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Tally Prime Quick Tips [Videos]

 Now is the time for shorts. Everyone is busy and don't have time for reading the blog. It's very difficult to catch the eyeballs for a blogger of the readers with their content. Blogging is for detailing. If you need details then read the blog which are in details otherwise time is of Instagram reels and your tube shorts. 

Keeping pace with the trend I have started to make some quick tips for my Tally users in form of YouTube shorts, who otherwise don't have time to fully understand the lengthy process of how to do the things in Tally. So the quick tip is my idea of helping out. 

I have tried to restrict myself in 30 seconds and working on making these tips.

You can find these tips on my YouTube channel also. I will be updating my Tally Tips page also on these tips where i have been sharing my tips on Tally.

Separate Buyer and Consignee details

Separate consignee and buyer details are not shown in print in Tally Prime in spite of putting separate buyer and consignee. Here is the solutions.  

Printing Bank details in Invoice

Sometimes we are not able to get our bank details printed in Tally Prime invoice. Here is a quick tip on how you can get it printed in your Tally Prime invoice.

Print invoice in Landscape Mode

Tally Prime has a very quick method to print invoice in landscape mode. It can be done very easily. Here is the tip to do it.

Print Phone Number and website address in Tally Prime Invoice.

This simple quick tip helps you to print your phone number and website address on your Tally Prime invoice. 

This is just a beginning. 

If you find these tips helpful then consider subscribing my YouTube channel so that you can get latest updates on my new tips. Also share them among your friends who are users of Tally and perhaps don't know about these quick tips. 

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