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3 Ways to Manage your Business Expenses using Tally ERP 9

Tally  ERP 9 is now undisputed leader in Accounts and Inventory Management among small and Medium business enterprises in India. This has been proved by latest VAR India Survey.  It has been judged as Best ERP software for SMB. This is another feather in Tally's cap. Tally's kitty of awards and recognition is increasing day by day.
Tally has many tools with which you can manage your day today business expenses very effectively. These tools if used properly can help you track your expenses, so that you can reduce the unnecessary ones. The features can help you to plan further for future keeping in view the budget constrains.   

Let see age old features of Tally erp 9 can help you manage your business expenses.

Three ways you can manage your small business expenses in Tally erp 9
Three ways to manage your business expenses in Tally erp 9

1. Scenario Management
Scenario management is an inbuilt tool available in Tally ERP 9 which is basically a management tool that enables different displays of accounts and inventory related information. It is basically what if analysis. It would answer questions like What would happen to profit if we spend 30% on salary? What would happen to cash flow if we increase our expense on advertisement ? How much increase in expenses would result in decrease in profit. You have to selectively including certain types of vouchers which should not affect the source data. It generates provisional reports without actually effecting the main books of accounts. It is also used as forecasting tool as you can enter the expected expenses and see the effect on your profits without effecting your books. 
Tally has three special types of vouchers which are used in scenario management. These are Optional vouchers, Memorandum Vouchers and Reversing Journal vouchers.
Here is a video which explains silently how this is achieved.

2. Budgets and Controls
Budget is a tool which helps you to keep track of your financial health and also helps to allocate the funds according to requirement. Tally helps you in this task. You can make budget in Tally and then track your revenue and expenditure against our budget. This helps you to control the expenditure and utilize your money as per plan. See this video provided by Tally about how budget can help an organisation in managing business expenses.

3. Credit Control
Tally has a unique feature of setting credit limit to each individual ledger. That limit too can be changed from ledger to ledger. By setting the limits one can control the credit given to them and control the billing. You will not able to raise further invoice to a party whose dues are not cleared according to limit set by you. Tally would alarm you about the limit. You can also set the limit individually to each ledger. You can set different  limits to same party also.

See More How to set different limits to same party. 

By these three tools you can very well manage your expenses and better utilize the funds available to you. Let me know how do you find this article. 

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