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How to clear Tally Certified Professional (TCP) Exam :Some Tips

Race for Top performers in Tally Certified Professional (TCP) exam for this year is heating up as the top score in each zone has crossed 90% marks and it would increase even more. As the last date is approaching near, TallyAcademies across the country are putting their best efforts to produce topper.
While all eyes are on top performers this is also a ground reality that students still feel hesitation in TCP exam. If i am not wrong then chance of failure in first attempt are very much higher as there was no such test in Tally before.
Here are my few Tips for those who think that TCP is hard nut to crack. These tips would at least help you in preparation as well as in making strategy to attempt the questions which can lead you to be a TCP.

Game Plan
The condition of passing is overall 55% marks. This would be the average of %age marks of Both sections viz. Business accounting and Business Environment. The student has to secure at least 50% marks in first section and 21% marks in second section also. If student is afraid of second section then his first section which is having questions related to Tally must be strong enough to given him overall percentage of 55.
The second which is having questions related to current business environment around us is having less questions so the the number of right answers increase the % very quickly, which improves over all percentage.
Tips for first section
  • Learn all short cut commands of Tally. This can be done by operating Tally without touching the mouse.
  • Understand overall concept of each feature of Tally why it is there and what it does. It would help in solving the questions. For example what budget does and why we use scenarios. If this is understood then solving the questions would be easy.
  • See all F12:Configuration options of all screens and remember where they are. For example Master configuration, voucher configurations, printing configuration etc.
  • Same way F11: Features should be known.
Tips for Second section
  • Learn about the types of organisations e.g. Proprietorship, Company, HUF etc. How they are formed and its constituents like shareholders , their rights etc.
  • Lern about return filing e.g. Income tax and its rates,Vat , Excise, TDS,TCS and forms used in them.
  • Overall use common sense if you don't know the answers and attempt.
  • Attempt all questions as there is no negative marking.
Although these tips are based on my self experience and my students who has attempted this test, however it would be excellent if all ApniTally readers who have attempted TCP, contribute their experiences by commenting on this article.

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Anonymous said…
Well said. Thank you very much
Anonymous said…
Answers for TCP Questions - where we can confirmation whether we r doing correctly or not?? plzz help and how we can download those tcp questions. Thanks.
raja said…
hello sir i need very urgent tally 9 compleete tutorial plse help me n my mail id / thanking u adv
Unknown said…
Answers for TCP Questions - where i can confirmation whether we r doing correctly or not?? plzz help and how we can download those tcp questions and answers. pls mail me

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