Thursday, November 20, 2014

A social media troll on Tax structure In India

It is said that If you are born then start paying the taxes and pay until you die. Taxes are eternal truth. A troll about taxation system in India is moving on Facebook for quit some time and Now One of my Facebook friend Chinmoy Das again shared it to me. I am putting it to my readers. Enjoy and give your valuable comments.

Many people feel that if they are not paying Income tax then they are not paying any tax but they are living in a myth that they are not paying tax. Govt. is silently slipping penny out of their pocket and they don't even know how and when.
but If you are doing business India which is hardest task then all most all taxes are applicable on you depending the level of business you are doing and kind of business you are doing.
Here is the troll for you.

1) What r u doing? 
Ans. : Business 

2) What r u doing in Business? 
Ans. : Selling the Goods. 

3) From where r u getting Goods? 
Ans. : From other Area/State/Abroad 

4) What r u getting in Selling Goods? 
Ans. : Profit
How do you distribute profit ? 
Ans : By way of dividend 

5) Where u Manufacturing the Goods? 
Ans. : Factory

6) Do u have Office / Warehouse/ Factory?
Ans. : Yes 

☑7) Do you have Staff? 
Ans. : Yes 

8) Doing business in Millions? 
Ans. : Yes 
Ans : No
Tax : Then pay Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT).

9) Are You taking out over 25,000 Cash from Bank? 
Ans. : Yes, for Salary. 

10) Where r u taking your client for Lunch & Dinner? 
Ans. : Hotel 

11) Are you going Out of Station for Business? 
Ans. : Yes 

12) Have you taken or given any Services?
Ans. : Yes 

13) How come you got such a Big Amount?
Ans. : Gift on birthday

14) Do you have any Wealth? 
Ans. : Yes

15) After paying so many taxes ,to reduce Tension, for entertainment, where are you going? 
Ans. : Cinema or Resort

16) Have u purchased House? 
Ans. : Yes

17) How u Travel?
Ans: Bus

18) Any Additional Tax? 
Ans. : Yes 

19) Delayed any time Paying Any Tax?
Ans. : Yes

20) Do you want growth of India.?
Ans: Off course Yes .
Pay electricity tax, water tax, education tax, & other taxes, which is used by defaulter people.

21) INDIAN :: Can I die now, i have paid all taxes and now nothing is left with me? 
Ans :: Wait we are about to launch the FUNERAL TAX.

Now here is the post which i have published way back in July 2011. You would find striking similarity.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tally Institute of Learning: Tally reorganizes it's education business

Tally has a customer base of over 3 million all over world and it's growing steadily. One major factor to increasing sales is to increase the customer satisfaction. Customer should be able to fully utilize the potential of the product. Same is true with Tally also.

Tally's success journey has one more vital link and that link is easily available tally professionals. Although these professional don't have that level of Tally expertise but ready availability of even half trained man power has contributed for Tally's success.  

It is well known to people at Tally that full knowledge of product to the customer would definitely benefit them that's why Tally has put efforts in customer education from time to time. Although various efforts on this front has been made by Tally yet perfect synergy between demand and supply for trained Tally man power is still a challenge for Tally. Tally has made many efforts over the period through official channel as well as gray market also.

To provide fully trained man power Tally tried to create a Network of Tally Academy though out India. It published study material for them and side by side also let the informal networks to flourish and provided education about it's product. The setup of Tally Academy was very unique as compared with existing franchisee system in the market. It was very cost effective for a partners but it was unable to provide standardize trained man power to the expectations of industry and Tally both. This draw back was tackled by provisioning of Online certification exam but failed to get much needed response. Tally Academy network was not that much a success and it was discontinued.  According the Mr. Bharat Goenka, it was never a core business for Tally. It was not as much profitable for Tally either.

