27 October 2011

Happy Deepawali

Greeting to all readers of ApniTally on the occasion of Deepawali. May the lights of deepawali lamps enlighten your lives.

शुभम करोति कल्याणं, आरोग्यं धन सम्पदा
शत्रु बुधि विनाशाय, दीपम्ज्योती नमस्तुते
दीपावली की शुभ कामनाये, भगवान राम का सदा आपके मन में वास रहे व् शुभ लक्ष्मी का आपके घर में वास रहे.

13 September 2011

Tally.ERP9 rel.3.2 with many Audit features: How to get one.

Recently released Tally.ERP9 rel 3.2 is having many updated features for Audit. One of the main feature added is of working notes. During Audits an auditor has to take a note and write it somewhere related to masters, voucher types etc. Now Tally.ERP9 rel 3.2 has this feature.

Working Notes
If F5 of audit features if we put Enable audit feature to Yes then working notes can be taken anywhere, i.e. in accounts master, in voucher types while verification of accounts etc. More interesting things is that we can do working notes for previous years masters and can compare with the current year masters too.
In Audit and analysis dashboard of Statutory Analysis the work Note feature can be used with various tools like verification of Chart of Account , stock items, balances, pending documents etc.

Audit Working Papers
Audit working papers can be generated by the working notes entered during auditing. These working papers are of three types names company notes, Master notes and voucher notes. more over the working papers can be filtered according the the type of notes entered.

I addition to this some general and functional enhancements related to licencing, banking and excise manufacturing has also been done. You can refer to release notes for full details.

How to get Tally.ERP9 auditor's edition?
One has to follow a definite procedure to get Auditors edition of Tally. The procedure is simple. One ha to be auditor for getting Auditor's edition. A requisition form is needed to be filled on Auditor's letter head which has details related to the CA's firm his number etc. and then after that an approval is made and a sr. nos is release from Tally which is licensed for Auditing.
The best part about Auditor's version of Tally is the price. While the normal Tally. multi user version cost around 40,000/- the auditor's edition is available in just Rs. 8100/- and its a multi user version.

What's next
Just download this form for registration, get it printed on your CA firm's letter head , fill in the details with own handwriting, sign and stamp it and then scan it and send it to my email address with a subject auditor's edition request. ApniTally would get your request approved and send you the registered version via mail.

04 September 2011

Anna's effect on Tally.

Anna Hazare's effect on Tally
During past few months I was away from Tally. Infact I was away from ApniTally also. I have felt a clear relationship that when ever I am with Tally I am with ApniTally also. If I am doing some work on Tally then I am also doing something on ApniTally also. During this period India went through a very critical phase of self introspect and deep thinking and this also got effect on my writings. Where we are going? Where India's corruption is taking us?

I write about Tally and Tally is a software which keeps track of our money. It also keeps track of what our govt. collects from us as we do business, the Taxes. In my one of the recent posts I have mentioned how much taxes we are paying. And this clutter of taxes is so much that Govt is imposing taxes and then taxes on taxes in form of surcharges and still it is having deficit budget. How much taxes should be raised so that we do not have deficit budget? Is there any solution. As the complications of taxes increase so is the complicity of Tally. More and more people would need Tally for their tax work. And Tally's business would flourish more then ever.

I have no objection to Tally's flourishing business as I am also one of the beneficiary of this flourishing business. Tally is just a solution. Solutions with a simplicity. More complex things become more simply the solutions would be in the hands of people in form of Tally. But question remains the same, where this would end? Soon govt is planning GST and Tally is going to play a big role in this. I went through the interview of Bharat Goenka which says that Tally has a target of becoming $100 million company by this year end. and By 2015 $ 1 Billion company. Tally is on its way to achieve its target but how Anna's effect would leave it's impact?

