portal. 
Another reason one should go for Tally is that it's trained manpower can be found easily.

All the readers of ApniTally can get Tally software Online through Debit card or Credit card which is backed by ApniTally it self in support. Our team would help you in installing and providing you much needed GST training for filling your GST returns through Tally. 

How to be ready for GST : Step by Step guide

GST is round the corner and all the traders are having their fingers crossed for what would happen to their business what rules would come and how invoicing would be done etc etc etc. While some people are ready for GSt but some have still doubts on what to do and how we can be GST ready.
Ignorance can lead to pay heavy price,so it it better to be prepared before hand.

Here is the step by step guide to be GST ready.

1. Get Complete your working for Closing Stock for the period 31.3.2017 / 30.6.2017 before GST Implementation date.

2. Allocate your such stock into quantitative mode.

3. Get the A/c Statement from your Suppliers / Creditors for the year ended 31/3/2017 & compiled them from your books.

4. Rectify *Mismatch Reports of Purchases *, if persists .

5. Revise your Vat Returns if point no.4 applies to you.

6. Make strict follow-up to Collect all the C forms/H Form/ I forms.

7. Get your Books Finalise for FY 2016-17

8. Make a separate file of those items which are shown in your Unsold stock as on 30.6.2017 e.g. Purchase Bills/ Bill of Entry/ Excise Paying Documents etc.

9. Stock ageing be made to ascertain if any stock is more than 1yr old. If yes then dispose it off immediately or sell it to your sister concern against Tax Invoice locally.

10. Classify stock tax rate wise, purchased locally to get ITC into SGST.

11. Classify stock purchased on invoices bearing Duty Payment & non duty payments to get ITC transferred to CGST.

12. Inform your GSTIN / ARN to all suppliers of Goods & Services.

13. Obtain GSTIN of all Suppliers & Buyers.

14. Apply for migration in all states if you have centralized registration under Service Tax.

15. Train your accountants for GST accounting and returns formats.

16. Make Chart of HSN CODES & GST Rates on your goods & services to be purchased & Sold.

17. Check whether any stock of one year old is lying with you .

18. Analyse P and L and see which expenses are liable to RCM.

19. Be in regular touch with your GST Consultant .

20. Kindly Place the order to your printer for * Draft Format *of Tax Invoice/ Bill of Supply/ Debit - Credit Note etc  ( as applicable to your business )

21. If you are planning to generate , invoices through any Software , do align with Software Consulting firm. ApniTally can provide you all help in procuring Tally and smooth migration to GST. You can Buy Online and ApniTally would provide you all support.
Buy GST Ready Tally

22. And Get approved the Draft ( pt no. 20-21) from your GST Expert.

23. Use  only original Software for Accounting & Invoicing purposes. Tally is your best bet in GST as Tally is also a GST suvidha provider.

24. Pl pay special attentions for any Calls, mails , messages or communication of your GST Consultant/ Department.

25. Make a practice to Upload your Sales / purchases on regular basis at GST Portal

26. GST / Interest/ penalty or any levy may be paid through RTGS/ NEFT/ Debit Card/ Credit Card Etc.

27. Due Dates for uploading of Returns :

GSTR 1  : 10th of Next Month
GSTR 2  :        15th of Next Month
GSTR 3. :        20th of Next Month

* ( For Regular Dealer ) *
GSTR 4. :        18th of Next Quarter       * ( Composite Dealers ) *
GSTR 5  :        20th of Next Month  * ( For Non Resident )*
GSTR 6  :       13th of Next Month          * (Input Service Distributors)*
GSTR 7. :       10th of Next Month          * ( For TDS Returns )*
GSTR 8. :       10th of Next Month          * ( E-Commerce Operators )*
GSTR 9.  :      31st December of Next F.Y.