Tally Institute of Learning (TIL) 
Tally Institute of Learning Logo

After a gap of more than 2 years Tally has now again come up with a new Franchisee system. This time with full preparation as it seems from it's approach. Tally Institute of Learning (TIL) has now replaced Tally Academy Network. Tally specially created separate entity for that under the name of Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. headed by  Mr. Tejas Goenka, son of Sh. Bharat Goenka co founder of Tally.
According the the website of Tally Education, "TIL is established under the purview of Tally Solutions, intents to empower the current and next generation employees to contribute in a greater measure to their work, while finding personal success. TEPL envisions to be the premier solution provider for all manpower related challenges of SME employers.
To meet the industry demand for Tally trained professionals and to bridge the gap between training and placement, we have established authorised centres known as Tally Institute of Learning (TIL) across the country. TILs impart high-quality training on job-oriented courses designed to meet industry requirements. The key features of our centres are scientifically designed teaching methodology, industry relevant curriculum/ courseware, training delivery by Tally certified faculty, 30:70 theory to practical sessions, online assessments, verifiable certification and 100% placement assistance."

Courses Offered :-
At present TIL is offering following courses:-
Certificate Program in Financial Accounting CPFA:-
This 3 month program covers knowledge of Basics of Computers, Basic of Accounting, Basic English, Tally.ERP 9 III volumes and personality development. You can check complete syllabus for more details.

Advance Certificate program in Financial Accounting and Taxation :-
This program is further extension of CPFA  wich covers taxation part with advance knowledge of computer basic. in addition to it sales management is also included in it.  Full details about this curse are available here.

Tally stand alone course:-
TIL offers three variants of its Tally.ERP 9 courses.
Tally.ERP 9 course consists of III volumes on Tally Accounting and Inventory, Advance Accounting and Inventory and fundamental of Taxation.
Tally.ERP 9 Advanced includes two more volumes of Tally which includes Advance Taxation and Payroll
Tally.ERP 9 Comprehensive includes all the five volumes of Tally.ERP 9 . Complete syllabus for this comprehensive course is available on site.

Modular Courses :-
Individual modules are also available for the students who need only specific modules only, they can opt for Basics of Computer, Advance Computer, Personality Development. Sales Management, Basic English.

Advantages of TIL

100% Job Assistance
TIL is offering many advantages to its students. The first advantage is of 100% job assistance to the students. On courses CPFA and ACPFAT students can get 3 interview chances.
Overall personality Development
In personality development module students are taught how to make visual as well as video resume and how to face interview. His english communication skills are taken care of.
Online Examination
The course modules are examined online and they are assessed on same criteria all over India. Final certification exam is also conducted online.
Verifiable Certification
More over every TIL certification is verifiable. Employees can verify any certificate online and judge the candidate even before interview.
Tally Job portal
Tally is planning to make a job portal exclusively for Tally customers and Tally students.
Placement Cell
Students are placed by Placement cell of TIL

Finding a Tally Institute of Learning (TIL)
Almost all Indian states and all major cities have TIL at present. Students can find the nearest Tally Institute of Learning  here.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Tally Data Migration Revisited: How to migrate Tally data from older versions of Tally to Tally.ERP 9

I have visited the data migration topic again because my earlier post on data migration was related to Tally 8.1 the older version of Tally. As newer version has arrived we need to update the process in more simpler manner.

The main aspect worth considering is how old is your data. If you have  data of Tally 4.5 that is too old then you need a different tool to migrate. You can find details in my post on How to migrate data from Tally 4.5.  you need convert45to72 tool. So first follow the process to convert the data to Tally 7.2 version then start with next version.

For the second process you need Tally72migration utility which is provided with Tally.ERP 9 installation file, which is copied in Tally directory  during installation of Tally.

Open the file and run the program. Be sure that you have Tally license. The tool doesn't work if it is unable to find a valid Tally license.  If data is huge e.g. in hundreds of mb then it would take time to get the whole data converted into latest version so be patient.

Small Presentation on Data Migration
Go through this slide show on the process of data migration.

Here are few screen shots of the whole process which you would encounter.
Welcome screen of Tally Data conversion utility
Migration in progress.
As earlier told migration takes time if data is heavy, so we need to close all other programs while migrating the data so that migration is done faster. You would see the progress and see that after completion total number of vouchers on both sides are equal. it means your migration is done successfully. If the folder name of the file was 1001 then new folder where migrated data is present would be named as 10001.