Anna's Effect
Let me explain the Anna's effect. As I have earlier said where this would end. We are heading towards more and more complex system of Taxation. But I would like to draw readers attention that the corruption of the system is the root cause of all maladies. If we see way back in 1973 in Hong Kong corruption was at its height and it was way of life. Even nurses, police etc were involved in bribery. People's anger spurted and they have their Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), just like what we are trying to achieve by Jan Lokpal draft. It was not achieved very easily. When youth of Hong Kong came out against this system on the streets only then this commission was set up. Now they have one of the most honest administration in the world.
The effect is that now Hong Kong has now world's lowest taxing country. This page tells us that Hong Kong has
No Sales Tax
No capital Gain Tax

Income tax is much simpler. It's lower limit is 2% and highest % is 20% .
Profit Tax maximum upto 16%

Reason is simple they don't have corruption. There is accountability, that's why they have honesty.
If this is achieved in India through Anna's movement and total transparency is achieve then we don't have to put deficit budget. All the money which is being consumed in corruption would be used for betterment of Indian's and Govt would perhaps need no money from taxation. That would be Anna's effect.

In the light of Anna's effect Tally would be changed to something more simpler. We may see some cut in options like VAT TDS etc. from Tally.

This should happen in India? Please let me know how this can be achieved.

17 July 2011

The Taxes in India: Give it a thought

While browsing on the net I found a very interesting piece of Information which I have modified fo ApniTally readers. The tax structure in India is so unorganised ( if I am right ) that you can see the mess. Some times it feels that we are here just to pay the Taxes, nothing else. Rest of the people (Hassan Ali, Politicians etc.) are just enjoying life.

In India if we ask from a person about taxation, here would be the conversation:-

‎1) Qus.: What are you doing?
Ans.: Business.

2) Qus.: What are you doing in Business?
Ans.: Selling the Goods.

3) Qus.: From where are you getting Goods?
Ans.: From other State/Abroad

4) Qus.: What are you getting in Selling Goods?
Ans.: Profit.

5) Qus.: How do you distribute profit ?
Ans : By way of dividend

6) Qus.: Where are you Manufacturing the Goods?
Ans.: Factory.

8) Qus.: Do you have Staff?
Ans.: Yes

9) Qus.: Doing business in Millions?
Ans.: Yes
Ans : No
Tax : Then pay Minimum Alternate Tax

10) Qus.: Are you taking out over 25,000 Cash from Bank?
Ans.: Yes, for Salary.

11) Qus.: Where are you taking your client for Lunch & Dinner?
Ans.: Hotel

12) Qus.: Are you going Out of Station for Business?
Ans.: Yes

13) Qus.: Have you taken or given any Service/s?
Ans.: Yes

14) Qus.: How come you got such a Big Amount?
Ans.: Gift on birthday.

15) Qus.: Do you have any Wealth?
Ans.: Yes

16) Qus.: To reduce Tension, for entertainment, where are you going?
Ans.: Cinema or Resort.

17) Qus.: Have you purchased House?
Ans.: Yes

18) Qus.: How you Travel?
Ans.: Bus

19) Qus.: Any Additional Tax?
Ans.: Yes

20) Qus.: Delayed any time Paying Any Tax?
Ans.: Yes

21) INDIAN : Can I die now??
Ans : No, wait we are about to launch the FUNERAL TAX

Your comments are welcome.

31 March 2011

A time to stop for a while and think

This is one of the busiest time for all of us. Be it a Tally user out there like you people or a Tally seller like me. Every body is working on deadline of 31st March. Today when we all are busy finalizing our returns, completing books and making final fine tuning of accounts for income tax and other lots of taxes I request you all people to stop for a while and think that

What if we don't have to pay taxes for coming 30 years!!

What a fine moment it would be for India and Indians when all the money gobbled by Raja and party is recovered and put into India's welfare!

What if all money which have been pocketed by Kalmadi and friends is being taken back from their assets and put in use for opening schools with free of cost education and hospitals with free of cost medical facilities in all over India !

What if all money siphoned out of India by Hussan Ali is brought back in India and distributed among all Indians!

Can this happen? Yes It can. And we will do it. Watch this video and you would understand who this is possible.

What we have to do is understand our moral responsibility of being a good Indian. Our responsibility towards our children to give them a better India. That responsibility can be fulfilled by joining hands India Against Corruption and put our little bit towards this cause.

