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Starting a New Financial Year : Avoid Duplicate Invoice Numbers

Few of my customers faced a special hurdle in starting the new year. They have the problem of duplication
of Invoice number, purchase order form numbers, journal voucher numbers etc. In one way this is not a problem at all, If we are using simple numbering of vouchers in Tally. Tally has a feature to repeat it on what ever basis you want e.g. yearly, monthly, daily or even never get repeated . If you have put it on Yearly basis which is default in Tally then it would get repeated after every financial year. The invoice number on 1/04/07 would be 1 and Invoice number on 1/04/08 would also be 1. As the financial year has changed this numbering would start again and there is nothing to worry at all.
But problem comes when we use special numbering method to number our vouchers. Some people have used S/07/1 instead of simple 1 in sales vouchers and P/07/1 instead of 1 in purchase vouchers or similar thing like this. Now if they would do the entry on 1/04/08 then similar number would appear in sales voucher and all other vouchers where special voucher numbering has been done. But It should have been S/08/1 or P/08/1 instead of S/07/1 and P/07/1 on 1/04/08.
How to rectify this error?
This problem can be rectified only from where it has originated. The place from where this numbering is changed.

Go to

Gateway of Tally -> Account Info. -> Voucher Type -> Alter

Now select the voucher type you have to alter. Here we are going to alter Sales voucher. You would find a field of Use Advance Configuration under Method of Voucher Numbering.

Put it to Yes. Another screen would appear, here you would find another screen in which you can try various options. Here you would also see what you have done to specialised last year's voucher number in Prefix Details. Just add another entry below it. If you have put S/07/ then you can put S/08/ applicable from 1/04/08.

Same thing can be done for all type of vouchers which has special kind of numbering.

For those who are starting invoicing in Tally for this year and having a bill book also may face a problem of starting bill number. Their bill book may be having bill no. 1134 as the first bill on 1/04/08. They also want Tally to show similar invoice number.
They have solutions on this very form. At the beginning just put the starting number as 1134 or what ever you have instead of 1 and wohlah its done!! Your first bill on 1/04/08 would be 1134.

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Anonymous said…
If I want to give invoice no like 01-05-06/09-10. 01 is sale of the current month, 05 is month, 06 is sale of current year. Is it possible?
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