Get Your Real Time Tally Data on your Mobile Instantly

Imagine you are in front of our customer and discussing what his next requirement is going to be. If we have our computer with you and Tally data, you can discuss each and every thing with him. His past record, his pending invoices, his most bought items, his last billed price etc.

But if you don't have data , then what ever info you need you have to depend on some body who is doing accounting in the office and let you have the required info.

Lets imagine another scenario, company CEO need to check his current outstanding and the liquidity position of the company. What amount is going to come in near future and what are his liabilities. For this he has to sit with the accountant to get the information required.

There are situations like these and many more when we need our business data with us instantly but we don't have our Tally with us so what we do is we call our accountant or Tally operator to let us tell that data.
But now we can have a better solution. All our Tally data now can be on our mobile, and instantly. Thanks to a marvelous app called Biz Analyst.

How this thing works
This app simply picks your company data from your computer in a secure way and  then transfers this data to your mobile. When ever the data is updated in Tally it picks it up and send it to the mobile. If at ant moment the mobile is not having internet then also you can browse the data. When ever the mobile gets the internet access the data is updated in the app. Now you have the latest data which you can use as per your need.

Real Time Tally Data

Now you can have all your business data on mobile, and that too in simplest way possible and it's real time. The moment data is entered in Tally in your office it is updated on your mobile instantly. If you are in a remote location and don't have internet access still you can browse the data and see the required report.

CEO Dashboard
Biz Analyst gives you summery of your business, so you need to ask for reports from accountants. Regular tracking helps in increasing the sales and reducing the outstanding.

Increase Sales field productivity
People in the field gets the real time data. They can share the updated invoices,  send reminders and can share ledger queries via email and whats app. They can see customer's real time history, active stock with price visibility. Even in remote locations this data can be seen without internet.

Easy to Setup
The setup is very easy to follow. Its a two step process. First of all download the app in your computer and then on your mobile. Click on the link below to download the app on your desktop.
Now install the app on desktop and create a user name for your self. and generate a password. your mobile number would be verified via OTP. After verification your account would be created.
Just check out this video on how to install it on your desktop.

Now install the app on your mobile and use the same user name and password. You would see your company on your mobile. You can have data of as many as company you want. You can have a free trial for seven days as ApniTally user.

In case of any help you can drop us a message our team would provide you free support via team viewer.

7 Strong Reasons you should not create a new company in Tally in New Financial Year

Come new financial year and a new  confusion has been seen by me with my customers which is , Should I make a new company in New Financial Year. The answer to this question is No.  It can be Yes as well but only in few cases. Today I am going to discuss the No portion. 

Why one should not create a new company in Tally in New Financial Year.

As the new financial year arrives people try to enter the new date of the new financial year i.e. 1/04/19 in this year case and it is not accepted in Tally. Why this happens? Because their current work period is 1/4/18 to 31/3/19. So Tally throws an error stating "Date cannot be above the current period" (see the screen shot)
Error Message usually seen on New Financial Year
So, most people think they should  create a new company in Tally in new financial year as  Tally is not allowing them to work in this company So they create a separate company with financial year beginning from 1/4/19, which should not be done. Why it should not be done ? What is the solution?
Lets discuss the solution first. In the main screen of Tally which is Gateway of Tally just Press Alt+F2 and change the period to 1/4/2019 to 31/3/2020. That's all is needed. Start entering your new year's transactions.

Now comes the part why it should not be done. 

1. You have to create all the ledgers once again which would be unnecessary work for you. If the ledgers are too much then work is also bigger for you, although you can export the ledgers and then import in the new company.
2. You have to create all the items and units once again which would be hard if they are too much and they are already defined. Although you can export all the items and then import in new company.
3. You would loose all the previous balances of the parties in the new company.
4. You would loose all the stock information which you have to reenter in the new company.
5. You have to do all the F11 configurations again.
6. If you create a new company you have to enter opening balances of the ledgers which you would not have until the balance sheet for last year is finalized.
7. If you have to enter back dated entries then you have to open the old company and then do it. 

So the moral of the story is don't create a new company in Tally in New Financial Year, just Press Alt+F2 and extend the current financial period to new one and continue working in the existing company. 
In what case you can create a new company? We would discuss it in coming articles.

Moving to New Financial Year : How to restart new invoice numbering

One of the biggest problem a Tally user facing is changing invoice numbering and restart it from new financial year. ApniTally has received many calls related to this , so here is a quick post on how to restart your invoice numbering while moving to New Financial Year.