Our first step in this direction should be spreading awareness about this cause to as many as people we can, which is very easy task and we can do it by discussing this matter with fellow people and making opinion in people about the seriousness of this problem.

2nd step is marking your willingness to support this cause and keep an update on this issue. You can give a miss call to 02261550789 . It would keep you updated about this movement. You can like this page and show your interest also.

3rd step is joining hands with Anna Hazare ji and going on fast at you very own place in support of this cause to put pressure on Govt to pass strong Jan lokpal bill as drafted by IAC members. I think all of us can do fast for one day as usually every one does, this time it should be dedicated to this cause( Of course it would please Hanumanji as it would be on Tuesday).

Readers can discuss this issue by writing comments below with their names.

07 March 2011

Exclusive ApniTally wallpapers for download.

ApniTally Fan Page
As you all know ApniTally is on Facebook also. On Facebook page one can get daily dose of Tally Tips and Tally Tutorials. Users who have some Tally related resources can share it on Facebook page. In short ApniTally Facebook fan page is not only for ApniTally but for Tally, where everybody is welcomed and every body can share his views on Tally.

To promote this page I have developed some wallpapers which I have shot myself. They are available to users for download free of cost. Users can now decorate their desktop with ApniTally now. Procedure is simple enough. Just visit ApniTally fan Page. Like it and download the wall papers.

Here are some sample wall papers. rest are in zip file. You may need winrar to unzip the contents.

ApniTally Fan Page
ApniTally Fan Page
ApniTally Fan PageVisit ApniTally Fan Page to find rest of the wall Papers.

26 February 2011

Tally.ERP 9 Tutorial : How to Put your Logo in Tally Invoice

How to put Logo in Tally Invoice

Out of so many new features of Tally.ERP 9 rel 3.0 this one is my favorite. The logo printing feature in Tally. Earlier also Tally has provided a TDL to insert logo in Invoices but that process was a little bit lengthy. But now you can not only customize your invoices but you can customize every report which you share with outer world. You can get logo printed in following reports :-

  • Sales Invoice
  • Delivery Note/Challan
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Outstanding Receivables
  • Remainder Letters
  • Pay Slips
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order/Quotation
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Confirmation of Accounts
The one step method is,  in Gateway of Tally , Press F11 and then in Accounting Features enable logo printing to Yes. After that write down the location of the log file. e.g. if the file is in Tally.ERP 9 in c drive then path is c:\Tally.erp9\logo.jpg. Where logo.jpg is your file name. See the image below.

Logo in Tally :File location
File Location of Logo in Tally
Few things to keep in mind are:- 
1. Only BMP and JPG formats are allowed. Go for JPG
2. Ideal size for logo in Tally should be 96X80 pixels

How to Make Logo for Tally 
Now as we know how to put logo in Tally ERP 9, the only problem would be how to design a perfect logo. What software should one should use to design a logo. Or if we have a logo with us then how to resize it so that it can fit that logo in Tally. Most of us are not very much familiar with graphic designing or logo designing. 
I would suggest few methods by which we can easily design a logo.
The First and the easiest way is try to find some ready made logo from google images which are familiar to your company name. If you find a one then next challenge would be to fit this logo in Tally. Tally has a fixed space for logo and it's dimension is also some what fixed. If we follow these dimension then our logo would be perfect in Tally. As described earlier the best fit for logo in Tally is 96 pixel for length and  80 pixel for width. This dimension can easily achieved with the help of   paint brush. 

Second method is with the help of MS word. I personally find it very easy to work in Microsoft word. You choose the font of your choice and the design the logo easily. After making your design just print screen the logo and open it in MS paint. Here is MS paint you can crop the file and make logo easily.

The third one is to design your logo for Tally is to make it in MS paint. MS paint has limited functionality but one can draw decent logo and save it as jpg file and put that logo in Tally.
The fourth and the best way to design your logo for Tally is to design in Canva. Canva has many tools and good collection of fonts to design a logo, which you can use in Tally. If you have some skills the you can design it in Canva the online tool to design logos, posters, graphics for social media etc.
Here is small presentation on how to print logo on Tally reports.

