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Tally Tip: How to easily enter calculated figures in Tally

Here is a quite simple but effective Tip for Tally users. It happens while doing entries in Tally that some times you have to calculate the figures and then enter the total of that calculated figures in amount column. For example if you have to enter  the price of a particular item as its MRP + 1.25% extra then what would you do? Probably what you would do  is draw the calculator and then  calculate the sum of MRP + 1.25% and then enter that amount in Tally.

Some smart tally users would just press Ctrl +N and then calculate the sum in the calculator pane and then again press Ctrl +M and then retype that figure in the amount column.

Now the Tip is that there is one more smarter way to do this. While you are at amount figure just press Alt+C and see what happens.

You would find that cursor automatically moves to calculator pane. Here what ever calculation you do and press enter then you would find that final amount automatically shifts to amount column in main pane. You can see the formula entered by me in the calculator pane. The final amount is automatically shifted to Amount column.

Wow! No need for calculator, no need to remember the figures and no need of copy pasting. Isn't it a cool tip?

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