Sales voucher

The numbering of any voucher is decided from voucher types. So if you want to change the numbering of sales voucher then you have to go to sales voucher type and Alter it.
So go to Accounts Info and then Voucher type and then Alter and select Sales Voucher.
Gateway of Tally-- Accounts Info -- Voucher Types -- Alter
Now go to Advance configuration just below voucher numbering. Set it to yes and you would get new screen.
Now restart numbering column just give the date as 1-4-2018 and starting number is 1.
That's all you have to do. Your numbering would start from one.
One more smart thing can be done is adding something before numbering or something after bill numbering.

 For example instead of having plain bill numbers like 1, 2 ,3 etc you can have 18-19/1 or AT/18-19/1. If you want this then you go to prefix column and add date as 1-4-18 and add 18-19/ or AT/18-19/ in this column.

Your new style of numbering is ready.
If you want your numbering as 0001 instead of just 1 then mention the width of numeric part as 4 and show zero before numbering as yes. This style would also be added.
Hope this small tip would help you in restarting your invoice numbering in your New Financial Year.

Related post: What all you should know before moving to New Financial Year

What all you should know while moving to New Financial Year in Tally

As the new financial year is round the corner, there are my questions and doubts in minds of accountants as well as Tally users. As the new financial year approaches the activities increase the business world. Many think of moving ahead in new financial year, while others think to shift from manual accounting to computerized accounting. As a user of Tally software few thing which comes up in the mind of people and their possible solution would be discussed here.

First thing which comes in mind of a Tally users during this period is, "Should I create a new company in new financial year to continue accounting?" This thought comes due to many reasons. One them is that we think new financial year should start in new company as this would ease the work.  Old troubles with company data would be left behind ans as the company created is new the entries would be faster in new company.
But this is totally a wrong approach unless and until you want a complete new fresh start. This start would be in form of creation of new company or new entity etc. Or you may be just starting  your accounts on computer. Otherwise we should never create a new company in new financial year
The solution is just change the financial year to the next one in Gateway of Tally screen by pressing Alt + F2.
The complete problem and the solution is discussed by me few years back in this link.

The second issue or question which comes in the mind of accountant is to start separate accounting on new financial year and they want to do it by splitting the company.  The reasons may be that they think they should not carry the burden of  last year problems to the new year. 
This is also a wrong approach. You need not to split the company on 1-4 of every year. You can do it later on when you have finalized the balance sheet. Till then what you need to do is just change the financial year from Gateway of Tally Screen  by pressing Alt +F2

The process of splitting a company is explained here.

Third issue a Tally user faces is of Invoice numbering. As he moves up to new financial year he may face duplicate invoice number issue. As in new year invoice numbering starts with 1 and in previous year too it was one , it would give error if you are using bill wise bill referencing in Tally. As you may have created a ref. of 1 as the bill number is default ref number used by Tally you can get error message for same bill reference no. as 1. To avoid this problem you should use bill number prefixed by or suffixed.
The process of avoiding duplicate invoice number is explained here:

Moving to New financial Year with coputerization

If you have decided to move to computerized accounting in new financial year then you must be having some questions.You can read this article by Tally on How Computerization can help you in GST regime. You may be having some fears also, like the biggest one is I don't Know how to operated computers. I don't know the software. I don't have knowledge of GST, Who can help me out  etc. 
Here ApniTally is here for help. We would give you software as well as help to manage your accounts. It includes free training to work in Tally as well as how to generate GST Reports.
Know about our complete package here :

   Leave a comment below if you need any kind of help for starting your new financial year in Tally.

Buy GST Ready Tally.ERP 9 Online and get Support from ApniTally

In the rapidly changing  GST scenario people are running here and there for being GST Ready Some are fence sitter while some have made decision to get digitized. Getting software is one thing but getting proper support is another one. Many of  ApniTally users have approached us for getting proper support for Tally. Till now ApniTally has limited itself in helping Tally users via written Tally articles and tips but now  keeping in view the headache customers are feeling related to GST we have offered free support also but with certain conditions. 
 ApniTally is offering Tally Online and free support with it for new Tally users.  If you are getting any difficulty in being GST compliant or are deciding to go digital in coming financial year then ApniTally is here for your help.