While inserting logo one should always keep in mind that logo should be small in size.

24 February 2011

Tally Tutorial : How to compute Income Tax of Employee

 Tally.EP 9 Income Tax computation
Tally.ERP 9 with its new release 3.0 has lots of new features. One of the main attraction of this release is Income Tax computation for Employees. With payroll in place this feature now complements payroll of Tally. Now Employees salary calculation as well as its Income Tax computation is now possible. As described Tally Income Tax computation has following features.

  • Forms 16, Form 16AA*, Form 12BA
  • Form 24Q* (Quarterly) and Form 24* (Yearly) as hard copy and 'e' formats
  • ITR1 to file Return
  • ITNS 281 Challan
Following reports in Income Tax has been provided
  • Employee wise - Computation Report
  • Employee wise - Salary Projection Report
  • Challan Reconciliation report
  • Income Tax related Exception Reports
This presentation gives us detailed view of how Income Tax can be computed and How to see above mentioned reports.

ApniTally readers can ask questions related to this feature as comment. I would respond to queries.

20 February 2011

Tally.ERP 9 rel 3.0 is available for download

The much enhanced Tally.ERP 9 rel 3.0 is available for download. With lots of new features this is a must download version for Tally users. According to Release notes Following features have been added in Tally.

Income Tax
  • Forms 16, Form 16AA*, Form 12BA
  • Form 24Q* (Quarterly) and Form 24* (Yearly) as hard copy and 'e' formats
  • ITR1 to file Return
  • ITNS 281 Challan
Following reports in Income Tax has been provided
  • Employee wise - Computation Report
  • Employee wise - Salary Projection Report
  • Challan Reconciliation report
  • Income Tax related Exception Reports
Job Work In/Out
To support this feature four new vouchers have been created i.e.
  • Job work out order
  • Job work in order
  • Material In
  • Material Out
Following reports are now available

  1. Order Outstanding (In / Out): To keep a track of finished/semi- finished goods order outstanding information
  2. Component Issues/ Receipt Outstanding: To keep a track of Components promised to be delivered/ issued in Job Order but not received/ dispatched
  3. Issues with Variance: Components/ Finished/ Semi Finished Goods issued with variance from what was Ordered
  4. Receipt with Variance: Components/ Finished/ Semi Finished Goods received with variance from what was Ordered
  5. Material Movement registers (Annexure IV and Annexure V for Excise): Track of Components Issued/ Received and Finished received/ dispatched information is captured here, in case Excise for Manufacturer is enabled then this report will be displayed as Annexure IV and V.
  6. Ageing Analysis for Stock at Job Worker Location: Principal can view the age of stock lying with Job Worker or and Job Worker can view Client’s stock lying with him
  7. Stock with Job Worker or of Client: This report will display the information of summary of our components with Job Worker or Clients component with us.

Enhanced banking experience can be felt as Check Printing, Deposit slip and payment advice are now available now in a separate section in Gateway of tally.

Image Logo Printing
Now Logo can be printed in following reports
  • Sales Invoice
  • Delivery Note/Challan
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Outstanding Receivables
  • Remainder Letters
  • Pay Slips
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order/Quotation
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Confirmation of Accounts

Two new features of Bill Settlement from outstanding and pre closure of orders is now available.

Multiple address for Company and master ledgers are now available.
Rupee symbol is now available in this release.

Market Place is provided with Ctrl+S (Shop) button is added which would be available from 15th April onwards.

