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3 Step procedure to Update your Tally.Net subscription Online.

Although online shopping is not reached up to that perfection in India, but its still catching up. Now you can buy Tally.Net subscription online which is a very vital part of your Tally operation, with ApniTally. It's is a simple process which is explained below but before that Lets understand what is Tally.Net Subscription and why we need to update it.Why should I update if my work is running smoothly?

What is Tally.Net subscription?
Tally.Net subscription is a service provided by Tally India to get full benefits of Tally software. there are two types of benefits which a user gets.the first one is the remote and online facilities of Tally like synchronization  remote login, anywhere access of Tally software and sms services.
Second is the latest updates and bugs rectification done by tally every 15 days. Tally releases new updated versions and releases with bugs cleared based on user inputs. More over with every release statutory details are updated as per change by any state govt. or central govt.

Why Tally.Net Subscription?
If your subscription is not updated then you cannot enjoy these services. You cannot do remote login in your Tally. You cannot synchronise between two Tallys. You cannot get your information via sms on mobile. If you are filing returns with Tally then in case of any statutory change for example change in any tax rate or new tax introduced you would not be able to get updates.

How to update Tally.Net Subscription Online?
Step 1 : Click on link on main menu for Buy Online. You would find a form where you have to mention your id e-mail and confirm it. Then add billing information. No matter what was your previous billing information , you can fill here the latest one. . After filling address, pin code and city etc. provide your mobile no.  Now select the option of debit credit card and from products select Tally.Net Subscription. Silver or Gold as per your requirements. Now Tally would prompt you to enter serial no in a pop up box. Enter the serial and it would be validated. Before proceeding to Pay make sure your preferred partner is CyberTec Solutions so that ApniTally can provide you help in case of any problem.

Step 2: Enter your debit card no details to process the transaction. You can see this post of whole process of Online payment. You can find the names of Banks whose ATM cum debit card is accepted.The writer has tested it on PNB ATM card.which it accepts

Step 3: Download the latest version of Tally an install on it previous location in your computer.Update the license with your Tally.Net password.
In addition to subscription update users can buy new Tally as well as buy on rent also.
In case your Tally Net subscription is expired or you want to buy a rental or new licence you can click on the image below.
You need to update your Tally.Net subscription to operate tally remotely
Update your TallyNet subscription Online

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