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Download Latest version of Tally Prime: Tally Prime 2.0.1 is out now

 So far Tally Prime 2.0 has proved to be a very stable release. But as the users are adopting it continuously now they are facing various issues and now reporting them also. By the way if you discover any issue then you can share that with Tally Solutions. You just have to write a mail to support at tallysolutions dot com describing the issue or you can simply call them on their toll free  18003098859 or 802563824 helpline numbers and they would note it down. After addressing the issue they would inform you also.

The usual way of Tally to update it's product is by way of issuing release updates. What ever issues are being reported they would provide a release update. This time also release 2.0.1 has been provided. You can download it from Tally Solutions download page.

But first let us see what are the major changes of Tally Prime rel. 2.0.1

Highlights of Tally Prime 2.0.1

Bottom Bar

The most apparent change is the comeback of bottom bar of Tally.ERP 9 into Tally Prime. Do you remember a little bar in Tally.ERP 9 which use to appear at the bottom in any voucher screen or report screen? It use to contain all the shortcuts available on that particular screen. It has been removed in Tally Prime. But now it is reintroduced in Tally Prime rel 2.0.1. Now you can see the shortcuts to delete a line or how to delete a voucher of  accept or cancel a voucher. Although if you are an expert and know the available shortcut keys then you can hide this bottom bar. I personally don't like it as it occupies the space at the bottom and screen looks cluttered. You are provided with an option to hide or show the bottom bar.

How do I Hide or show the bottom bar in Tally Prime Rel 2.0.1?

For that you have to go to 

F1 (Help) ==>Setting ==>Display

 and then under application heading put ==> Show Bottom Bar Yes/No (refer to screen shot below)

Tally Prime rel 2.0 highlights
Bottom Bar Hide/Show

Here you can find option to hide and unhide the bottom bar.

Other enhancements

 Notification in Tally Prime

Now the notifications and other alerts would be more timely 

Product enhancement

Some minor product enhancements are done relating to export to excel. Now bug fixing has been done in export and printing of TDS reports etc,

You can see the details at this page.

Should I update ?

You can update this version if you use to export reports in excel format of if yo want to know th shortcut keys of Tally Prime. Otherwise there is no urgent need to update.

Note : You need active TSS to upgrade to Tally Prime rel 2.0.1

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