*(Registered Taxable Person)*

28. Penalty Provisions for non submission of GST returns : Rs 100/- per day but subject to max. Rs.5000/- in each acts.

29. Penalty Provisions for non submission of Annual Return is 0.25% of Annual Turnover .

30. Please Final the terms & remuneration of your GST Service provider before GST Implementation Date .

31. Option of revising the return is not available in GST Regime but you can modify your uploaded data by Debit & Credit Notes.

32. Every Normal Dealer filing GSTR 1 -3 required to submit Annual Return in GSTR 9 by the due date .

33. Late filing would be permitted on payment of late fees only. Hence late filing of return will not be possible without payment of fees.

34. A return furnished without payment of full tax due as per such return shall not be treated as a valid return for allowing input tax credit in respect of supplies made by such person.

35. Input tax credit is eligible only after filing a valid GST return.

Here is a small preview How thing would be done in Tally.

Planning to Buy Tally.ERP 9 ? Buy online now before price rise and get free upgrade to GST

Buy Tally OnlineGST is around the corner. It would be implemented from July 1, 2017. The preparation from Govt. agencies and GSTN are in full swing. Smart businessmen have already started planning for GST. Upgrading to digital invoicing is needed for GST so up gradation  of accounting software is a must. Those businessmen who are using software for invoicing and inventory management are updating their software and those who were doing manual billing has to move to some sort of software. If you are the one who is planning to move towards digital invoicing then this is the right time, Why ?

Here is the answer
As we all know that in GST Item level invoicing via a software is a must because it has to be uploaded to GSTN portal so some software who can do it is necessary. Which software it would be, that is a million dollor question for those who are doing manual work (although who are doing it in Tally has not to face too much dilemma) . In GST all you need a software who can perform these three tasks

1. Invoice matching
2. 100% error free return filing
3. Smooth interaction with GSTN portal.

Any software which cannot perform any one of the above task is not fit for GST. Tally with its current version of ERP 9 and latest release of 5.4 onward is capable to do all these tasks. More over Tally is GSP (GST Service Provider) also the interaction with GSTN portal is going to be smooth. So if you want to go the digital invoicing then Tally.ERP 9 is your Best bet in your preparedness for GST.   

Upgrade to Tally.ERP 9 Now
As we have discussed that Tally.ERP 9 is a natural choice for getting ready for GST. It is not only because Tally is already choice of 1 million customers but also because it has achieved the milestones of GST compliance well before arrival of GST. 
Buy Tally Online
Buy Tally Online
Many a businessmen say that when GST would arrive then would think after that but let me tell you that preparation before hand would save you money as well as efforts. So if you have any plans to buy software then this is the right time. Buy now, practice on Tally, practice you return filing habits on monthly basis right from now, record your itemized inventory now , prepare your closing stock as soon as possible before GST and be ready to claim your input tax credit and save money.

If this is not the reason good enough then another reason is that if you buy now then you can cave on cost too. According to Tally communication they are revising their rates from April 1, 2017. The rise is about 17.5% of current price so it is a wise decision to buy it before March 31st, 2017 and save on cost.

You can buy it online too
Now you can buy your Tally online with ApniTally as your support partner. Just click on the link and fill the necessary details and get your copy of Tally online. Any Debit card or credit card can do this for you.
So Buy now download the software and give us a call at 9896010551 for help between working hrs (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Krishi Kalyan Cess : How to implement in Tally.ERP 9

Recently govt. of India has introduced a new cess on service tax i.e. Krishi Kalyan Cess. This cess has to be charged on services given from June 1st, 2016 onwards. The percentage would be 0.5% on service  tax. It would end up the service tax to be 15% which would include service tax 14%, Swachh Bharat Cess 0.5% and Krishi Kalyan Cess 0.5%.
What is Krishi Kalyan Cess ?
The Krishi Kalyan Cess KKC is a new cess introduced by union finance minister in his annual budget for 2016-20117. This cess would be levied on all services.This cess would be applicable above and over Swachh Bharat cess and service tax.
Krishi Kalyan Cess would be applicable on all the services that may have been provided before June 1, but payments were made on that date or afterwards.
In cases where the services have been provided before the said date and the invoice has been raised before 1st June, the cess would be payable.
In cases where the services have been provided before 1 june and payment has been received before 1June,there this cess is not applicable. 

