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Tally Institute of Learning: Tally reorganizes it's education business

Tally has a customer base of over 3 million all over world and it's growing steadily. One major factor to increasing sales is to increase the customer satisfaction. Customer should be able to fully utilize the potential of the product. Same is true with Tally also.

Tally's success journey has one more vital link and that link is easily available tally professionals. Although these professional don't have that level of Tally expertise but ready availability of even half trained man power has contributed for Tally's success.  

It is well known to people at Tally that full knowledge of product to the customer would definitely benefit them that's why Tally has put efforts in customer education from time to time. Although various efforts on this front has been made by Tally yet perfect synergy between demand and supply for trained Tally man power is still a challenge for Tally. Tally has made many efforts over the period through official channel as well as gray market also.

To provide fully trained man power Tally tried to create a Network of Tally Academy though out India. It published study material for them and side by side also let the informal networks to flourish and provided education about it's product. The setup of Tally Academy was very unique as compared with existing franchisee system in the market. It was very cost effective for a partners but it was unable to provide standardize trained man power to the expectations of industry and Tally both. This draw back was tackled by provisioning of Online certification exam but failed to get much needed response. Tally Academy network was not that much a success and it was discontinued.  According the Mr. Bharat Goenka, it was never a core business for Tally. It was not as much profitable for Tally either.

Tally Institute of Learning (TIL) 
Tally Institute of Learning Logo

After a gap of more than 2 years Tally has now again come up with a new Franchisee system. This time with full preparation as it seems from it's approach. Tally Institute of Learning (TIL) has now replaced Tally Academy Network. Tally specially created separate entity for that under the name of Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. headed by  Mr. Tejas Goenka, son of Sh. Bharat Goenka co founder of Tally.
According the the website of Tally Education, "TIL is established under the purview of Tally Solutions, intents to empower the current and next generation employees to contribute in a greater measure to their work, while finding personal success. TEPL envisions to be the premier solution provider for all manpower related challenges of SME employers.
To meet the industry demand for Tally trained professionals and to bridge the gap between training and placement, we have established authorised centres known as Tally Institute of Learning (TIL) across the country. TILs impart high-quality training on job-oriented courses designed to meet industry requirements. The key features of our centres are scientifically designed teaching methodology, industry relevant curriculum/ courseware, training delivery by Tally certified faculty, 30:70 theory to practical sessions, online assessments, verifiable certification and 100% placement assistance."

Courses Offered :-
At present TIL is offering following courses:-
Certificate Program in Financial Accounting CPFA:-
This 3 month program covers knowledge of Basics of Computers, Basic of Accounting, Basic English, Tally.ERP 9 III volumes and personality development. You can check complete syllabus for more details.

Advance Certificate program in Financial Accounting and Taxation :-
This program is further extension of CPFA  wich covers taxation part with advance knowledge of computer basic. in addition to it sales management is also included in it.  Full details about this curse are available here.

Tally stand alone course:-
TIL offers three variants of its Tally.ERP 9 courses.
Tally.ERP 9 course consists of III volumes on Tally Accounting and Inventory, Advance Accounting and Inventory and fundamental of Taxation.
Tally.ERP 9 Advanced includes two more volumes of Tally which includes Advance Taxation and Payroll
Tally.ERP 9 Comprehensive includes all the five volumes of Tally.ERP 9 . Complete syllabus for this comprehensive course is available on site.

Modular Courses :-
Individual modules are also available for the students who need only specific modules only, they can opt for Basics of Computer, Advance Computer, Personality Development. Sales Management, Basic English.

Advantages of TIL

100% Job Assistance
TIL is offering many advantages to its students. The first advantage is of 100% job assistance to the students. On courses CPFA and ACPFAT students can get 3 interview chances.
Overall personality Development
In personality development module students are taught how to make visual as well as video resume and how to face interview. His english communication skills are taken care of.
Online Examination
The course modules are examined online and they are assessed on same criteria all over India. Final certification exam is also conducted online.
Verifiable Certification
More over every TIL certification is verifiable. Employees can verify any certificate online and judge the candidate even before interview.
Tally Job portal
Tally is planning to make a job portal exclusively for Tally customers and Tally students.
Placement Cell
Students are placed by Placement cell of TIL

Finding a Tally Institute of Learning (TIL)
Almost all Indian states and all major cities have TIL at present. Students can find the nearest Tally Institute of Learning  here.

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