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How to Switch to Tally Prime from existing Tally ERP 9 :The best way for smooth transition [ Video]

Tally prime is catching more and more eye balls in the accounting world of MSME's and the user experience is just WOW. ApniTally has personally installed Tally Prime and found users experience  with people who have no previous experience of Tally as well as those who have a good Tally ERP 9 work experience. The users who already useing Tally.ERP 9 found Tally Prime very refreshing and yet very known. They found it quite interesting to work in Tally Prime. Excitement to try hands on Tally prime is superb.  

How to smoothly switch to Tally Prime

New users who are first timers when first introduced to Tally Prime found it easy to use and understand. When told about new features of Go to it was like Tally's search engine to them. 

But we cannot ignore the possibilities that one may get stuck some where during your working and experimentation with Tally Prime. So there must be some helping hand for you if you are a safe player. Above all of this your current working should not be hampered due to your transition.

So what should be the best way?

As I have discussed with ApniTally readers what you should know before before shifting your license from Tally ERP 9 to Tally Prime, if all condition are satisfied and met with and you are ready to jump, then what the best strategy should be like. 

For safe surfer who don't want to take risks, what else could be the best for him, if he could just test his skills on new version of Tally Prime with demo company and keep doing his business work on existing Tally.ERP 9 side by side? And when he feel trained enough then he can shift his whole work in Tally Prime.

Yes this is the best way. Initially you should install Tally Prime in a separate folder and try your hands on some demo data in Tally Prime. Later on after some practice if you feel comfortable enough then you can shift your business Tally Data in Tally Prime. That way your transition would be smooth enough. How can you use both version of Tally simultaneously, I have explained in my previous article. 

For more clarity Check out this video

 How can ApniTally help in your transition to Tally Prime ?

If you want our help then we are currently running some attractive offers for Tally Prime.

"Just type Tally Prime and send us on our whats app no. 860 710 2555 "

Or just see our bundle offers. ApniTally is ready to help you in your smooth transition from Tally.ERP 9 to Tally Prime. In case you have any queries then you can write to us in comment or you can just drop us a message on our whatsapp number. .

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