Few Precautions while migrating data:

  • No newer version files should be present in the data folder where you are putting old version files. This is because if you already have a folder name 00002 and you have put a old file version folder 0002 then after migration a new folder of 00002 would be crated and your existing files would be erased. 
  • Never migrate existing migrated files as it could over write . so as soon as you successfully migrate a file you just move the files from that location.
  • In case of any error you can check migration.err and migration.log files presented in same folder.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Now just tap your smart phone to get Free Tally Help and Support

How many companies have you heard who calling their customers to help them. In today's world not even telephone / mobile operators provide toll free service for customer complaints, but as always Tally is different. In my earlier  post I have mentioned the help channels available for free help on tally. 
Now breaking new method of Tally care has been launched by Tally to help out its customers.
Tally Care
This channel is called Tally Care. This channel is basically an app for your smart phone. In case of any help when you stuck some where in middle of your work just tap your phone and Tally would call you back. The first thing is that you need not to remember any phone number just go to your App Tally Care. The second and best part is it's free. Let see how to get this help.

Tally Care
You should have a smart phone either android or iphone with internet connection. For android phone you can download the app from this link or you can just search for Tally Care in google play store and Download it. For i-phone you can download it from this link

After downloading you have to register the app first. Select your country from Menu option and then enter your phone number and press next. 

Register your Phone

Once connected Tally would send an sms with a code. You have to check your message box  and enter the code and press next 
Enter the confirmation code
Wow your Tally Care is installed. Now just tap the screen and wait for the call. 
Your App is ready
Thing to remember here is that working hrs. of Tally Care are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on working days. I think this is pretty cool. So Happy Tallying. Share your experiences in comments. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sundar Pichai controls almost all guns of Google :Tech News

This development in tech world is note worthy.Re/Code was first to report the new reshuffle done by Google CEO Larry Page. Earlier heading the Android, Google Chrome and App world this 42 years old Indian born Sundar Pichai will  now control almost all major products of Google like Google+, Google Searches, Google Maps, Google ads and commerce and Infrastructure.
His appointment to this new assignments is seen as new heir of Google after Google CEO Larry Page. This also could mean  as diverting attention from Android according to some .But it can be seen as the move which would now strongly connect all products to Android.
After step down of Andy Rubin from the post of Android Head in march Sunder Pichai got the promotion and is doing a very fine job. He is the man behind launch of Andriod 5.0  Lollypop and his new development Google Inbox is testing phase.
Our blog ApniTally is also hosted on Google product Blogger. It would be interesting to see how things change for Blogger after this new appointment. But one thing is sure that after Satya Nadela from Andhra Pradesh and now Sunder Pichai for Chennai Indians are at the helm of affairs in tech world. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

4 reasons why you should update your Tally.Net subscription.

First thing first, If you have bought Tally.ERP 9 then your license is for life time. What does this mean? This mean that Tally serial No which you have purchased would remain with you for life time. Until and unless anything drastic happens to Tally (touch wood) or you cease to use Tally. But it is still with you. 
But like any other software Tally too needs constant updates. Updates related to current statutory, updates related to current laws, updates related to current technology. As technology changes so does the software. New development platforms arrive and new OS arrive and software has to be upgraded. 
Time to Update
Most of the software provide up gradation facility and they charge for this. Tally has this unique method of subscription to keep your software updated with time.That is called Tally.Net Subscription. It's an yearly subscription which is Rs.3600/- for Single user and Rs. 10800/- for multi user. 

Many users think that they have invested in software and now why they should further pay Tally? For them here are the reasons you should update your dot net subscription.

1. Technology updates
As earlier mentioned licence is for life time but as technologies change at a very fast pace so has to change the software. You cannot run windows 7 or windows 8 on your old pentium processors. You cannot use windows 98 on current machines too as they don't have support anymore.
Same is the case with Tally. You cannot expect Tally 7.2 to perform better on windows 7 or 8 you have to upgrade to newer version. 
Machines are becoming 64 bit from 32 bit so Tally has upgraded too and provides you both files so that you can perform better. 
If your Tally.Net Subscription is updated you can update to the latest version of Tally.

2. Statutory Updates
With the passage of time laws of the land keep on changing. In India within every 15 days any of the state would change its taxation laws. New rates would be introduced or new current rate would be modified or even taxes may be imposed or removed. this has to be accommodated in software.
You may wonder but after every 15 days Tally comes up with a new release or new stat version which contains all the updated information. So some thing which has been changed is applied to you then you need an update. You need Tally.Net subscription updated to get the latest updates.