14 February 2011

Tally.ERP 9 rel 3.0 with Tally Marketplace: Now get plugins for Tally also

With rel 3.0 coming soon, Tally is going to enter in new age. The age of collaboration. Collaboration where every body who has ability can add his apps to Tally. Collaboration where any user can download his utility he finds useful for his needs and test it for period and then buy. The age of collaboration where Tally is being enhanced by Tally integrators and Tally Extenders. The age of Tally Marketplace has come. How it would be beneficial to a Tally user?
Tally.ERP 9 rel 3.0 coming soon

Tally Marketplace : It would be a place where anybody can see, evaluate and then buy any utility which he finds fit for his needs. And time would surly come when we would find these utilities free of cost as we are findings plugins for Firefox and Google chrome. Till now scenario was like if you need special utilities like c4 form or address book printing etc. you have to contact some developer and he would make it for you. But after market place is there then many developers would give same utility at different prices and user can choose cheap and best for himself. He can buy subscription for regular update.

As discussed earlier also Tally.ERP 9 is coming with host of new features like Income Tax return, My Favorite, Short closure of order and Job work and multiple address for same company etc. Readers view are invited for these new features. For a fresh Copy of Software they can send me mail or Buy Online with ICICI card.

08 February 2011

18 Yahoo Answers on Tally : Find it Helpful ?

In my early days of blogging I use to answer questions related to Tally software on Yahoo Answers. I tried to achieve the target that no question related to Tally should go unanswered on Yahoo Answers. I maintained it for few months and maintained it till there were no serious questions related to Tally on it. Later I lost interest in Yahoo Answers as there were no serious questions left there.
Best Yahoo answers on Tally. Find your Tally Problems solved

Today while surfing on internet i found few of my own questions . I am presenting some of them which can be very helpful to ApniTally readers. Here are the links of the answers. They are randomly arranged, you can see which ever interests you by clicking on them.

A lot of questions are still pending and I would try to find suitable questions in Google or Yhaoo Answers

27 January 2011

7 Most frequently asked user questions on ApniTally and their solutions

I have tried to answer each and every query raised by the readers of ApniTally, which I could. But there were many unanswered questions which were repetitive in nature and I didn't find them fit to be answered as those questions were answered some where else on the blog many times. But for my readers whom I could not answers for what ever reason here I am presenting most asked questions on this blog. To be true they have been asked so many times and I haven't answered them as many times they have been asked. For the sake of users help I am presenting top 7 questions which most readers have asked and their possible answer.

1. Exiting Tally. This is the top most common question being asked by ApniTally users. It was asked with following type of data

exiting tally!
file D:\tally\data\0002\Tr01286.500
size 145792
position 145792
chars 128(done0)

Same message being provided with different size, position and chars. As earlier explained this happens due to power fluctuation during working on Tally. The linking of Tally data at certain position is broken and when the company is loaded again after restarting of computer, it shows the error message. Solution is to rewrite the data. Just press Ctrl + Alt+ R at company selection menu and open the company. It would ask to re-write . Just press enter and the whole data would be get linked and company would work smoothly. In Tally.ERP 9 it would ask to take a backup first and then it would rewrite. You should press Y to backup the data.
In other older versions it doesn't ask for backup before re-writing . So take a backup of your data and then go head with re-writing.
If re-writing doesn't prove helpful then its turn for professionals. either send the data to some expert or send it to me. This service is chargeable so think twice before calling an expert . If you think data is too important to loose then experts are there for your help.

2. Data conversion fail. Most people have asked that their data conversion was unsuccessful. They were trying to convert data from older version of Tally to higher versions. Some failed while converting from Tally. 4.5 to 5.4 or to 7.2 while other failed while converting from Tally 7.2 to Tally 9.
Tally data conversion is a two step process. Main problem in data conversion occurs when converting from 4.5 to 5.4 or 6.3 or 7.2 . This type of conversion is done by special utility which i have listed in my download section. You can run this utility and convert the data. Next type of conversion is from 7.2 to 9 This is called data migration and original users can convert their data with this utility. This comes handy with Tally 9 and Tally.ERP 9.
I have explained both the processes Convert from Tally 4.5 to Tally 7.2 and Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1 and higher versions. Nevertheless some data which are too much in size or are some how got corrupted or some mis linking etc can give problems. Users are encourage to send that data to me and I can give it a try. Just fill the contact us form and I will give you a call.