Implementing Krishi Kalyan Cess in Tally.ERP 9 release 5.x onwards is very easy. The only thing you need is to download the latest release of Tally.ERP 9. The Krishi Kalyan Cess is implemented in 5.3.8 release onwards.

The Process:
The first step after downloading rel 5.3.8 is to create a new ledger named Krishi Kalyaan Cess under duties and taxes to collect the values there. After you have selected Duties and Taxes you would see that a new option has comes up as Krishi Kalyan Cess. Select it and accept the voucher.

Ledger Creation Krishi Kalyan Cess

The second step which is an important one is to define the rate percentage of Krishi Kalyan Cess. For this you have to go to statutory info in Account Info menu. Here in service tax menu you have to alter the service categories on which you are charging service tax. Here in Krishi Kalyan Cess  define the rate percentage as 0.5%. Alter all the service categories which are applicable. The date applicable from is to be set as 1/6/2016
Service Category Updation

Check out this video on the same topic which explains the process step by step.

That all. Your Krishi Kalyan Cess is implemented in Tally. Just try to put an entry and see if amount is calculated automatically or not. If you face any difficulty then ApniTally is there, put a comment and we would love to help you out.

If your Tally Net subscription is expired and you want to implement Krishi Kalyan Cess KKC then you have to update your subcription. Click on the image below and you can update your subscription in few clicks. You can also buy rental Tally or New Tally also.
You need to update your Tally.Net subscription to operate tally remotely
Update your TallyNet subscription Online

Tally crosses One Million customer mark Globally.

TallyMillion Celebration of Million customer win by Tally
On May 4th 2016 when every partner went on line in their offices or at their home a sweet surprise was waiting for them. ApniTally was also one of them. The surprise was a mile stone which Tally achieved on 3rd of May. Mile stone of crossing One million customer mark globally.  Company announced its One millions customer win by Hash Tag #TallyMillion on it's FB page and all across world Tally partner on social media  shared it.

Started in 1986 with a humble beginning, it took only 30 years to reach 1 million mark. Driven by innovation and cutting edge technology coupled with brilliant Tally Partner ecosystem, now Tally is spread across 100 countries including Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and SAARC countries.

Attributing the success to its partners and customers Tejas Goenka, the executive director Tally said, " In our three decade long journey, our customers and partners have contributed immensely to our growth. On this momentous occasion, we thank all our stakeholders for their continued support and commitment towards Tally". See Times of India Report on TallyMillion.

Economic times reported citing IMRB Survey that 88% of the Tally Customers are highly satisfied and 94% are willing to continue on the same software. The survey was conducted with 3500 respondents comprising of CIOs, IT heads and Account heads etc.

Pioneers of codeless accounting system Tally has path breaking remote system and natural language interface.

We at ApniTally with all other 28000+ partners of Tally thank our customers for their support and patronage. it's party time.

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How to reactivate Tally.ERP 9 license or shift it to another machine

You have purchased a Tally single user or multi user and now successfully using it. But due to one or more reason your tally turns educational ! What would you do? What are the steps you should take to again activate the license. This article would tell you what ideally you should do.
How to reactivate or shift your Tally License

Tally licensing has evolved during all these years with every new version. Now in Tally.ERP 9 licensing has become very simple and easy. While working on Tally the license is needed to be activated again. This may be due to :-
  • License file is corrupted,
  • There is some virus in computer
  • The computer got crashed 
  • You got another system which is new and tally is to be shifted there.
What ever may be the reason to reactivate the license the process involves following steps.