Step to follow:-

Get Tally.ERP 9
Here is the procedure to get your Tally software.
  • Download the Tally from this link.
  • Buy the licence online from ApniTally.
  • Once you buy via the link above we would get notification and would get in touch with you.
  • ApniTally would activate your licence by taking your system online via remote access, download the team viewer form this link. It's free for personal use.
The Initial Training
ApniTally would provide you initial training for software. The initial training includes :-
  1. Setting up your Company
  2. Hands on training on How to create GST ready sales bill using Tally.ERP 9 rel 6.4. 
  3. How to quickly enter your purchase entries.
  4. How to enter payments and receipts bill wise bill.
  5. How to make GSTR 3B and GSTR 1

Further support
 You get phone support from ApniTally although you are entitled to get support from Tally company itself. But if you have purchased from ApniTally we  would be pleased to offer you telephonic support.
You would get online remote access support using Team viewer on 50% discount. 

Already having Tally ?
You can have our online support in just  Rs. 5400/-

Have questions regard this ApniTally plan? Just give us your Name and Number, we would get in touch with you soon. 

Tally.ERP 9 rel 6.4 is here with truck load of new features including e-way bill.

The much awaited new release of Tally.ERP 9 is now online. As the country is going to embrace e-way bill system from March 7, 2018, it can be seen as major relief from customer point of view. Now people using Tally.ERP 9 can raise the invoice and Tally would tell them instantly about the need for e-way bill no or not.  Tally would prompt the user to fill the required information required for e-way bill, while raising an invoice. In addition to e-way bill system, many more features have been added including GSTR-1 format change and GST compliance for composite dealer. Let's see the changes in detail.

Highlights of Rel 6.4

Changes in GSTR-1

On Feb 20, govt. made changes in GSTR-1 format, which were incorporated by Tally very quickly. These changes were in excel offline utility, CSV format as well as in JSON format. Now monthly GSTR-1 can be filed easily without any hickups.

e-Way bill management

Tally captures all the information needed for generating e-way while raising an invoice. You need not to copy paste the details once again in the portal.
  • You can print the e-way bill no on the relevant invoice easily, take a printout and hand it over to the transporter quickly.
  • Single invoice as well as multiple invoice can be exported in json format for e-waybill to be generated. 
  • If vehicle no, place of supply, mode of transport are same for a set of invoices then invoices can be grouped and single json file can be made.
  • e-way bills can be generated on behalf of supplier or transporter. 
Check out this video on e-way bill to get insight of how you can handle e-way bill in Tally  rel 6.4

Tally for Composite Dealer
The GST compliance for composite dealer has been incorporated in rel   6.4.
GSTR-4 return in json format can be exported and directly uploaded to GSTN.

Product Enhancements
In addition to this product enhancements related to GST transactions, GST reports, Accounting vouchers, Inventory management and accounting vouchers has been done.

Check out the complete info in about what actually has been changed is given here in release notes 

If you need Tally software and training on GST and e-way bill then just fill this form we would get in touch with you to help you out.

Tally Cool Tip : How to make items, ledgers etc starting with small case ?

Today i am going to share a small tip which is very cool too. As we all know that Tally is known for it's simplicity. The simplicity can be seen by the facility that usually people are not well verse in writing in case sensitive type. or example we find it hard to capitalize the first letter of every word and it takes special effort for those to type who are not good at typing skills. And most of the accounts guys are not typists. So to simplify Tally automatically makes the first letter of every word Capital automatically so that it doesn't look bad. Like ledger name "Global Supplier" would be written as it should be written, first letter capital and not as "global supplier".

But this simplicity becomes difficulty some times. In today's internet age we find names like e-way, iPhone, iCare Services, eVision Networks more often. The problem begins when you have to enter the name which really starts with small letter. for example if you have to add an item say iPhone or enter a company who has name as iCare Systems etc., then in Tally it would automatically become Iphone. And you you would get puzzled that how to write it as iPhone and not Iphone.

My today's tip is related to this only.

Howto make first letter of any master in Small Case in Tally?

The answer is very simple and short. When you in any master creation screen, just press Shift + F3 and now the case is changed. Now you enter anything and it would be in small letters. It would not be automatically changed to capital letter. You would be able to write iphone. To make P capital just type it by pressing shift key and you would be able to write iPhone in your list.

Check out this small video about this tip.

You can find lots of more such Tally Tips on ApniTally.


How to generate e-way bill for your bills in Tally.ERP 9

First things first. The trial process of generating e-way bill has been extended till the next date to be announced. In a recent tweet from the official handle of GOI for the queries on GST @askGST_GoI, it has been announced as pinned tweet. So we can easily go ahead till further notice. But in the mean time we can utilize this lean period in understanding the process. We can easily go through the process of generating e-way bill via portal from the bills you have generated in Tally.ERP 9. 

