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Now calculate Income Tax Return with Tally.ERP9: New upcoming feature

Tally is changing at a very fast pace. Newer and newer features are being introduced. Infact Tally had made a roadmap of development. According to Tally road map new features are being added in Tally in every series Tally is releasing. Series A (which is the current series), Series B and Series C are the three major division of Tally.ERP 9 road map. Every series would have three releases.
Series A has given us many exciting features like remote login, sms integration, and Job portal integration etc. In the month of December release 3.0 of Tally.ERP9 which would be the last release of Series A is on the cards. It has new exciting features which i would share with ApniTally readers. Out of So many features one feature which excites me very much is of Income Tax calculation.

I think after this feature Tally would become a complete business package for a small business entity (although it is still a complete package.). After this feature, any business would need just Tally and nothing else. After VAT, TDS, Service Tax and other statutory requirements i think this would be the last statutory which was left earlier.

Series a would include Income Tax calculation for Individual and later in Series B comprehensive tool would come for corporates. According to Tally,

"This exciting feature makes it possible to generate the income tax computation sheet and IT Returns and mail it to employees, In addition, it will provide quarterly and yearly returns. With the Income Tax feature, calculating tax and submitting returns are made easy for both the organisation as well as the employee."

Income Tax rules would be modified from Time to time as changed by Govt. Of India and automatically updated.
The returns would be calculated automatically.
All all form like 16, 16A, 12BA would be provided with quarterly and Half yearly forms with e formats would be provided.
More over these can be manually over ridden by users at will.

It is surly going to ease the life of every businessman by simplifying the returns.
Some other hot features would be discussed on later posts. So visiting and keep watching. Readers can let me know their feedback on usefulness of this feature.

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