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How to shift your old Tally to new GST version Tally.ERP 9 Rel 6.2 onwads in 6 easy steps

If you have recently shifted your Tally company to newer version, then this article would help you to make your company GST ready in just few minutes. As your old company would be in 4.93 version of rel 5 version it would not be GST compliant, so when you would sift to new GST compliant rel 6.x then it would make certain changes in your company and you should know about these changes. You should be ready by this time on further steps to be taken. 

Step 1 : Setting GST No.
The moment you open your old company into new upgraded version say rel 6.2 it would ask you to take backup of your company and then start the conversion process. One thing which should be kept in mind is that the backup is in new version, so if you want an old copy intact than you should copy the data folder somewhere before proceeding ahead. Now say yes to Migrate your data and company is converted. Now you have to enable GST by going to F11-->  F3 and by putting the first option of 
Enable GST  to Yes. And then set alter GST Details should also be Yes. Now it would give you the option the enter your GST No. Here one interesting factor is that Tally would validate your GST No., if you put wrong one due to some mistake it would give you the warning.
Enable GST 
Enter your GST No.
Step 2 : Put all Party GST No. at one go.
The second step is to put the GST nos of all the parties in one go. Although you can modify each ledger master and enter the number one by one, but Tally give you one point location where all numbers can be updated. The shortcut command is DOG or Display --> StatutOry Reports --> GST
You would find option Update party GST no.

Update Party GSTIN
You would see screen like this where you have to define the country, State and type of registration and his GSTIN No. 
Enter Party GSTIN Nos.

If you don't remember all the party GSTIN then no need to worry, just update the one you have with you. Next time when you would come to this screen you would find the remaining ones only.

Step 3 : Update Unique Quantity Code (UQC)
Next step is the map your Unit of measure with Unique quantity code of GST. Here we have to map the units which we have defined with already existing code provided by GST Network.


Kg is equal to KGS
 Step 4 : Setup GST Rate of Items
Now you have to setup the rates and HSN code of each item. This work is very cumbersome if you have large no of items. But Tally ha provided you the ways to do it easily. If you can figure out items which has same GST Rate and same HSN Code then select those items and press Alt +S  you can now define the tax rate and their HSN code of all the selected items in one go. Select multiple items by pressing space bar. it would color it to dark green. You can un select by pressing the space bar again

Select Multiple Item by Pressing space bar

Set item GST Rate and HSN  Code
Step 5 : Define the GST Ledgers
As your old company would not be having GST ledgers, now it's time to define them. You need only 5 ledgers, namely, Sales ledger as Sales of Goods or Sales of Services, the Tax Ledgers namely Central Tax (CGST), State Tax (SGST) and Integrated Tax (IGST). Be sure that no tax rate should be defined in these ledgers. Generally we define the tax rate which would make GST working very difficult. We may be having a habit of defining tax ledgers like we you to do in VAT regime like sales 5 % , VAT 12.5% etc. Here we don't  need such ledgers.  

Example of Tax Ledgers
Step 6 : Make GST Sales Voucher
This is an optional step. It is suitable if you start GST billing with a new series. New series can be started by creating a new voucher type namely GST Sales. This voucher type would be sales type voucher which may have new series.  By doing this you can do entries upto 30 June in your normal sales voucher and after that it can be done in GST sales voucher. In case if you have to add some remaining bills before 30 June you can do.  
Goto  Account Info --> Voucher Type --> Create 
Create GST Sales Voucher 
Now your company is GST ready. Start making GST Entries. IF you have any queries in this process you can as them by commenting on this article. I would be pleased to help you.

Be GST Ready with ApniTally and Tally.ERP 9

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