Tweet of GOI official handle announcing e-way bill relaxing

It is quiet evident that you have to generate bill first in Tally and then you can go to the portal i.e. and don't be surprised if this portal is not working as these are the glitches which forced the govt. to differ the date of e-way bill.

Help on eway registration and e-way bill generation 
There are many videos on youtube which would guide you how to get registered on e-way bill portal and how to generate e-way bill. 
For example this link gives you complete details about how to register on e-way portal in Hindi, where as this link takes you through the whole process of generating e-way bill for your invoices. This article from Tally Solutions explains step by step process of generation of e-way bill. 

How Tally.ERP 9 can help
If you are using Tally.ERP 9 then you would find that this process becomes more easy as you can copy paste the details from your Tally invoice to e-way portal directly and the process becomes easy. What you have to do is just press "Ctrl + Alt + C' to copy any field e.g. Party name or his GST number or Item name or taxable value and paste it on portal by using usual "Ctlr+V" command. You can see the print preview of the invoice and note down the correct HSN code of each item. In that way you can generate e-way bill without any error. 
Later on after successfully generating bill you can paste the bill number in the narration field  of the same invoice. 

Future path
Tally rel 6.4 would be coming soon online Which would be having many updates related to e-way bill. 
The first one would be that  Tally would warn you about the need for e-way bill. 
The second thing it would provide would be the the facility to export the invoice in json format which can be directly uploaded to the portal and eway bill can be generated. Later that number can be added to invoice.
It would also give you facility to upload multiple bills in one go. 
The last updated would be giving you reports on bill numbers and their e-way bill numbers so that you can easily track your invoices.

As it has been done many times by Tally, this time too Tally would walk the GST journey along with you. 
In case you want to update yourself and buy Tally you can give you number to me by clicking on this link. Our team would not only give you software, it would help you in implementing Tally in your organisation. 

Know your GSTIN and learn to detect wrong ones to file correct GST Returns

GSTINs are the main constituents of any GST returns you prepare. You can say that they are  the very basis of  filing correct GST return. The errors in filing GST return due to wrong GST numbers can be reduced if we have some idea  of how GST number is defined and what are the rules which guides in defining a GST number.

We usually get GSTIN of the clients via phone or via some hand written note and we fall prey to errors while quoting the wrong GSTIN. So the right way to take GSTIN is by email in well printed format so that there is less scope of error. Otherwise we would hear P as G or E over the phone. 
Know Your GSTIN no. The Structure
Lets see this with this sample GST number in the graphic below. Here even after giving Printed format you can get confused if the first and the last digits are 'Zero'  or 'Oo' and the third last digit is 'One or' 'i'. 
But if you know the simple structure how GST number is being designed then you can reduce the chances of errors. 
The first thing in GSTIN is its structure which everybody should know is that every GSTIN have three parts.

You would notice that first two digits are always numeric and they should be as they are the code of state as per Indian Census 2011. So while entering GST Number it should be kept in mind that 'zero' in first or second digit cannot be 'O'. As  the first two digits would be numeric only.

Second part is 10 digit pan number. If you have PAN number of the party then it can be verified by these ten digits. The most unique thing in this part is that it can be divided in three parts. 
First part is 5 continuous Alphabets, then second part is 4 continuous Numeral  and the third part is one Alphabet. 
So if you are noting down GSTIN then you can counter check that anything in these five digits written as O is actually Oo and not 'Zero'.
Know your GSTIN, the structure.

The third part consists of three digits. The first digit is numeric as it denotes the number of GST number a particular PAN Card is having in a state. Suppose if a PAN card has two registrations then it would be 2, but in most of the cases it would be 1 only. So another thing which can be sure of is that this would b numeric only and not the alphabet. So the confusion between 'i' and 'One' can be removed by just looking at it.
The second digit is always 'Z' as it has been set by default. But it would be always Alphabet only.
The third digit is actually check some digit which dependent on whole combination of previous digits. And this digit can be both numeric or alphabet. The confusion about this can be removed by Tally itself. 
You must know that Tally itself have the logic the determine if certain GSTIN is right or not. This facility to check the GST number correctness is provided in rel 6.3 and later. The moment you would enter a GSTIN in the field provided by Tally it would give you a warning if it is wrong. The beauty of this feature is that it need no internet to detect correctness. Whereas it would not tell you that if the mentioned GSTIN is of the same company or not. If you enter right GSTIN of a wrong party then it is going to accept it as the format and logic is correct. So be careful.   
Happy Tallying. 

