25 February 2018

Tally.ERP 9 rel 6.4 is here with truck load of new features including e-way bill.

The much awaited new release of Tally.ERP 9 is now online. As the country is going to embrace e-way bill system from March 7, 2018, it can be seen as major relief from customer point of view. Now people using Tally.ERP 9 can raise the invoice and Tally would tell them instantly about the need for e-way bill no or not.  Tally would prompt the user to fill the required information required for e-way bill, while raising an invoice. In addition to e-way bill system, many more features have been added including GSTR-1 format change and GST compliance for composite dealer. Let's see the changes in detail.

Highlights of Rel 6.4

Changes in GSTR-1

On Feb 20, govt. made changes in GSTR-1 format, which were incorporated by Tally very quickly. These changes were in excel offline utility, CSV format as well as in JSON format. Now monthly GSTR-1 can be filed easily without any hickups.

e-Way bill management

Tally captures all the information needed for generating e-way while raising an invoice. You need not to copy paste the details once again in the portal.
  • You can print the e-way bill no on the relevant invoice easily, take a printout and hand it over to the transporter quickly.
  • Single invoice as well as multiple invoice can be exported in json format for e-waybill to be generated. 
  • If vehicle no, place of supply, mode of transport are same for a set of invoices then invoices can be grouped and single json file can be made.
  • e-way bills can be generated on behalf of supplier or transporter. 
Check out this video on e-way bill to get insight of how you can handle e-way bill in Tally  rel 6.4

Tally for Composite Dealer
The GST compliance for composite dealer has been incorporated in rel   6.4.
GSTR-4 return in json format can be exported and directly uploaded to GSTN.

Product Enhancements
In addition to this product enhancements related to GST transactions, GST reports, Accounting vouchers, Inventory management and accounting vouchers has been done.

Check out the complete info in about what actually has been changed is given here in release notes 

If you need Tally software and training on GST and e-way bill then just fill this form we would get in touch with you to help you out.

16 February 2018

Tally Cool Tip : How to make items, ledgers etc starting with small case ?

Today i am going to share a small tip which is very cool too. As we all know that Tally is known for it's simplicity. The simplicity can be seen by the facility that usually people are not well verse in writing in case sensitive type. or example we find it hard to capitalize the first letter of every word and it takes special effort for those to type who are not good at typing skills. And most of the accounts guys are not typists. So to simplify Tally automatically makes the first letter of every word Capital automatically so that it doesn't look bad. Like ledger name "Global Supplier" would be written as it should be written, first letter capital and not as "global supplier".

But this simplicity becomes difficulty some times. In today's internet age we find names like e-way, iPhone, iCare Services, eVision Networks more often. The problem begins when you have to enter the name which really starts with small letter. for example if you have to add an item say iPhone or enter a company who has name as iCare Systems etc., then in Tally it would automatically become Iphone. And you you would get puzzled that how to write it as iPhone and not Iphone.

My today's tip is related to this only.

Howto make first letter of any master in Small Case in Tally?

The answer is very simple and short. When you in any master creation screen, just press Shift + F3 and now the case is changed. Now you enter anything and it would be in small letters. It would not be automatically changed to capital letter. You would be able to write iphone. To make P capital just type it by pressing shift key and you would be able to write iPhone in your list.

Check out this small video about this tip.

You can find lots of more such Tally Tips on ApniTally.


02 February 2018

How to generate e-way bill for your bills in Tally.ERP 9

First things first. The trial process of generating e-way bill has been extended till the next date to be announced. In a recent tweet from the official handle of GOI for the queries on GST @askGST_GoI, it has been announced as pinned tweet. So we can easily go ahead till further notice. But in the mean time we can utilize this lean period in understanding the process. We can easily go through the process of generating e-way bill via portal from the bills you have generated in Tally.ERP 9. 

Tweet of GOI official handle announcing e-way bill relaxing

It is quiet evident that you have to generate bill first in Tally and then you can go to the portal i.e. ewaybill.nic.in and don't be surprised if this portal is not working as these are the glitches which forced the govt. to differ the date of e-way bill.

Help on eway registration and e-way bill generation 
There are many videos on youtube which would guide you how to get registered on e-way bill portal and how to generate e-way bill. 
For example this link gives you complete details about how to register on e-way portal in Hindi, where as this link takes you through the whole process of generating e-way bill for your invoices. This article from Tally Solutions explains step by step process of generation of e-way bill. 

How Tally.ERP 9 can help
If you are using Tally.ERP 9 then you would find that this process becomes more easy as you can copy paste the details from your Tally invoice to e-way portal directly and the process becomes easy. What you have to do is just press "Ctrl + Alt + C' to copy any field e.g. Party name or his GST number or Item name or taxable value and paste it on portal by using usual "Ctlr+V" command. You can see the print preview of the invoice and note down the correct HSN code of each item. In that way you can generate e-way bill without any error. 
Later on after successfully generating bill you can paste the bill number in the narration field  of the same invoice. 

Future path
Tally rel 6.4 would be coming soon online Which would be having many updates related to e-way bill. 
The first one would be that  Tally would warn you about the need for e-way bill. 
The second thing it would provide would be the the facility to export the invoice in json format which can be directly uploaded to the portal and eway bill can be generated. Later that number can be added to invoice.
It would also give you facility to upload multiple bills in one go. 
The last updated would be giving you reports on bill numbers and their e-way bill numbers so that you can easily track your invoices.

As it has been done many times by Tally, this time too Tally would walk the GST journey along with you. 
In case you want to update yourself and buy Tally you can give you number to me by clicking on this link. Our team would not only give you software, it would help you in implementing Tally in your organisation.