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Recently going through Facebook wall posting i stumbled upon a comment by Mahendra. He was mentioning a post where some CA Students were asking for a crack and other were offering the crack version. Some one suggested google for crack version. Mr. Mahendra commented that,
,"This is what C.A. students are learning throuhg a so called professioanl course like Chartered Accountancy.

A student when sees that his bossess (C

.A.s) are using cracked windows and other cracke

d software than what can you expect from such future C.A."

I have two thoughts here. First, scenario in CA's was very grim few years back. I personally have seen CA's struggling on 4.5 as this was perfect in their requirements. But Now with audiotr's edition of Tally.ERP 9 many CA's have upgraded. But question remains why using pirated software? Because our work is going on without original software. May be it is Tally or Windows. And nobody is going to catch us. More over paying price for software ? This is mentally not acceptable to US. We pay price only when we have no other way.

If we take example of antivirus software then people have accepted and slowly they are accepting that free antivirus is of no use and as the prices of anti virus are very low and they should buy one for peace of mind. Same is the case for Tally. Only companies, big CA's firms etc who are serous into this business and who cannot do without original software are using. Otherwise how many computer centers except Tally Academies are using original Tally. Same is the case with windows, it has to be more cheaper for us to consider that we should buy

original one. Like it is done by companies and big institutions etc.

The second thought is that after all rational thinking and weighting all reasons against original software , that its high priced and we are not earning anything out of it and when we can have pirated copy then why pay etc etc (You can add you own in comments) when they are on Internet for search what they found?

ApniTally has tried to find out crack of Tally.ERP 9 just like a laymen ( not an expert searcher) and what we have found is given below.

Tally.ERP 9 crack

First you would get option to down load, crack, crack torrents, crack file. If crack is searched then first few results you would

get is search engines which are offering locations for your search. I got first site as software112

which is offering sites where Tally.ERP 9 can be found. And That too with a warning at the bottom.

Tally.ERP 9 crack

Second site was of picktorrent which listed many tally crack files with full version and crack ranging from 6mb to 51 mb. Now which one would you download? I am pretty sure that without downloading one or two files and running them you cannot guess if it is original file which you were looking or some fake file to get clicks or some Trojan software which has been installed and you think perhaps this file is not working on my computer.

Tally.ERP 9 crack

Third site was a ddlsite which was offering serial keygen warez etc and listed many Tally files serials, crack, and Keygen with no of visitors who have visited them. Here also you cannot download the file which you need without giving a try to download and install a file.

Tally.ERP 9 crack

Next search was a search engine specifically for cracks and keygen software which was offering 80 files of Tally. Now user has to decide on which site it should go.

Next few searched were of TallyERP warez download serial keygen full version download working file. a worldforfree and ddlspot site.

I am sure that after trying you searched for Tally.ERP 9 crack in these sites your computer would not be able to work any more to search further sites to explore. By that time you would start feeling the heat.

What is the Solution?

First thing one should do is STOP searching of Crack on Internet. It is hundred percent unsafe. Instead you can rely on your pals who have already done this thing.

But you can still give this question a second thought that why you need the pirated one when you can work on original i.e. the educational version. If you cant do with it then it is better to pay for Tally then to currupt your system of work on some pirated software which will not have full features. All crack fiels are of older versions new versions are not cracked that frequently.

Shailendra Yadav

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5 responses:

  1. Great Article Shailendraji,
    I have seen that some CAs are using crack version. For them money is not a problem! There were 7-10 employees working under such C.As and well settled in CA's profession having large client base. Not only this they were using Crack Tally to write books of account for their clients on fees basis.
    So, for such CA's price of an original software can never be an Isssue. For them Rs. 8100 for auditor's edition or 5 k to 6 for original windows is nothing. The issue is of their mentality and dishonesty only.!

    Further to above, they are technically not trained to manage the original software.They are not fit to keep pace with the changing need of technology/time and are still living in the 1990s Decades.

  2. Mahender Ji, this problem is not limited to CA's. As Tally is a financial Software and CA's are in this filed then we can say that when they have need and have resources then they should go for original version. But this thing applies to all traders who use Software to ease their day today work as well to those accountants who are keeping accounts of their clients in pirated softwares.
    I think Tally is the only software who has created its need in the minds of Indian people that they feel its essential. Tally provided its value for money so much that today it is India's flagship software as far as branded softwares is concerned. People are thinking to buy software because they feel it is essential.
    But the day we all start feeling that it is required to have original software and we start including software cost in our budgets of computer more tally's and Indian microsoft's would crop up in India

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Quote "prices of anti virus are very low".

    I have been a user of Original Windows, Tally and Antivirus for the last decade.
    In fact I proudly say that I went and bought Windows XP + Norton antivirus immediately after buying my computer in 2002.
    I also bought Tally in the 6.x days by paying Rs.13K.

    My investment on Windows was worth it, since I have never spent a paisa more on it, and am still using it well.
    ( Now they even provided Antivirus for Free _for existing users_ , which has received Excellent feedback form CNET and other Tech sites.)

    Same with my antivirus, Norton used to have offers where you could give your old CD and get new one for half price. Later Kaspersky brought in a excellent license where you got 3-4 licenses in one.

    BUT Tally is a different story, within a couple of years of paying 13K, they started selling the same thing for 4.5K. I felt cheated.
    They asked me to upgrade to soft-lock. I complied.
    Worst of all now to receive upgrades they want me to spend 2.7K per annum. This I consider exorbitant. This is a clear mis-use of their market dominance. If this was the EU, Tally would have faced a few Court Cases regarding misuse of Market dominance.

    One may argue that they provide free 'support' for the 2.7k, but let's say I am a user who ONLY wants Stat. upgrades? I consider statutory compliance should be provided free with Accounting packages. This is absolutely un-acceptable that Tally has changed to what is a Subscription Model.

    Next year they can say that they increase their fee to Rs.4K p.a.? Who is there to keep them in check?

    1. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Your observations are valuable. That's why people are going behind cracked versions. Tally need to think more professionally.

  4. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.


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