Before doing any thing be sure that :-
  • You have taken the backup of data properly.
  • You should have access to your id and password or your registered email id.
  • Access to internet.

The reactivation process
If you are using the Tally on same machine and tally is already installed then you need to go to reactivate license option of Tally on the front screen and enter the Tally.Net id and password.
If nothing goes wrong then license would be activated, otherwise watch the error message carefully. If it says license already activated please surrender first then you have to follow the below mentioned process.

If you are getting the error message that license already activated please surrender first then, you have to surrender the license first. This may be due to the fact that you are either changing the machine and you have to surrendered the Tally license on the earlier machine. Or you may not having the access to old machine because it is crashed and now you are activating the license after formatting it. But as this fact is not known to Tally, it is considering that you are activating one license on two machines simultaneously. So you need to surrender the license first and then reactivate it.
So the question is how to surrender the license. Simply go to control center on the top menu bar by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl+K.

Enter the Tally.Net id and password you would be shown following screen.

Go to license management option and you would see your licensing information. At the last column you would see the status which would be active.

Now select it with mouse and press space bar you would get both options as Active and Surrender. Select surrender and press Enter. You license is surrendered.
Now get out of Control Center and again go to license menu in the starting and reactivate license. Now you would not get any error. 

What if you don't know Tally.Net password ?
There is no need to worry if you don't know your Tally.Net password. The id is you email id on which you have registered the Tally and the password can be reset very easily. 
After pressing Ctrl+K  for control center just press F5 . It is for resetting your Tally.Net password. Enter your email id which you have registered with Tally. Now press enter and Tally would send reset link to your mail address. Just open your email id and there you would get a mail from Tally.Net open the mail click on the link and type the new password two times and your password is reset.

What if you don't know your Tally.Net id ? 
This is an interesting question which can be solved by just common sense. You may be having too many email ids and you don't know which one you have used for Tally.Net. So one simplest way is to check each email id and try to search for 'Tally.Net' and if this is your email id then you must be getting mail from Tally solutions. Ant the title of the mail would be Tally.Net. If not then check the next one. 

Second trick is just enter your email ids in the Tally screen where you reset the password after pressing F5 as mentioned above. If your email id is wrong it would say please enter the correct email id. Find the correct email id. 

What more problems you can get while dealing with your license? If you are facing any problem which i have not mentioned then explain it in the comment box I would try to resolve it. 

How to Identify your most valuable customers using Tally ERP 9

This article is about features of Tally ERP 9 which help any business to identify it's most valuable customers and how they can be retained once identified. 

For any business customer is the King. A business strive to give best of it's services or products to it's customers. Businesses invest crores of rupees to understand what a customer wants and how his satisfaction can be achieved. Big business houses and brands keeps analysts, researchers to know what bests suits to it's customers and what more is done to be more customer friendly. Every business yearns for loyal customers.
But How to identify who is a good customer? Who is a loyal customer and then how to retain that customer is a valuable and big question for every business. If you can suggest them the way to retain them they can give you what ever you want.
Have you ever give it a thought that a software like Tally can help you identify which is your most valuable customer? Yes. Tally can do it. More over it can tell you how to retain that customer.
How to identify your most valuable customer using Tally
How to identify your most valuable customer

How would you identify your most valuable customer?
To answer this question you should first answer who is you most valuable customer?
According to this article of American express  a valuable customer is one who
1. Provides most of the sales to you. i.e. is volume of sales to him is more. But it should be compared to the cost of providing that sales.
2. Which gives him business in the lean season also.
3. One who gives reference to you and tells your product or service stories to his peers also.
4. Who's retention rate is high and is a buyer of your other products too.
5.  If customer is a brand in itself.
6. Provides you feedback from time to time.
I am adding one more aspects also.
7. How well is his payment terms with you.

How Tally is going to help you in identifying your most valuable customer?
The answer starts with a simple but important question.

