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Unknown said...

i have a data of a one company in tally 9.0. I want the alter the company information, but i didn't find the alter option

Anonymous said...

pleae help me on above problem

Unknown said...

please help me

Unknown said...

dear sujal please select your company than go to gate way of tally than press alt+f3 than use alter

sapna aggarwal said...

i have data of manufacturing company in tally 5.4. we also maintain stock on tally.but our compnay not adopted any stock methos those show in tally. Actualky its a gem & jewellery company. we had purchased Same rough at differant price. and after finished its export. but we can't used according to lifo and fifo method. and any other method those in tally. actually we has purchased high and low price rough. almost we had used high price rough. low price rough is still pending. but tally except average thats y p &l show high closing stock and Gp is also high
pls help me

sapna aggarwal

Anonymous said...

im from mumbai, looking for a Tally 9 job in Mumbai...can anyone plz tell me about the same...
plz help:)

Bhuvan Morjal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhuvan Morjal said...

im from mumbai, looking for a Tally 9 job in Mumbai...can anyone plz tell me about the same...
plz help:)

Anonymous said...

Sujal call me and talk ur problem to me. i think i can solve ur problem.
my contect no is 8872046003

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