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Hidden Keyboard shortcut keys of Tally Prime


Hidden keyboard shortcuts which are changed in Tally Prime

Ctrl+R to Remove line

Ctrl+U to Unhide/ Restore Line

Hidden keyboard shortcuts which work in Tally Prime as well as Tally.ERP 9

Ctrl + A to Accept

Alt + I to Insert any voucher

Alt + 2 to duplicate any voucher

Alt + X to cancel any voucher

Tally Prime has ushered a fresh new look into the software which is very welcoming and we all would agree to it. To a new customer this change is not so difficult to adopt as these changes in interface of Tally Prime are done keeping in mind to further simplify the operation of Tally. These are making simple Tally to be more simpler.

I have experienced through my customer interaction that new users are adopting Tally Prime very fast and they are welcoming it, but old die hard fans of Tally are finding it a little bit struggling to adjust to new environment. 

One reason to this struggle is to find the new keyboard shortcuts for the operation they use to do with ease in Tally.ERP 9. Although Tally has tried to do as little as possible changes is its keybard shortcut commands but still things have changed. Some important keyboard shortcuts of Tally ERP 9 are now changed in Tally Prime which were used very frequently by Tally users. 

Hidden Short Cut Key of Tally Prime
How to use hidden keyboard shortcuts of Tally prime

Although almost all the short cuts of Tally Prime are visible in Tally Prime but still there are some hidden commands which can make the work faster and easy in Tally Prime. Hidden here means you would not see them written anywhere in Tally Prime screen but if you apply they would work.

Hidden Shortcut Keys of Tally Prime

First lets see those keys which are changed in Tally Prime. 

Remove any Line in any report Ctrl +R

First Key which is changed and is hidden in Tally Prime and which is used by most of the people in Tally.ERP 9 was Alt+R which was used to hide any line in any report in Tally.ERP 9. To remove any entry from any report in Tally.ERP 9 Alt+R was the short cut key which is now changed to Ctrl+R. If you want to export a report from Tally or just want to print a report but don't want to prime certain lines then these lines can be selected and hidden from Tally Prime report by pressing control key and R

Unhide the lines Ctrl+U

If you want to unhide these line one by one then you can press Ctrl+U repeatedly and one by one each line would be shown again. If you want to unhide all then you can use Alt+U to un hide all hidden lines.

Retrieve the narration  Ctrl+R

Same Ctrl+R key if pressed in any voucher would retrieve the previous narration in current voucher. Earlier this was handled by Alt +R key in Tally.ERP 9 which is now changed in Tally Prime.  

Hidden keyboard shortcut commands which work in Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9

Accept the Screen Ctrl +A

Instead of pressing Enter again and again on a screen you can press Ctrl +A to accept any screen in a one go. 

Insert a voucher in any report  Alt +I

If you want to insert a voucher anywhere in a report on a particular day then you can press Alt +I and a new voucher screen would open and that voucher would be inserted on that date. I use this shortcut when I forget to enter some payment vouchers for a party while viewing his ledger. By using up and down arrow keys just reach at the location where you want to insert a voucher and press Alt +I, your voucher would be inserted voucher number would be automatically adjusted.

Duplicate a voucher Alt +2

This keyboard shortcut of Tally is my favorite. It helps  in entering repeated vouchers with fast speed. In a report go to any voucher press Alt +2 it would be duplicated. Just change the amount or any detail you want and then just press Ctrl +A to accept and its done.

See the details with Shift +Enter

You can see the details of any line in any report by pressing the Shift + Enter key 

Alter any master by Ctrl +Enter

This key is known to everybody. While entering any voucher if you want to alter any master then this shortcut key is very handy. While you are at any master may be ledger or item or unit, just press Ctrl+Enter and that master would be ready to modify. 

Calculate on the go by Alt +C

Although Alt + C is used to create any master in Tally, but if you press Alt+C in any amount field such as rate filed it would bring you to calculator pan where you can do the calculations and if press enter it would be automatically reflect in the amount field. So you need not to find the calculator to give a discount or percentage calculations.

Delete operations in Tally

To delete any voucher you can press Alt +D in any report or in voucher it self. 

To delete any row like item or ledger in any voucher you can press Ctrl+D in any voucher.

Cancel with Alt+X

You can cancel any voucher by pressing Alt +X in Tally Prime. 

Hidden Keys with Space bar and Shift Key

Space bar is used in Tally to select and deselect rows in any report in Tally. You can use with Shift key also. With Ctrl + Space bar you can select all lines in any report. You can use Ctrl + Shift + Home key to select or dis select all lines up to top and Ctrl + Shift + End key to select up to the bottom. To navigate from one field to next field Tab key is used and to go back to previous field you can use Shift+Tab key. 

Remember, these are just hidden keys that we have discussed. In addition to these there are many other short cut keys also which are available in Tally Prime. If you want to get all the shortcut keys which work in Tally Prime as well as in Tally.ERP 9 then Download from our sites free utility page.

Tel me which shortcut keys you use the most, which short cut key is your favorite in the comment section.

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