How frequently your customer buys?
Sales Register sorting method Tally ERP 9 tutorial
Sales register configuration
More frequent the buyer is more valuable he is for our business. Can Tally tell you how frequently a particular customer is buying from you? Yes !! Tally Can tell you. Tally can provide you information about how frequently a particular person is buying from your business in a month. You can find the frequency over a period of time.
Just follow these steps :- Display --> Account Books --> Ledgers  and then select the ledger of your customer.  Here you can select time period you desire by pressing Alt + F2.
Another method is Display--> Account Books --> Sales  Register 
Here press F12 and the sorting method would let you decide the frequency with increasing and decreasing order wise.

How Much is the volume of a customer?
In addition to frequency if you can find out the volume of business done by the customer then it would be easy for you to identify valuable customer.
Tally Sales Register Extract shows you volume wise data
Press F6 for Extract of Sales register

Tally can give you all information about How much volume you have achieved with a particular party on a specific period. It means you can arrange all your customer over a period say for a month or quarter or a year on basis of sales volume. This way you can identify your most value give customer. How this can be achieved ?
Just follow these steps :- Display  --> Account books --> Sales
It would show you all sales according to date you entered for particular record. Now press F6 for Extract of the sales for a particular month. You can check out for that month who is your best buyer in terms of volume. Alt+F1 at this stage would give you detailed view.

How good or bad is the payment performance of a party?
How to identify your valuable customer by payment performance Tally Tutorial on Tally ERP 9
Payment performance of Party
A customer may be of high volume but a business prefers one who easily and timely gives money for products and services. We try to concentrate on that customer whose payment performance is very good. Tally lets you identify the payment performance of your customers.
Follow these steps to know the performance of all your customers
Display --> Account Books --> Group Summery 
Here you can select the group Sundry Debtors as your group which would list all your customers. If you have grouped your customers further then in F12 configuration of this screen you can set Expand to all level to yes
Here noteworthy thing is that you can set payment terms with each customer by setting different credit periods and different credit limits. Later on you can check how they are performing on those conditions.

Track how you have rewarded your most valuable customer
To retain a valuable customer, he should be treated with free gifts, extra credit period, cash discounts etc. A business can decide whom to give discounts and whom not to. A business can decide that the most valuable customer should get high credit facility based on his performance. As discussed earlier you can set credit limits for your customer so change credit limits of valuable customers. If you give free items as discounts then you can track how much free items have you given to your customer.
In a way you can track how much free quantities you have given to your valuable customer. How this can be done ?
Tally can help you to track the free items given to customer in two ways. One way is to see it party wise and other is to see it item wise. You can see the free items given by you across party lines as well as item wise. 
Display --> Inventory books --> Movement Analysis --> Ledger Analysis  
would tell you all items given by you to that particular party. Further drill down to each item would let you know How much free items are given by you and how many times it is given.
Display --> Inventory books --> Movement Analysis --> Stock Item Analysis 
would tell you how much of each item has been given to which parties.

This way you can retain your customer and identify your most valuable customer. Readers can share their experiences in comment box. 


Three things to Avoid in New Year / New Financial Year in Tally ERP 9

Friends I wish all Tally users a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Although for Accountants in India New year starts from April 1 when we have to begin new books. But there are people who start their book from Jan 1st. This is the case for companies whose parent companies are out of India.
I have seen many Japanese companies who start their financial year form Jan 1st as their parent companies start their financial year on same date in Japan. 

For all those Tally users who would change their period on Jan 1st Here are three tips which they should avoid while doing accounting in Tally. This is applicable to all Indian users from April 1st so they can read carefully and apply it on April 1st when they begin new year.
Three things to avoid in New Year New Financial Year in Tally erp 9
Three things to avoid in New Financial Year in Tally

Three Things to avoid on New year /New Financial Year. 

