How to get support on Tally.ERP9 more promptly?

ApniTally readers have given some mind scraching response to Tally.ERP9 Post. While Sandeep has his apprehensions related to downgrading to Tally9 if he finds some trouble, for Mahen its not right time to upgrade to Tally.ERP9 as he finds some problems in excise and VAT and TDS. As you can not track back if you upgrade to Tally.ERP9, the solutions is what Mahen has done. As he has rightly sent the problems to Tally support , I would like to say that this is the right method get your problems solved as soon as possible.
As all Tally users are working on different kinds of accounting environments they get different kinds of problems. If your kind of work environment is having some sort of trouble them it should be reported to Tally. Two cases are possible, One there is an actual error as things cannot be done and second users must not be knowing how to do the particular task. In both the cases reporting the matter in full details to is going to provide you the much needed help.

Support Center

Tally has introduced an inbuilt mechanism to get the support in Tally.ERP9. It is called the Support Center. Until now you were getting help by pressing Alt+H now you can get support from Support Center by pressing Ctrl+H. Here press Alt +L and you would see the login screen it. Remember the email id which you have given while activating Tally.ERP9? Where you have recieved unlock Key for Tally! You have to enter the same email id and the password which you have recieved on the same email id. Remember you should be connected to internet before doing this thing as this would be an internet based activity.
If you dont remember the Tally.Net password then you need not to worry. Press F5 and you would get another email regrding password as it would be RESET. Check the mail copy the password by pressing Ctrl+c and paste in Your Tally.Net Pawword field by pressing Ctrl+Alt+V. Login with this new password.

Here press Alt+N or click new Issue to report new issue.
Select Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Send to field, give descriptive heading in Subject field and full description. Press Enter and the matter is reported to Tally!!! You would get the response very soon and get a ticket number related to issue reported by you. I don't think this can become easier then this.
You can keep track of all your issues and apply filters on them also to sort out the required one. If any one neds this simplicty then he has to upgrade to Tally.ERP9.
You should change the Suport password from the given by Tally to one which is easily can be remembered by you. How you can do this wold be explained in coming post.

Shailendra Yadav

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