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Starting New Financial Year : Is it time to create a new company ?

Starting a New Financial YearMarch ending and April starting is very crucial period for every accounting professional. It is time to finalize the old books as well as starting the new ones also. Accounting professional are busy closing the books and managing the returns etc. It is very busy time for a Tally users too. Tally users are busy but for various reasons. Some of them would be starting a new feature of Tally in their accounting like invoicing or inventory or payroll from current financial year while others would be busy starting afresh using Tally. What ever the reason may be but one question comes in the mind is,
Should i start with a new company to start the accounts in next financial year?
Is it really time to create new company? Lets explore.

Creating a new company costs nothing but it can cause extra burden on you as well as it can save you from some extra hassles also. You need a new company where as you can also do with current company, all depends on your needs and situation.

You need to create a new company in following cases only.
  • If you are a first time user of Tally and you have no account in Tally.
  • You are creating a new firm and separate accounting is needed.
  • Previous company you have created has too many errors and irregularities and beyond rectification.
For all other reasons you need not to create separate company as you can do with the current one.

  • If you have to just do accounting in new financial year.
  • If you have to activate some extra feature like payroll or excise or any other feature.
You can do it in current company.
What you have to do it is extend the financial period in Gateway of Tally. Press Alt + F2 and enter the period as from 1/4/2007 to 31/3/2009. Change PeriodYour Gateway of Tally would look like this.Gateway of Tally after changed Period
This way you can enter the transactions in previous year as well as in the new financial year. Choosing financial year of more then one year has only one drawback and that is you have a danger of entering vouchers in back year as it is open now. you are entering date as 1/4 and it can go in 1/4/07 as well as in 1/4/08 so you have to be careful.

Later on when you have finalize the accounts or year 2007-08 you can split the company on 1/4/08 and you would get a new company on which you would get the openings of all ledgers automatically.

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Anonymous said…
there is a new release of tally
Tally 9 rel 2.11 with stat 67
just a heads up
Anonymous said…
i want to data convert tally 7.2 to tally 9
Anonymous said…
I want to know just that right now i am in working in oman but i was to download tally 9 in my computer but now i was facing some problem in tally because in Oman currancy is OMAN Riyal. And in the tally not give opation to change Rs. to OMR. So. please help me out of this problem.
Anonymous said…
I want to create nepali B.S. Financial year in tally please help me how to change this option in tally from english A.D. to B.S.
Anonymous said…
Hey Nepali Vat System ::: No Problem at all.
A.D. to B.S. not so much problem again .
For solutions contact
Global Infosys
Below NIC Computer
Shanishchare Road ,Near Taxi Stand
Birtamode ,Jhapa Nepal

Subash Poddar
Please ask in NIC Computer.

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