Create new Company in Tally
Many people start New financial year by creating New company as they think they should start afresh. This step has many drawbacks
First, they have to create all the masters.
Second, they have to post the opening balances if not now then after some time.
Third, since they have not finished their entries of last year they don't have any clear picture of books of account.

So, over all its extra effort and waste of time to create separate company. So, what is the right step?
The right step is to continue in the same company by just extending the financial period at Gateway of Tally. Just press Alt + F2 and change the period. And continue doing the entries.  

Changing the period from Company Info

This is the biggest blunder that some of the Tally users commit on New year or at the beginning of New financial year. What they feel is that as they have defined the financial period in Company Info while creating company so they should change the next year there so that they can do further accounting. 
This is actually a big blunder which users should avoid as this step would render their data of previous year inaccessible. It would cause the company loss of data of previous financial year. 

What is the right step then ?
The right step is to change period of the company in gateway of Tally. If you change the period once it would automatically accept the entries in new period. You can switch to previous year period by simply changing the period again. 

Proceeding without changing the voucher Numbering

This mistake is committed by many users who have started special numbering for vouchers. e.g. sales Invoice number starts like 14-15/104 by entering advance configuration in some vouchers masters. So what is wrong in this?
The wrong part is that these numbering is on yearly basis. If you have started a series like 14-15/invoice number then on jan 1st or on April 1st the numbering would start again from One and the sales invoice number would be like this only 14-15/001 on next year. It would duplicate the invoice number. It would further duplicate the references in bill wise bill details. This would lead to confusion and wrong referencing specially in bill wise bill. 
So what should be done?
Avoid entering vouchers before editing the series of voucher numbers in voucher master. Start the new series first e.g. 15-16/ and then start doing entries in New financial year. 

Hope you would find this information useful. Happy New Year and Happy New Financial Year Too. Share your thoughts on your New Year Experiences.

What is your New Year Resolutions for Tally in 2015

Friends New year is again round the corner. We are all determined to celebrate this new year too with great fan and fervor.  Like last year we would pass new resolutions for the coming year. No matter how early we break our new resolutions but this is for sure that we would make new one this year too.
We are all too firm this year to not to break our new year resolutions. Rest all depends of God's will and our circumstances.

Like we all do, some of my friends would resolve to start morning walk from this year and some would resolve to quit smoking. 

Many would repeat their last years unfulfilled resolutions, but have you ever thought what resolutions would you make this year regarding Tally.

As we all know we pass new year resolution because these are the things which we really want to do but are hard to follow. They are actually good and are beneficial for us. Like wise Tally is also beneficial for us and we all know that our business, job, profitability all depends on that. So we should pass a resolutions this year regarding Tally. 
What is your New Year Resolutions for Tally
What is your new year Resolution for Tally? 

So My question is  what resolutions would you pass this New Year related to Tally? Have you given a thought over it? If no then why not? Give a thought this year on Tally. When you would start thinking you would find that there are many possibilities which can be explored.  

What can be your New year Resolutions?

For a Businessman
Possibilities can vary from person to person. If you are a businessman then first resolutions you can pass on Tally is that I would go one level up in using Tally. In other words if you are using Tally just for debit and credit entries then you  can resolve to use it a little bit further. Your Goal can be I would start my Invoicing in Tally
Another resolutions can be I would start using Inventory with Accounts from this year
Another resolution can be I would automate my cheque printing via Tally. No more Manual cheque writing form this New Year.

For a Student
If you are s student then you can resolve to spend more time of Tally. or in specific terms you can resolve to master additional module like payroll or excise this year. Another resolution can be I would become Tally certified this year.

For an Employee
An employee can resolve to use additional features of Tally is his day today working. To be more specific you can resolve that this year I would prepare all my VAT or Excise returns on Tally. No more manual returns.

For Bloggers 
Bloggers like me can resolve that they would try to post One tally post every week. If they are doing this then they can resolve to increase their frequency. 

