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How to access Tally data on Mobile

Tally has introduced a new feature of getting the data on mobile in its release 2.0 onwards. Any Tally user with a valid Tally.Net id and release 2.0 and above can use this feature. The feature is particularly important for people who are always on the move. They are away from computer and want current status of ledger balance of any party, then it can be done by simply typing out a message on mobile and within few seconds the status on mobile would be available.

The prerequisites
The prerequisites of this feature are:

First a valid license (if you need one free License then follow the instructions.) ,
Second an active Tally.Net ID ,
Third active Tally.Net subscription.
and last but not the least. an internet connection.

The Procedure
The procedure can be understood by this presentation.

In coming posts i would be posting some standard working messages so that users can get more help on this feature.
Mean while reader can send the messages which they have successfully sent as comment to this post.


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