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ApniTally Job service renewed

ApniTally has tried to make a platform for its readers who wants to do jobs in Tally. But this effort was ended in a sad note as the platform on which it has been build (edgeio) was sold to some other company and they have not activated this facility till date.
Never mind now this service has been activated again (thaks to ZOHO creator). I have build this application on ZOHO creator. But this time it has been done with a twist.
Now candidates has to enter the bio-data and employers has the option to call the candidates. This way employers would get large number of data to cal upon.
Candidates can enter their bio-data Here.
and Employers can see the candidates Here.
The bio-datas of each candidate would be available for 30 days and after 30 day if a candidate doesn't get any response, he can again list his resume for consideration.
Candidate has to mention his email and contact no. which would help employer contact the candidate.

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