You must be thinking what is my resolution. My resolutions for this year would be that I would write more and more interesting posts on Tally in year 2015. Almost every week an new post I would create. 
Let me know as Tally user what is your Tally resolutions? What would you resolve to do this year? Share your view It would help others to define their goals.

Bharat Goenka of Tally Solutions conferred Honorary fellowship of CSI 2014

Computer Society Of India (CSI) the largest and India's prominent professionally managed association of IT professionals of India recognised Mr. Bharat Goenka The Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tally Solutions with  Honorary Fellowship award for year 2014.  At CSI's 49th Annual Convention and International Conference 2014 held at Hyderabad on Dec 13th this award was presented to Mr. Goenka. 
Bharat Goenka of Tally Solutions accepting CSI Honorary fellowship award 2014
Bharat Goenka of Tally Solutions accepting CSI Honorary fellowship award 2014

The fellowship has been awarded only 12th time in the 49 year history of CSI which makes it a rare and special honor and a remarkable achievement for Tally.

The citation says that Mr. Goenka has contributed significantly, over the years, towards creating a definitive identity for software product companies in India. Under his direction, Tally Solutions has grown to be a market leader in business management software in India and has begun making significant inroads in global markets as well.

Prof. S V Raghavan, Chairman, Awards Committee, and Scientific Advisor to the Govt. of India read out the citation on  Goenka’s contribution to the Indian IT industry while the award was given by The Telangana State IT Minister, K.T. Rama Rao.

Instituted in 1979 this Fellowship Awards to honor distinguished personalities who have served the Society with their dedication, devotion and faith to those who have excelled in fields related to the Society. This award puts Mr. Goenka in league with  persons like Mr. Ratan Tata, Proff. Yashpal and Mr. Chandrababu Naidu the previous awardees. 

The Computer Society of India which was formed in year 1965 by a few enthusiastic IT professional is today on of the largest and most professionally managed IT association of India which is for and of IT Professionals. Keeping in mind the interests of IT professionals and computer users CSI conducts events from time to time. Information Technology as a profession is on the top priority of CSI today. more then 1,00,000 strong members of CSI are Software developers, IT vendors, CIO's and CTO's, Scientists and Project Managers etc.
ApniTally congratulates BG Sir and all Tally people on this achievement.

How to manage your business remotely with Tally ERP 9

Since How long you are using Tally? Yes this is a simple question and try to decide since how long you are working on Tally? You would find that most of us are having years of Tally experience. But Have you tried to use Tally remotely?
Let me explain. Have you tried to use your Tally from a remote location, or location other then your system where licence is configured? It may be your home, while you are travelling in train, or may be while you are in other city.

What???? Can I do this? I haven't think of this yet. How this thing is possible? 

If you are having a question like this then you have to think again how much of Tally do you know.

How to manage your business remotely with Tally ERP 9
How to Manage your Business remotely with Tally ERP 9
The amazing part in this question is that you need not to spend a single penny to have this facility. Yes, you can access your Tally in your office while you are away on tour or at home or having meeting with your clients. Just few steps and it's done.
And If I add one more fact to this, that you can access your Tally data even if you don't have computer with you then it would perhaps amaze you even more. But it is true!! You can access your Tally data via your simple mobile.

How to Manage remotely with Tally.ERP 9

View your business remotely
View and edit our reports in Tally remotely
View your reports remotely
The first thing which you can do is view your business remotely. View reports while you are away. You can edit these reports and can take decisions based on these reports. For example you are on a buying spree for your business and want to know what is the current stock of raw material at present so that you can order accordingly, then you can just login in your Tally remotely and see the current stock position.

Here is an example which I usually face. I am a service provider. While I am with my client I cannot  decide how much work I have to do at client end or how much time I have to spend with him. If the time is much higher then expected then I have to bill him accordingly. If I am at client end then I have to go back and prepare the bill and again visit or have to send it to the customer after that he would make payments. But with remote access of my Tally I can generate bill using client's machine and Tally and get a print out also using his printer. It would save me lots of efforts and time. It would also make payments quicker.

