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Tally Prime or Tally Prime Audit Log ver 2.1, which Tally Prime version is best for You?


What's New in Tally Prime and Tally Prime Edit Log rel 2.1

 What edit logs are captured by Tally Prime Audit Log? 

Which one is best suited to me.


Tally Prime and Tally Prime Edit Log rel 2.1 which one is best for me?

What's New in Tally Prime rel 2.1 

Tally Prime 2.1 is live from today. This release is keeping up the pace with changing times. The new release now part ways for Tally customers who comes under the preview of MCA and those who are not covered  by MCA (Ministry of corporate affairs)

The new notification of MCA which is applicable from April1, 2022 forces Pvt. Ltd. companies, LLP's Govt. owned Companies to use such software in which a complete audit trail of entries is maintained and this trail should not be changed or modified. 

Tally has introduced two version of its software now. In Tally Prime Audit Trail you cannot change the log. Or in other words you can modify the entries but the trail generated cannot be edited. 

Where as in Tally Prime 2.1 you have an option to maintain Audit Log. You can disable it any time and again can apply it again. 

What edit log are captured by Tally Prime 2.1?

In Tally Prime 2.1 now user can capture 

Who has altered, created or modified the entry.

What alteration has been made in entries.

At what time these alterations are made.

In addition to this you can make a comparison of the changes which are done.

Activities in both masters and transactions can be traced.

Which version is right for me?

If your are an individual proprietor firm, partnership firm then you should go for Tally Prime 2.1 version.

Otherwise you have to use Tally Prime Edit Log for your accounting. 

Just go to the download page for Tally solutions and choose the right one for you.

Tally Prime rel 2.1 and Tally Prime Edit Log rel 2.1 choose your best fit.

Caution: A word of caution here. Your TSS should be active. If it is expired then you would not be eligible for download. You need to renew your subscription first and then you would be able to download and use the software. 

ApniTally can help you in updating your subscription. Need help?


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