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First Step in Tally.ERP 9 Learning: Download the Latest Version.

Many ApniTally users have asked me, for pirated copy of Tally Software or its cracked version. When I deny that I don't have a crack version then they ask for some lower version like tally 7.2 for which crack is easily available. When asked , that what would they do? They simply say they want to learn Tally and for that they can not spend money.  Solution I offer them is download the latest version from Tally's site and use it in educational mode. Some visitors even can't find from where to download and which file is to be downloaded.
For this I have tried to make this post to explain each and every step to download and install the latest version on your PC to start your learning expedition  The screen shots are latest so they would help you to perform what is intended. 

Download Tally: 
First go to Tally's site i.e. there you would find the download link.
Main Page
Now you have to go to download center which is indicated at the bottom of the page. 

Tally download page
By clicking it you would reach the download page of Tally. Here you would find the different favours of tally software. I mean to say you can download the full version with help files as well as lite version for simple installation. you would also find the 32 bit versions and 64 bit versions tally. Before downloading you have to find out version of your window os. is it 32 bit version or 64 bit version. this is very easy to find out. Just go to properties of My computer by right clicking My computer icon.
version of your windows
Here in my case the windows is windows 7 but the version is 32 bit. You can have 64 bit version of windows 7 and it would show you. 
Now accordingly you can download the version you need for the site. Here is the latest screen shot of download center of tally. You can click here to directly reach this page.
Tally Download Center
After clicking install.exe would be downloaded. Save this file on your computer and after download is complete double click to install tally in your system.

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