10 May 2019

Get Your Real Time Tally Data on your Mobile Instantly

Imagine you are in front of our customer and discussing what his next requirement is going to be. If we have our computer with you and Tally data, you can discuss each and every thing with him. His past record, his pending invoices, his most bought items, his last billed price etc.

But if you don't have data , then what ever info you need you have to depend on some body who is doing accounting in the office and let you have the required info.

Lets imagine another scenario, company CEO need to check his current outstanding and the liquidity position of the company. What amount is going to come in near future and what are his liabilities. For this he has to sit with the accountant to get the information required.

There are situations like these and many more when we need our business data with us instantly but we don't have our Tally with us so what we do is we call our accountant or Tally operator to let us tell that data.
But now we can have a better solution. All our Tally data now can be on our mobile, and instantly. Thanks to a marvelous app called Biz Analyst.

How this thing works
This app simply picks your company data from your computer in a secure way and  then transfers this data to your mobile. When ever the data is updated in Tally it picks it up and send it to the mobile. If at ant moment the mobile is not having internet then also you can browse the data. When ever the mobile gets the internet access the data is updated in the app. Now you have the latest data which you can use as per your need.

Real Time Tally Data

Now you can have all your business data on mobile, and that too in simplest way possible and it's real time. The moment data is entered in Tally in your office it is updated on your mobile instantly. If you are in a remote location and don't have internet access still you can browse the data and see the required report.

CEO Dashboard
Biz Analyst gives you summery of your business, so you need to ask for reports from accountants. Regular tracking helps in increasing the sales and reducing the outstanding.

Increase Sales field productivity
People in the field gets the real time data. They can share the updated invoices,  send reminders and can share ledger queries via email and whats app. They can see customer's real time history, active stock with price visibility. Even in remote locations this data can be seen without internet.

Easy to Setup
The setup is very easy to follow. Its a two step process. First of all download the app in your computer and then on your mobile. Click on the link below to download the app on your desktop.
Now install the app on desktop and create a user name for your self. and generate a password. your mobile number would be verified via OTP. After verification your account would be created.
Just check out this video on how to install it on your desktop.

Now install the app on your mobile and use the same user name and password. You would see your company on your mobile. You can have data of as many as company you want. You can have a free trial for seven days as ApniTally user.

In case of any help you can drop us a message our team would provide you free support via team viewer.

08 April 2019

7 Strong Reasons you should not create a new company in Tally in New Financial Year

Come new financial year and a new  confusion has been seen by me with my customers which is , Should I make a new company in New Financial Year. The answer to this question is No.  It can be Yes as well but only in few cases. Today I am going to discuss the No portion. 

Why one should not create a new company in Tally in New Financial Year.

As the new financial year arrives people try to enter the new date of the new financial year i.e. 1/04/19 in this year case and it is not accepted in Tally. Why this happens? Because their current work period is 1/4/18 to 31/3/19. So Tally throws an error stating "Date cannot be above the current period" (see the screen shot)
Error Message usually seen on New Financial Year
So, most people think they should  create a new company in Tally in new financial year as  Tally is not allowing them to work in this company So they create a separate company with financial year beginning from 1/4/19, which should not be done. Why it should not be done ? What is the solution?
Lets discuss the solution first. In the main screen of Tally which is Gateway of Tally just Press Alt+F2 and change the period to 1/4/2019 to 31/3/2020. That's all is needed. Start entering your new year's transactions.

Now comes the part why it should not be done. 

1. You have to create all the ledgers once again which would be unnecessary work for you. If the ledgers are too much then work is also bigger for you, although you can export the ledgers and then import in the new company.
2. You have to create all the items and units once again which would be hard if they are too much and they are already defined. Although you can export all the items and then import in new company.
3. You would loose all the previous balances of the parties in the new company.
4. You would loose all the stock information which you have to reenter in the new company.
5. You have to do all the F11 configurations again.
6. If you create a new company you have to enter opening balances of the ledgers which you would not have until the balance sheet for last year is finalized.
7. If you have to enter back dated entries then you have to open the old company and then do it. 

So the moral of the story is don't create a new company in Tally in New Financial Year, just Press Alt+F2 and extend the current financial period to new one and continue working in the existing company. 
In what case you can create a new company? We would discuss it in coming articles.