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How to Reactivate or Update your Tally Prime License or shift it to another computer

 Step Summery

1. Go to Reactivate license Put your email id

2. Put Tally.Net password.

3. Accept the screen and it is done! 

If you forget your Tally.Net password then you have to reset it.

1. Click on reset button on the right side

2. Enter your email id.

3. Open your mail id and click on the link

4. enter your new password two times 


Now go back to the reactivation screen and complete the process with new password.

Detailed Steps

If your Tally Prime License file is corrupts then License activation and Reactivation screen appears. If activate or reactivate screen appears when ever you open your Tally prime, then simply select reactivate license Button. 

Reactivate License Screen Tally Prime

1. Enter your email id if this column is blank.

2. Enter the Tally.Net password. This is not your email id password. This is the password which is provided to you in your registered email when you first activated the license.

3. If you don't know or remember the password, then don't worry, simply look to your right side and click Reset Password button.

4. Enter your email id at which your Tally Prime license is registered.

5. Open your email, you would get an email from Tally.Net. If not then wait for some time or just double check if the email you entered is the correct one? 

6. There would be a link in the mail, click on the link. You would be asked to put new password two times. 

7. Enter your new password and click submit. Then click ok.

8. Come again to Tally and now enter that new password to activate your license.

Your license is reactivated.

Screen after successful reactivation

Some precautions

1. If you are using multi user license i.e. Tally Prime Gold then you should activate or reactivate license on server machine only and not on nodes. Same is the case with Tally Prime auditor version.

2. Internet connection is prerequisite.

Further help

This document on Tally's site provides you complete details about How to activate or reactivate or update your license.

Check out this video if you have just shifted from Tally.ERP 9 to Tally Prime.


If you want to shift license from one machine to another then this video would help you.

If for any reason you have not shifted to Tally Prime and still are on Tally.ERP 9 then you can read my article which would help you perform the same action in Tally.ERP 9.

How to reactivate your Tally.ERP 9 license or shift it to another machine.

This list of articles would help you in Your licensing issues in Tally.

Still facing licensing issues? Just drop us a message. We would call you back.

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