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7 Most frequently asked user questions on ApniTally and their solutions

I have tried to answer each and every query raised by the readers of ApniTally, which I could. But there were many unanswered questions which were repetitive in nature and I didn't find them fit to be answered as those questions were answered some where else on the blog many times. But for my readers whom I could not answers for what ever reason here I am presenting most asked questions on this blog. To be true they have been asked so many times and I haven't answered them as many times they have been asked. For the sake of users help I am presenting top 7 questions which most readers have asked and their possible answer.

1. Exiting Tally. This is the top most common question being asked by ApniTally users. It was asked with following type of data

exiting tally!
file D:\tally\data\0002\Tr01286.500
size 145792
position 145792
chars 128(done0)

Same message being provided with different size, position and chars. As earlier explained this happens due to power fluctuation during working on Tally. The linking of Tally data at certain position is broken and when the company is loaded again after restarting of computer, it shows the error message. Solution is to rewrite the data. Just press Ctrl + Alt+ R at company selection menu and open the company. It would ask to re-write . Just press enter and the whole data would be get linked and company would work smoothly. In Tally.ERP 9 it would ask to take a backup first and then it would rewrite. You should press Y to backup the data.
In other older versions it doesn't ask for backup before re-writing . So take a backup of your data and then go head with re-writing.
If re-writing doesn't prove helpful then its turn for professionals. either send the data to some expert or send it to me. This service is chargeable so think twice before calling an expert . If you think data is too important to loose then experts are there for your help.

2. Data conversion fail. Most people have asked that their data conversion was unsuccessful. They were trying to convert data from older version of Tally to higher versions. Some failed while converting from Tally. 4.5 to 5.4 or to 7.2 while other failed while converting from Tally 7.2 to Tally 9.
Tally data conversion is a two step process. Main problem in data conversion occurs when converting from 4.5 to 5.4 or 6.3 or 7.2 . This type of conversion is done by special utility which i have listed in my download section. You can run this utility and convert the data. Next type of conversion is from 7.2 to 9 This is called data migration and original users can convert their data with this utility. This comes handy with Tally 9 and Tally.ERP 9.
I have explained both the processes Convert from Tally 4.5 to Tally 7.2 and Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1 and higher versions. Nevertheless some data which are too much in size or are some how got corrupted or some mis linking etc can give problems. Users are encourage to send that data to me and I can give it a try. Just fill the contact us form and I will give you a call.

3. Forgot Password of Tally. This is again a very highly asked question by readers. In fact there is no free solution for this problem. My charge of password recovery is according to no of years data is. For One year data the charge would be lower and for two year data it would be higher. User have to send me data via mail and has to tell me the duration of data i.e. from when it is beginning and up till how much time current data is. It would be recovered and sent back within a day.

4. I am unable to change date in my Tally. This is also very Frequently asked question. It has been answered so many times but still this is one of the popular question of new Tally users. This happens only because you Tally is educational. Tally users should understand that either their Tally is original or educational, if it is not a pirated one. It may happen that your original Tally may turn educational. When it becomes educational then it doesn't accept dates other 1st ans 2nd of every month. More over Multi account printing menu would not be highlighted.
So if you are evaluating Tally or using it for practice then educational is fine otherwise check why it turns educational? for solutions to this problem.

5. I want a crack of Tally. Whenever somebody ask this questions I have never answered it. At ApniTally I want to help those who want help on Tally software. ApniTally never encourages use of pirated Tally software. I never provide links to crack files and allow download of pirated Tally. Being a Tally trainer I can tell you whatever you want to ask but pirated Tally, no way. I can warn you the consequences of Pirated ones and tell why not pirated Tally. My opinion is that Tally gives us earning so why not spend money on it. If we think we can recover what we have invested on Tally then why not Buy one. If we cannot recover what we have invested in Tally then what is the use of a pirated one also.

6. My Tally Licence is not working. This question is asked by many Tally users who are either using Tally on personal computers or working in office where original software gets corrupted and license info is not found. The first step in this process is to find out If your Tally is licensed? if yes, then for Tally 9 How to activate deactivate and surrender your license provides the info. For Tally.ERP 9 user here is how to install Tally license. If any reader wants to Buy Tally then here is the online link to Buy Tally

7. I want to learn Tally. Here is last but not the least Question. I want to learn Tally. Some users say they want to learn quickly, while other say they want online material. One reader even said he want to learn Tally but have no money.
Strange but its true, at ApniTally one can learn Tally and he has not to spend a single penny for it. All resource material, notes, demos are free here on ApniTally. Just one thing needed is the strong urge to learn Tally. For those who have that urge then Getting started list is the greatest resource. Users can take an overview of Tally functioning by these two steps of Tally. Step One and Step Two, Step three is coming in near future. What very learner has to do is first Download the latest version of Tally from Tally site, regularly read articles from ApniTally and practice them on their own computers. In case of problem or query they can contact me. One can get latest article on Tally in their email box by simply subscribing my blog.

Except this there are many problem specific questions are being asked, which I have replied at specific places.
Still users are welcomed to ask any thing they want related to Tally. I would try to answer.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks buddy that rewrite option solved my 3 years old problem and it was so simple. i should search net regularly for tech probs.

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