Happy New Year 2018 : The GST year Ahead !!

To all the users and admirers of Tally, ApniTally wishes them a very Happy New Year 2018, I pray that new year brings new opportunities and hopes to you and May God give you all the power to realize your goals in coming year.

The year 2017 was very eventful for the business community as well as the users of Tally. It was such an eventful year that I could not spare time to write on GST and other development going in Tally software for my beloved readers. We were so busy in helping out the users of Tally on the ground that we could not get enough of time to spare for our online admirers. 

The coming of GST and the later development in its journey, many changes were seen by Indian businessmen as well as common people. The journey saw many ups and downs. Some times technical glitches led do increasing dead lines for filing and some times elections led to ease some norms. These changes are going to happen in the coming year too but now the journey of GST would be little bit more smoother. In the year ahead we are going to see the complete bill cycle of GST which would ease the life a little bit. Earlier in the month of December GSTR -2 was seen as the next big hurdle as well as big test for GST council but this test has been delayed. Now the bigger challenge is e-way bill which would be implemented from Feb 1, 2018. And in March we may see the full bill cycle of GST.
The dampening effect of  demonetization has now ceased and the hustle and bustle of new tax regime is also settled down. Now India would see a growth trajectory in year 2018. We can hope to achieve around 8% growth and the GST would be the vehicle.

Tally has also traveled the GST journey with India. Helping users of Tally in GST journey was the biggest challenge for Tally which Tally managed successfully with introduction of new help channels for its users. In addition to existing help channels another channel of blog was introduced, which now has become defacto guiding resource not only for GST concepts but also for Tally users.   Newer and newer functionalities were being added with  Govt. clearing doubts about it's procedures. The first mile stone of this journey was GSTR 3B. It was achieved very smoothly and Tally users filed their GSTR 3B with Tally. Now the latest release of Tally.ERP 9 rel 6.3.1 is handling GSTR1 as well as GSTR3B very efficiently. You can create JSON files with rel 6.3.1 of GSTR1 and GSTR 3B. 
You can see why you need to download the latest rel here. The facility to file GSTR2 is also being provided which would be helpful in near future.

Overall year 2018 is going to be a very exciting year for all of us Tally lovers.

How to shift your old Tally to new GST version Tally.ERP 9 Rel 6.2 onwads in 6 easy steps

If you have recently shifted your Tally company to newer version, then this article would help you to make your company GST ready in just few minutes. As your old company would be in 4.93 version of rel 5 version it would not be GST compliant, so when you would sift to new GST compliant rel 6.x then it would make certain changes in your company and you should know about these changes. You should be ready by this time on further steps to be taken. 

Step 1 : Setting GST No.
The moment you open your old company into new upgraded version say rel 6.2 it would ask you to take backup of your company and then start the conversion process. One thing which should be kept in mind is that the backup is in new version, so if you want an old copy intact than you should copy the data folder somewhere before proceeding ahead. Now say yes to Migrate your data and company is converted. Now you have to enable GST by going to F11-->  F3 and by putting the first option of 
Enable GST  to Yes. And then set alter GST Details should also be Yes. Now it would give you the option the enter your GST No. Here one interesting factor is that Tally would validate your GST No., if you put wrong one due to some mistake it would give you the warning.
Enable GST 
Enter your GST No.
Step 2 : Put all Party GST No. at one go.
The second step is to put the GST nos of all the parties in one go. Although you can modify each ledger master and enter the number one by one, but Tally give you one point location where all numbers can be updated. The shortcut command is DOG or Display --> StatutOry Reports --> GST
You would find option Update party GST no.

Update Party GSTIN
You would see screen like this where you have to define the country, State and type of registration and his GSTIN No. 
Enter Party GSTIN Nos.

If you don't remember all the party GSTIN then no need to worry, just update the one you have with you. Next time when you would come to this screen you would find the remaining ones only.

Step 3 : Update Unique Quantity Code (UQC)
Next step is the map your Unit of measure with Unique quantity code of GST. Here we have to map the units which we have defined with already existing code provided by GST Network.