Give live updates to staff
With remote access you can create multiple ids for your staff. If they are marketing person then they can get live access to finished products present in company godowns and accordingly book the orders. If multiple people are roaming in the market then multiple orders can be filled or reserved on the spot. 
They can check the outstanding with the customer and ask for the payments if any on the spot.

Manage your remote locations effectively
Multiple locations of same organisations can be managed with remote access in Tally ERP 9
Manage remote locations
With remote access you can manage different locations of company more effectively. Transactions can be entered remotely or they can be edited also. Head office can see the information about warehouses at different locations and decide accordingly. 

Audit your books remotely
In Tally ERP 9 you can remotely get your books audited
Remote Audit
The greatest advantage of remote login is that you need not to call your auditor at your location to audit the books of accounts.  Now he can audit the books online with the help of remote access. More over you can get expert guidance on a click of a button in case of how to handle some transaction. For this all you need to create an account for your auditor also. Lots of effort and time is saved both of the auditor as well as your and audit is done quickly. 

What is required?
What is needed at your end is just an internet connection and a valid Tally.Net subscription. If your subscription is expired then you can renew it online too. Click on the image below to renew your Tally.Net subscription. 
You need to update your Tally.Net subscription to operate tally remotely
Update your TallyNet subscription Online
See : 4 reasons why you should update your Tally.Net subscription.

Friends Let me know what  has been your experience in using Tally remotely. In case you face any difficulty let me know comments. I would try to resolve your them.

3 Ways to Manage your Business Expenses using Tally ERP 9

Tally  ERP 9 is now undisputed leader in Accounts and Inventory Management among small and Medium business enterprises in India. This has been proved by latest VAR India Survey.  It has been judged as Best ERP software for SMB. This is another feather in Tally's cap. Tally's kitty of awards and recognition is increasing day by day.
Tally has many tools with which you can manage your day today business expenses very effectively. These tools if used properly can help you track your expenses, so that you can reduce the unnecessary ones. The features can help you to plan further for future keeping in view the budget constrains.   

Let see age old features of Tally erp 9 can help you manage your business expenses.

Three ways you can manage your small business expenses in Tally erp 9
Three ways to manage your business expenses in Tally erp 9

1. Scenario Management
Scenario management is an inbuilt tool available in Tally ERP 9 which is basically a management tool that enables different displays of accounts and inventory related information. It is basically what if analysis. It would answer questions like What would happen to profit if we spend 30% on salary? What would happen to cash flow if we increase our expense on advertisement ? How much increase in expenses would result in decrease in profit. You have to selectively including certain types of vouchers which should not affect the source data. It generates provisional reports without actually effecting the main books of accounts. It is also used as forecasting tool as you can enter the expected expenses and see the effect on your profits without effecting your books. 
Tally has three special types of vouchers which are used in scenario management. These are Optional vouchers, Memorandum Vouchers and Reversing Journal vouchers.
Here is a video which explains silently how this is achieved.

2. Budgets and Controls
Budget is a tool which helps you to keep track of your financial health and also helps to allocate the funds according to requirement. Tally helps you in this task. You can make budget in Tally and then track your revenue and expenditure against our budget. This helps you to control the expenditure and utilize your money as per plan. See this video provided by Tally about how budget can help an organisation in managing business expenses.

3. Credit Control
Tally has a unique feature of setting credit limit to each individual ledger. That limit too can be changed from ledger to ledger. By setting the limits one can control the credit given to them and control the billing. You will not able to raise further invoice to a party whose dues are not cleared according to limit set by you. Tally would alarm you about the limit. You can also set the limit individually to each ledger. You can set different  limits to same party also.

See More How to set different limits to same party. 

By these three tools you can very well manage your expenses and better utilize the funds available to you. Let me know how do you find this article. 


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