Tally.ERP 9: Why to Install? How to Install ?

After the launch of Tally. ERP 9 next release is on the blocks. The release 1.1 of Tally.ERP9. For ApniTally readers who are still deciding whether to upgrade to Tally.ERP9 or not, here are few words which can help them in making decision.

Why to Install?

1. The first and fore most is its Free. Yes, for all Tally 9 original users its free. Just go to the Tally site and download the latest pack.
2. It has better performance the it's earlier versions. Better performance means handling large database at faster speed.
3. Added new features. New features like Remote capability, Payroll, excise etc. are available without any cost.
4. Better help. Newer version has better help features. You can get info about shortcut keys available at any window. More over the online help option is just superb. Problem solving via Tally end is now easy.
5. Last but not the least, It's new. When we can go for windows vista even after knowing it's not hundred percent perfect, then why not Tally.

Why not to Install?

1. If you have customizations running on your Tally. First you should take care of the customizations by converting them to newer version. There is a possibility that you may get some errors in them after conversion.
2. If you don't have the keys and email address. Arrange the keys and make email address of your own before shifting. It may be possible that you are using some one else email address. (probably the person who installed the tally may have mentioned his email address).

How to install?
The installation process is changed in Tally. ERP9. Here is a brief detail about installation process.
1. Make sure you have the sr. no. , key and email address with you.
2. Go to site of Tally and download the latest version.
3. Run install file and install it in seperate folder.
4. Surrender the earlier version of Tally9.
5. Follow the steps mentioned in this slide show

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