3. Tally.Net Services
Tally.ERP 9 is an ERP software which comes with lots of features like remote connectivity by which you can login to your Tally machine remotely; data synchronization by which you can merge data of two locations with a single click; Online help within software like sending your queries to Tally, connecting with your Tally partner with your queries. These facilities are active only when your Tally.Net Subscription is updated.

4. Be Updated.
This is the last reason which I give to my customers. When you have bought a software then why not keep it updated. You have latest of every thing, latest mobile, latest apps, latest computer, latest OS, then why not Latest of Tally for which you have paid handsome amount? You may never know when you would get emergency and perhaps at that time you may not have the facility. 

But still it is up to you, as we Indians are very particular about spending money on things like software It would be your call. I have been providing support to many customers who are still using Tally 7.2. They say 'Jab Tak Chalta Hai Chalao' !!

If you think it's timeto update you subscription then you can do it online with your debit card or atm card, or via Net banking. Just follow this Link 

Friday, July 05, 2013

Tally Wins CRN Channel Champion Crown in Software Application

Great news for Tally people. Tally has won the CRN (Channel Reseller News) Award one of the prestigious award in channel management in software segment. The award "Channel Champion Crown for Best Software Application" is given to a company with best channel network. 
The survey is conducted all over India and feedback from the partners is taken. This survey is one of the most important analysis of how partner-friendly a company has been and rates them on the basis of how happy the partner community is with the policies and programs of the company.
A survey was conducted among 200 partners from various parts of the country. It is your valuable feedback that has made Tally win this prestigious award.It only show how much faith Tally partners hold in Tally. 

Tally wins CRN Award.
According to CRN Network site's "The company which was criticized for its channel policy and management in FY2011-12 did well to gain the channel confidence back. It scored substantially higher than its peers" 

Scored well above last years winner Microsoft as its channel management badly hurt by exit of top officials, Tally is best. The second place was won over by SAP. More info on award is given here
Tally has won many prestigious awards of the software industry previously also confirming its commitment to its partners as well as its customers which includes Life time achievement award given to any software people in India to Bharat Goenka Ji. List of awards won y Tally are Here.

It is note worthy here that Tally has now penetrated in SMEs having more then 150 to 200 users. With the introduction of Tally.Server 9 Tally has solved the major hurdle of concurrency and now 60 users can work concurrently on Tally. 

What does it mean to a Tally user?
It means that the distribution of Tally Software is best and users can get best of the services related to Tally. More over If Tally partners are putting so much faith in company it indirectly means that user would also get best services and users faith in software would increase more. They would get better facilities and services from the Tally Partners. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tally Tip: How to easily enter calculated figures in Tally

Here is a quite simple but effective Tip for Tally users. It happens while doing entries in Tally that some times you have to calculate the figures and then enter the total of that calculated figures in amount column. For example if you have to enter  the price of a particular item as its MRP + 1.25% extra then what would you do? Probably what you would do  is draw the calculator and then  calculate the sum of MRP + 1.25% and then enter that amount in Tally.

Some smart tally users would just press Ctrl +N and then calculate the sum in the calculator pane and then again press Ctrl +M and then retype that figure in the amount column.

Now the Tip is that there is one more smarter way to do this. While you are at amount figure just press Alt+C and see what happens.

You would find that cursor automatically moves to calculator pane. Here what ever calculation you do and press enter then you would find that final amount automatically shifts to amount column in main pane. You can see the formula entered by me in the calculator pane. The final amount is automatically shifted to Amount column.

Wow! No need for calculator, no need to remember the figures and no need of copy pasting. Isn't it a cool tip?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tally Tutorial :How to Book Your Interest, Learn How to do it in Tally.ERP 9

In my, previous tutorial on Tally I have explained How to calculate Interest on your transactions. This is the part two and last part of this series. First of all you should learn how to calculate interest in Tally and then you should know how to book it in Tally.ERP9. 
In the later part of that tutorial we have seen that Tally has the flexibility to automatically calculate the interest on time given by us and conditions given by us. 
To continue the previous example we simply assume that a payment was made on July 31st and we have to calculate and book the interest on the amount till that date and accept the payment.
To do so we have to pass a debit note for the interest amount to book it. But to do it automatically we have to create a special class in Debit Note voucher. As we know that voucher class in Tally are for automate certain process so this class named Simple Interest is made to calculate the interest. So first of all alter the voucher type of Debit Note and create a class named Simple Interest.
Simple Interest Class
 Now put the option Use class for interest calculation to yes and accept the voucher class.