Kg is equal to KGS
 Step 4 : Setup GST Rate of Items
Now you have to setup the rates and HSN code of each item. This work is very cumbersome if you have large no of items. But Tally ha provided you the ways to do it easily. If you can figure out items which has same GST Rate and same HSN Code then select those items and press Alt +S  you can now define the tax rate and their HSN code of all the selected items in one go. Select multiple items by pressing space bar. it would color it to dark green. You can un select by pressing the space bar again

Select Multiple Item by Pressing space bar

Set item GST Rate and HSN  Code
Step 5 : Define the GST Ledgers
As your old company would not be having GST ledgers, now it's time to define them. You need only 5 ledgers, namely, Sales ledger as Sales of Goods or Sales of Services, the Tax Ledgers namely Central Tax (CGST), State Tax (SGST) and Integrated Tax (IGST). Be sure that no tax rate should be defined in these ledgers. Generally we define the tax rate which would make GST working very difficult. We may be having a habit of defining tax ledgers like we you to do in VAT regime like sales 5 % , VAT 12.5% etc. Here we don't  need such ledgers.  

Example of Tax Ledgers
Step 6 : Make GST Sales Voucher
This is an optional step. It is suitable if you start GST billing with a new series. New series can be started by creating a new voucher type namely GST Sales. This voucher type would be sales type voucher which may have new series.  By doing this you can do entries upto 30 June in your normal sales voucher and after that it can be done in GST sales voucher. In case if you have to add some remaining bills before 30 June you can do.  
Goto  Account Info --> Voucher Type --> Create 
Create GST Sales Voucher 
Now your company is GST ready. Start making GST Entries. IF you have any queries in this process you can as them by commenting on this article. I would be pleased to help you.

Be GST Ready with ApniTally and Tally.ERP 9

How to get Highest Compliance rating in GST and Maintain it in Easy Steps.

GST Compliance Rating, How to maintain it
What is a compliance rating in GST ? It is a rating provided by GSTN to each business on this basis of his behavior on the portal. It is based on many factors which includes your discipline in meeting the deadlines set by GSTN, furnishing minute details of invoice for credit utilized by you, payment of taxes etc and many more. To sum up which ever compliances are expected by the GSTN from you of them

how many are you fulfilling.   

The beauty of this rating is that even smallest businessman can get the highest rating as well as bigger business house may get lower rating. All depends on your dealings done on GSTN portal. 
One of the biggest reason of introduction of compliance rating in GST was to safeguard the businessmen from fraudulent practices. As your rating is visible to all the parties your are dealing with it would warn them whenever your regularity is disturbed. It would work both way. You too would get warning on reducing rating of your vendors. 

There is a fear among businessmen about maintenance of this rating. And that fear is that only business with enough resources can maintain his rating but his is not true. Everyone can maintain it. Here are some tips to maintain your rating to the highest.

Follow the Strict Discipline:

You should never miss any deadline of GSTN portal, you should be extra vigilant about it. For example the first deadline comes on every 10th of the month to upload your GSRT-1. This is most vital. After that the 15th and then the 20th of the same month. These should be never missed. 
To resolve this issue you can depute a dedicated person for this as you may not get time every time every month on these specific dates.

Proper Invoice matching:

This is another area which can reduce your rating. You should fill all details of your invoices which you have to upload in GSRT-1. The amount figure in invoice should exact match of all your invoices, All inventory details should be perfectly entered. Mismatch of invoices would decrease your rating.

Don't deal with lower rating Dealers:

Dealers who miss their deadlines would eventually decrease your rating too. As they would not file their taxes on time then your claim for input would also disrupt and it would decrease your rating. As it is clear in GST that you would get your claim only when your seller has paid tax, if he misses then your claims would also go false,  which would decrease your rating.

Use proper GST compliant software:

This could be your weakest link. GST compliant software is a must. You should opt for that software who can do matching for you, who can help you prepare error free returns for you. Even if you make errors it should be able to rectify them before final submission. It should assist you in paying your taxes too. 
GSTN portal has one more link which is of GSP, i.e. GST Suvidha Provider. Initially GSTN portal would give you a utility to validate your data but later on you would need a GSP would would filter your data before sending it to GSTN portal. So your application software (ASP) should be well harmonized with your GSP.   It should seamlessly connect with GSTN portal. 

Buy Tally Online backed by ApniTally supportTally is one such software which is fully GST compliant as well as Tally solutions are GSP. So if your application software is Tally then being GSP you can seamlessly get connected with GSTN portal. 
Another reason one should go for Tally is that it's trained manpower can be found easily.

All the readers of ApniTally can get Tally software Online through Debit card or Credit card which is backed by ApniTally it self in support. Our team would help you in installing and providing you much needed GST training for filling your GST returns through Tally. 


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