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Rudrayani said…
pls kind atte. all respected pepole.
here's a doubt abt creating a ledger.there was some bal.amt fm our diwali festival allowance which was used for pooja exp & rest was transferred 2 petty cash bal.
i hav passed an entry like-
Dr.Am Cr.Am.
Pooja Exp 2278/-
O.Exp 5631/-
Petty Cash 241/-
Bonus Bal.Amt 7909/-
Cash 241/-i i hav created d ledger "bonus bal.amt" under d group "miscellaneous income"
is that correct?
pls guide.
waiting 4 ur reply
Anonymous said…
Hello - could you please help me understand if Tally can be used effectivel for managing contracts? Ie a yearly contract with monthly delivery of items. There seems to be a lot of replication of entries every month as a result of this
Unknown said…
When the customer pays partial amount for the current invoice,later he will pay the balance.

How can I show it (partial amount )on the INVOICE
I am interested in IS reporting. kindly send me quote
Unknown said…
in F11,activate maintain bill wise detail as Yes, and then in Party ledger master also activate bill by bill as yes.
Unknown said…

I am working wish company. Needs help on below query:
There are 20 houses (different category) to be open for sale.
How I will do inward entry of 20 houses so these will be open for Sales.
If any more details needed, kindly ask me.
This is great blog keep it up. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
Can anyone please help me with integrating Tally programmatically? Please see (

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