Debit Voucher Alteration

Now pass the debit note voucher by selecting the class simple interest. 
Debit Note with voucher class
Choose the date you want and see that interest figure would automatically appear on the selection screen. Below are the screen shots of the interest calculated on different dates and the references to them as made by us.

Interest as on June 1

Interest as on July 31st

Interest as on Aug 31st

As the payment of 2000000 has been made on July 31st so we would accept the payment but first book the interest upto July 31st. After debit voucher the ledger balance would be like this with added interest.
Ledger Balance after Debit voucher
Now enter the receipt voucher. The bill by bill reference of the receipt  would look like this.
Bill By Bill reference of receipt voucher.
Now you can see the pend ency of ABC Customer after the receipt. Here just go to Display -> Account books-> ledger and then press B for bill wise details. You would see that Rs. One lac is pending and the number of days due is 30. and Interest amount is due. Again when this due amount is paid then you pass a debit voucher on that date and settle the final amount. 
Pending Payment
I hope this has made pretty clear about how you can book your Interest on Tally.ERP 9. Your questions and queries are welcomed in comments.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Interest Calculation : How to do it in Tally.ERP 9

In our practical situations in business some times need arises that to curtail the balances due or to keep them to minimum levels we need to charge interest. Some times this also happens that we are charged interests on late payment. In both the situation we need to calculate the interest  accurately.  Interest calculation is a feature in Tally.ERP 9 with many options and choices.This feature is so flexible that you can fit all your requirements related to interest calculation in it.
Interest Calculation
With Tally interest calculation feature you can :-
1. Calculate interest on transactions with selective parties.
2. You can calculate interest on desired rate, with desired period, on desired method.
3. You can even calculate interest on single transaction with multiple rates.
4. You can calculate simple interest as well as compound interest.

Activate Interest calculation :
Before starting we have to activate interest calculation in Tally. So to do so we need to go to F11 and then in F1 Accounting features and set Activate interest calculation to Yes. Also set use advance parameters to Yes. Now interest calculation in this company is activated. See the photo for guidelines.
Activating Interest calculation
If you have planning to charge interest on each transactions then make sure to change Maintain Bill By Bill Details to Yes also.

Now you have to activate parties on which you want to charge interest. Go to Account Info==> Ledgers==> Alter==> and put Activate Interest Calculation to Yes. Now define your interest parameters here. See photographs to understand each option.
Activate Interest calculation on Party.

Interest calculation parameters
Here in interest calculation parameters, we have decided to charge interest @ 15% yearly on transaction by transaction on debit balances only, which is applicable past due date would be calculated from due date of invoice/Ref.
Here you can change the rate of interest, You can change rate per month, per 365 days, per calendar year and calendar month.
You can change the applicability based on effective due date, effective invoice date, from a particular date or upto certain period.

Enter a Transaction
I am entering a complex transaction to show  the flexibility of interest calculation in Tally. Here ABC Customer was raised an invoice of 7,00,000/-  out of which 20% has to be paid after 30 days and remaining after 60 days. An interested would be charged @ 15% if first payment is not made within time from invoice date. For remaining amount interest of 15% would be charged if payment is not given after due date i.e. after 60days. for one month. If the payment is delayed for more then one month then interested would be charged @ 18%
Here in sales transaction I have created two referenced abc/2 and abc/2/2 having due dates as 30 days and 60 days.
Bill wise bill details

After creating first reference interest parameter screen would be like this
Interest parameters for first reference
After entering the second reference for 60 days the interest parameter screen would look like this
Interest parameter after second reference

Accept the transaction and now we have to see its effectiveness.
go to Display=> Statement of Account ==> Interest Calculation ==> Ledger ==> ABC customer
You would notice that there is nothing shown as the date is from 1/4 to 1/5. But as you change the date different interests would be shown.
See the interest occurred on different dates. Here three screen shots are shown for different interest calculated.
On June 1
Interest as on June 1
 On Jul 31
Interest as on 31 July
On Aug 31
Interest as on 31 Aug
Now as interest has been calculated by Tally we have to book this interest , How we can book this interest? What if we want to book compound interest? I would show you in my next post.
Any queries and suggestion are invited from ApniTally Users.


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