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Understanding Tally.ERP 9 Control Center

Tally Control Center is another new feature which is introduced in Tally.ERP 9. Control Center keeps track of your Tally.Net id details. It has many features but most important reason you have to visit control center is to change the password for your Tally.Net id.
While Re-activating your Tally.ERP 9 you would need your Tally.Net Id and password. And if you forgot the password then you need to reset the password. The process of resetting the password has been explained in previous post on Tally Support Center. When the password would be reset the it has to be changed to the one which is easier to remember. To do so you have to open control Center by pressing Ctrl+K. A login screen would pop up the enter your Tally.Net id and password. Copy paste the password which you have got in your email by pressing Ctrl+Alt+V. Control Center would open and here you would find all option which Tally has provided. With other option you would find change password option also. Enter the change password optiona dyou would get another screen to change your password. Here again paste the the password in old password column and enter the new password in New Password field. Repeat the same password again and press enter. Your password is changed. Do note that this is an internet based activity, so you need to start the Internet on your computer before accessing this service.

Other options
The other options in control center are manage your ids where you can see all your Tally.Net ids, their status etc.
In change My Profile where you can change the details regarding you e.g. your name and your phone number. The future services like Tally Job and Recruitment and Tally shop would be activated here it self.

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2 Comments the reset password area working. Was having troubles today...still cant.
Anonymous said…
Hello blogger,

Would by any chance have an idea of migrating accpac data to tally ERP 9?

God bless you if you know.
Thank you.

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