3. Forgot Password of Tally. This is again a very highly asked question by readers. In fact there is no free solution for this problem. My charge of password recovery is according to no of years data is. For One year data the charge would be lower and for two year data it would be higher. User have to send me data via mail and has to tell me the duration of data i.e. from when it is beginning and up till how much time current data is. It would be recovered and sent back within a day.

4. I am unable to change date in my Tally. This is also very Frequently asked question. It has been answered so many times but still this is one of the popular question of new Tally users. This happens only because you Tally is educational. Tally users should understand that either their Tally is original or educational, if it is not a pirated one. It may happen that your original Tally may turn educational. When it becomes educational then it doesn't accept dates other 1st ans 2nd of every month. More over Multi account printing menu would not be highlighted.
So if you are evaluating Tally or using it for practice then educational is fine otherwise check why it turns educational? for solutions to this problem.

5. I want a crack of Tally. Whenever somebody ask this questions I have never answered it. At ApniTally I want to help those who want help on Tally software. ApniTally never encourages use of pirated Tally software. I never provide links to crack files and allow download of pirated Tally. Being a Tally trainer I can tell you whatever you want to ask but pirated Tally, no way. I can warn you the consequences of Pirated ones and tell why not pirated Tally. My opinion is that Tally gives us earning so why not spend money on it. If we think we can recover what we have invested on Tally then why not Buy one. If we cannot recover what we have invested in Tally then what is the use of a pirated one also.

6. My Tally Licence is not working. This question is asked by many Tally users who are either using Tally on personal computers or working in office where original software gets corrupted and license info is not found. The first step in this process is to find out If your Tally is licensed? if yes, then for Tally 9 How to activate deactivate and surrender your license provides the info. For Tally.ERP 9 user here is how to install Tally license. If any reader wants to Buy Tally then here is the online link to Buy Tally

7. I want to learn Tally. Here is last but not the least Question. I want to learn Tally. Some users say they want to learn quickly, while other say they want online material. One reader even said he want to learn Tally but have no money.
Strange but its true, at ApniTally one can learn Tally and he has not to spend a single penny for it. All resource material, notes, demos are free here on ApniTally. Just one thing needed is the strong urge to learn Tally. For those who have that urge then Getting started list is the greatest resource. Users can take an overview of Tally functioning by these two steps of Tally. Step One and Step Two, Step three is coming in near future. What very learner has to do is first Download the latest version of Tally from Tally site, regularly read articles from ApniTally and practice them on their own computers. In case of problem or query they can contact me. One can get latest article on Tally in their email box by simply subscribing my blog.

Except this there are many problem specific questions are being asked, which I have replied at specific places.
Still users are welcomed to ask any thing they want related to Tally. I would try to answer.

26 January 2011

Greetings on Republic Day

Greetings on Republic day to all my fellow countrymen.

Lets pledge that every step of ours would be towards nation building.

20 January 2011

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17 January 2011

Hooked to some Accountant? Here is the Gifting idea !

Tax me if you can
Accounting may be boring for some people, Accountants too may be boring for others. But as they say Love is not done by choice it happens automatically, and if you are hooked to some accountant then, here are some ideas for accountant lovers.

The Birthday cake

Just write your accountant's name. (courtesy Mark Lee)

Valentine Gift

You can Buy one Here

Love my Tax Advisor
Hot T-Shirts

Gift idea for accountants

Gift idea for accountants

Pic courtesy Zazzal

03 January 2011

ApniTally now on facebook and Twitter for more help

ApniTally on FacebookKeeping in view the role social media can play in helping Tally users, ApniTally is also active on Facebook and Twitter. At ApniTally I use to post my own articles to help readers but benefit of social media like facebook and twitter is that i can share other resources available to the readers on the net.

At facebook Ii have posted links related to Tally from other users also. If you have facebook account then you can click on the like button below and visit my Fanpage

ApniTally readers can follow me on twitter to get interesting tweets not only from Tally but on other computer topics also. Follow me and get interesting contents on daily basis.ApniTally on Twitter

01 January 2011

Happy New Year 2010

Wishing all reader a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year